When the world is run by money and connections, one person can obtain unlimited influence. A unique gift of persuasion, extraordinary intelligence and access to the highest levels of power allowed him to become a puppeteer among the powerful. Remaining shadow player, he forever changed the course of history...

  • Adam McKay

Release Date: 2018-12-25
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $60,000,000
IMDb icon 8.2/10
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Antonia Varian
29 March 2019 | 05:00

Yesterday finally saw the movie "Power" with Christian Bale in the role of dick Cheney, and, to be honest, I had a very strange feeling that I saw. Now I will explain about than me. Let's order.

As a film, my opinion, "Power" turned out not very smooth, well that is the film has a very cool mounting solution, there is an unusual visual metaphor, there is a very funny original jokes, well and of course the excellent cast. But despite all these plus movie spoils the fact and confusion. In the ideal course is not ads convert it in the series, to be able to tell the whole the story of his political career Cheney. And directed by McKay not trying in vain to show all from the beginning, because because of this, we can see the dick in different periods of his life, we begin to understand a little bit what he man he came to addition to what came. BUT — all very torn and often you, as the viewer is not realise that is currently happening on screen why do you show it.

But the weakest part of the picture, on my opinion — this is the moment when Cheney, like, organizes all the fur fly with a provocation, which in led to the war in Iraq. We, to put it mildly, it is absolutely not understand motives, well that's right at all. He did for the people of America? (as stated in the end of the picture). All because of personal ambition? He wanted to leave at least some trace in history? Or it's money oil?

I have a feeling (you can call me a conspiracy theorist) that this movie is just trying to dump the entire blame the ambitious Vice-President, it is clear that Cheney not born yesterday, but still. I think reasons to start the war in Iraq was much more and individuals interested in it was also a lot more. In short, we got pseudopseudo, well, or half-truths, it is clear that the film — not documentary, but still strange, one-sided and unlikely.

And, damn it, not know, did but almost every year on "Oscar" nominated film of this nature, last year it was a "Secret Dossier" of Spielberg (which I looked I even liked it). In 2016 "Game on the decrease in" same McKay (by the way, I this movie also liked). And all they tell about the scandalous secrets of the USA government govермента, but do we even a fraction of the truth? Or is this freedom of speech that we in actual fact, did not really tells? Yes devil you know, just as a thought.

6 from 10

Gwenny Harwell
03 March 2019 | 11:37

Adam McKay is very sarcastic tells the audience the story of the rise of dick Cheney. But vicious mockery breaks not in regards to Vice-President, but rather in the attitude to the American people that this government does not that suffering and even fully supports and the visceral subject in the media of blatant propaganda. The very political elite McKay reveals how a bunch of "scum", which, slyly chuckling, bypass the Constitution and other laws as they want. And all with only one goal — to another more power. The power of even the country and over the whole world.

This idea supported by the Director and installation. The analogy of fishing (especially in the stage of negotiations, Cheney and Bush) look at this plan most successfully. As and "Game on the bottom" in  the"Power" McKay in the links news tabloids and TV shows focuses on that media the most part distract the population from real problems demonstration of stupid talk shows, videos and sporting events. Only at this time McKay shows more and the consequences of "brainwashing", with some screen time (in and in the post-credits scene) dialogue in focus groups for social research.

But the greatest attention is paid to the establishment. Here in the spotlight, of course, Cheney, who is perfectly played by Christian bale. However, beside them the viewer will see a whole lot of leading actors and Actresses: Adams, Rockwell, Carell... McKay has once again gathered a superb ensemble cast.

Why not enough film, so it's the integrity, self-sufficiency and a no, but all of kindness. Integrity is violated due to the fact that in the story there are two three points of support, around which to build a narrative, but the transitions between them are blurred and not always clear to the audience, not familiar with a biography of Cheney and the subtleties of the political processes in the USA of those years. Hence the lack of self-sufficiency. If the " decrease in" did not work only compartment with the real facts, but as independent work of art, the  "Authorities" with this problem. The film is not sufficiently detailed to be considered a documentary, and oboolean enough to be considered an independent work. In the end, if not be aware of all the twists and turns of American politics of the period in question, it is much the picture will remain unclear and blurry in including the motives of characters and causality of events.

Well, in the end, the film does not lack of kindness. In"Game on the bottom" (Yes, again reference previous work of the Director) McKay told us about the same scum-politicians, but did through the prism of positive Central characters, who understand the enormity of the problems and trying to do. Therefore, in the final of their little victories (in comparison with the scale of the worldwide crisis) cause the audience positive emotions. In the movie "the Power" less cute characters for which "hurt" is simply not available. And in the finale, when the heroes reach the goals, you just want to get out of the cinema with the words: "Yes, burn it all the blue flame!"

The purpose of the Director is clear — to explain to a new generation the essence of the political processes of the recent past, and to do so popular entertainment language. And McKay specifically with this task, in principle, coped. But as a cinematic product like the subject of art "Power" a little above average. It is a good movie, but I personally I expected more.

7 of 10

Mel Tullus
03 April 2019 | 05:06

Body transformation Bale in a — it is an event on a global scale, and, probably, such, that could not many actors of today. But still as the film "Power" turned out to be quite predictable and slow, which is nominated for eight awards "Oscar" frankly not expected.

The film's plot presents dick Cheney as a certain gray Eminence, from which is not a lot of leadership qualities or charisma, but with enough ambition to climb up in the food chain. For fans of "house of cards", "Power" will seem almost perfect copy, well, perhaps in the character no insidious underwood, but composite film duplicates the well-known series.

Secondary actors are missing, which are fairly well-known actors, but not exactly on the level to appear in the nominations supporting roles in "Oscar". Sam Rockwell definitely a good actor, and Bush Jr. in his performance might seem something new to compare with the image created by the media, but it's definitely not play nominee for "Oscar", but and the script, its character is unexpectedly lost from the main storyline.

Mixed impressions after viewing the film, some of the details of "Power" shows good quality, but to a greater extent because of the dullness of the developments, and the banality of history in General, it is difficult to put a positive review. I believe that "Power" stole a lot of nominations from other good films released in the past year.

5 out of 10

How much did it cost to make Vice?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $60,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Vice?
This tv-show was directed by Adam McKay.
What is the genre of Vice?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, Best movies 2018, Oscar 2019, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best History Movies 2018.
Who starred in Vice?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Bill Pullman, Sam Rockwell.
What is Vice IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Vice released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-12-25.