Velvet Buzzsaw

Art critic with impeccable taste Morphs Vandewalle leads a quiet and rather boring life of Bohemian party-goer. When one of his friend who died in the apartment of a neighbor accidentally finds a store of unknown works, Morf understands that they discovered a genius. As relatives of the deceased is not found, the local race gallery buy paintings, but it soon becomes clear that art is not always harmless. Morph begins to investigate the personality of the artist.

  • Dan Gilroy

Release Date: 2019-02-01
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Melessa Orella
18 February 2019 | 05:21

The creation of the debut of the film by far is the most challenging and exciting moment for any film-maker from which all his career. However, it is not underestimate how important it is to retain highly raised the bar further paintings. It is not rare to find Directors who make their debut powerful picture, but later slowly and steadily losing out. So happened Andrew Nikkola after "Gattaca" and same fate repeats like Dan Gilroy after the most powerful "Stringer".

The plot this takes place around well-known and respected art critic of mort Vandewalle, which is known for its impeccable taste and a great influence in the art world. Once he finds a friend in the apartment of a recently deceased neighbor, a store of drawn pictures. Looking them up, mort realizes that they without exception, a masterpiece, and the deceased was a real genius and a visionary. Being seized of seen paintings, mort helps her friend in advertising the further sale of paintings, which are rapidly gaining success in the art world. Soon, however, begins a series of mysterious deaths and mort begins his investigation regarding the identity of the artist.

Perhaps the Director and screenwriter of this tape is Dan Gilroy not known respect, as his talented brother Tony Gilroy. However, the author has a long time had a certain respect for their worthy work. In including  a"Stringer", which in fully revealed the talent of the author of this tape. However, as not holding the bar his subsequent picture, Gilroy to unfortunately repeated rapid decline in this feed.

The naked eye can see that Dan Gilroy at the same time decided to sit at once on two chairs. With one hand, trying their hand at the genre of horror films and giving the audience is fresh and unique story in the genre. With other hand, very subtly and cynically obstbau the modern world art in which artists can complete seriousness be called art, even a regular bag with the garbage, and art historians and critics to admire the boldness and originality of ideas. However, wanting to kill two birds with one bullet, Gilroy to unfortunately missed. For a horror movie idea was a little rustic and not so entangled. What to the mockery of world of art history is clearly not enough for more accessible humor, self-irony and just energy. Thus, not to unlock the potential of no first, the second properly on screen.

A similar weakness can be attributed, and direction Dan Gilroy. The picture is very ambiguous. With one hand, revealing in as a member of pop kornevogo a horror movie, but with hand — as a kind of indie drama with a kind of touch the author's humor. However, the docking of both genres is quite rough, and combine both directions of the picture in one thing and new to him but not found. Willing to buy just how extraordinary and non-trivial scenes look of death on screen, and also how beautifully and stylishly served the film with the point of view camera work, songs in a frame images in General.

The main driving force of the picture, of course, the Jake Gyllenhaal, which seems to have decided to play in his entire career is absolutely different roles and try to completely different genres. What he clearly failed. Jake very accurately and subtly gave all the finer points of his character, even in the usual body language, facial expressions and gait. The most, simply dissolving into it screen. Similarly strong game showed the Rene Russo and Toni Collette. Disappointed only John Malkovich, who got too scarce and boring character. So much so that take place it to Malkovich does not seem was able for any scenario.

5 out of 10

Velvet chainsaw — one first unpleasant disappointments of the year for me. The picture promised to take a fresh look at the horror movie genre, to reconstruct it. the screen to give caustic banter on the world of contemporary art. However, it turned out something completely traversed weak. Not properly revealing no neither the second, nor the third. Allowing to see only the beautiful picture and excellent acting, which is still little that of seen a fun and not regret about wasted potential of the project.

Alfie Josefa
09 July 2019 | 05:08

A satire on the creative elite the"Velvet chainsaw" turned out a spectacular movie, but has not reach the standards of such projects. For relatively recent directorial debut, Dan Gilroy has a good porfolio paintings, however, as and admitted the Director, this film has references to a real artist, a hermit, and his fascinating creations wanted to show more than the language of mysticism.

But what happened direct fame — is show how subjects industry cheerfully rip each other's throats in pursuit of glory, assistants, change Agency, "drain" corporate information, warm techniques for the art critics on the exhibitions, well and of course, glamurnye Affairs accompanying the whole business. Acting seemed to a respectable level, first by the unusual Jake Gyllenhaal, although not since "Brokeback mountain" actor is clearly not a new similar performance, but the rest are also kept at the level.

In the ribbon is lame — is mounting the image, it becomes too obvious shortcut Netflix or the format that comes on the TV screens, it gives a certain cheapness and feeling that on the preshow, this film is not have gained the necessary points in order that it could seriously unwind on the big screens. Also the lame ending of this story, of course, all this performance represented a satire, but having between good germs Thriller and horror, it was not the best idea to ignore them does your concept.

The movie is no longer than liked has left a positive impression, in more for the expense involved in the project names that need to squeeze out of such experiments much more than succeeded Dan Gilroy.

5 out of 10

Carolin Bronez
03 October 2019 | 10:17

"Velvet Buzzsaw" I think a very underrated film. The story is clear that very bad times so the film was planned to be ornate. However, the General idea of satire, it is expressed beautifully.

This movie will literally give you the chance to plunge into the racy false everyday world of contemporary art. Like the author just dumped all his anger on critics, artists and their representatives.

The first thing seriously distinguishes this picture many other mystery stories, it is the originality of the concept. Story line is reminiscent of the story "Portrait" (which is its own problem). True... the characters are trying to uncover exactly to until they don't become a cliché-functions. The whole movie pulls great acting and the very essence of you try to catch. Well and the statement is quite simple.

The film — solid oxymoron. It like a spider's web of different genres. However, this is still horror it is not typical, just will immerse you in its atmosphere.

I advise everyone to see, so very sorry about this movie, few people heard.

Who is the director of the movie Velvet Buzzsaw?
This tv-show was directed by Dan Gilroy.
What is the genre of Velvet Buzzsaw?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Best Comedy Movies 2019, Best Horror Movies 2019, Best Thriller Movies 2019.
Who starred in Velvet Buzzsaw?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Zawe Ashton, Tom Sturridge, Toni Collette.
What is Velvet Buzzsaw IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
When was Velvet Buzzsaw released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-02-01.