In the near future a variety of technologies are involved in all aspects of human life. But in this technology-driven world, grey is one of the few people who loves working with his hands. It restores and fixes old cars. One day, returning from the client gray's wife get into an accident, and then in the hands of a gang of thugs, resulting in the woman dies and turns gray paralyzed from the neck down. The same wealthy client offers to put the unfortunate experimental implant Stem, which can fully regain mobility.

  • Leigh Whannell

Release Date: 2018-06-01
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: AU
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
  • Budget: $5,000,000
Denice Rusell
17 February 2019 | 06:14

Executive producer of "Saw", Director of the 3rd "the Astral plane", a screenwriter and, in addition, actor Lee Owner, suddenly, gave good cyberpunk about the boy-engineer-hands in the world of high technology, with "a mercenary Quarry" in the title role. We are talking about the actor Logan Marshall-Green, who coped with its job is fit into kin, in its texture, so and set dramatic qualities.

Since the time of Philip-our-Kindred dick, humanity has a genuine interest in Android, virtual, AI, and in our case, and the topic of chips and implants. What hints available in the film is clear, not afraid of the word, sci-Fi component. To the word, quite well implemented.

Nice to see that time. 5 million dollars, looks surprisingly decent. Subsequently, octopuses three times. After reading the reviews in the Internet, I realized that people are not have forgotten how to love a relatively inexpensive, high-quality genre cinema. The creators turned to dump it fiction, Thriller, Thriller, detective and even a little Comedy, but at this, the managed to overdo. Everything looks balanced-it is easy and fairly straightforward. And in a niche that is accessible for a wide audience, art sci-fi so does look like neat decoration.

17 Aug 2018 producer Jason Blum said on Twitter, plans for continuation, so that look forward to.

And while generously asking:

8 from 10

Helge Fulmer
21 November 2018 | 10:23

While one of the black symbiote on the big screens almost not each slot could hear the calls to "Upgrade": the concept of the same as and venom, but quality is much higher. Not fooled.

"Upgrade" is the brainchild of the quite well-known filmmaker Do Mannella, had a hand (in various guises) to such notable horror franchises as Saw Astral. In one moment, it seems Wannell decided to change the vector of creativity: he wrote the script and directed the intriguing author's picture in the genre of cyberpunk. The film's budget was small in today this sum is in 5 million dollars, shooting the same held in Melbourne, Australia.

The story — the only element to which I have an ambiguous attitude. Speaking of the indisputable merits, not can not to mention the chosen method of narration: about a possible future, in which the conflicting interests of machine and human, not talk and show. Through visual AIDS we realize the horror that may await mankind. Great dynamics, not allowing even to yawn, a good drama, the motives of each of the actors, in principle, understandable, and how many amazing surprises throws the tape on for timing, it deserves special attention. For one plot twist follows another, even more beautiful, and the junction is also not disappoint I promise you will remain under a lasting impression. Among other things, the ending suggests the interesting thoughts, ideas, assumptions.

The flip side is screaming, at least to me, about the following: first, the logical gaps as a significant (twist in the end makes me a lot of the issues in particular character Aaron, for not able to find answers), so not too critical, but leaves a bad feeling of bafflement (like overly drawn out off of the microchip, different conventions and etc); second, the comedic notes are excessive, the plot well would cost without them; thirdly, I will not enough information on the setting (scant acquaintance with the surroundings of the local of fact, almost a secret to viewer's called "superior" people and etc.); finally, a long-awaited fight with mustached methandriol ended too abruptly and unlikely.

Leaving the details of the plot, on which can be a full-fledged discussion behind, it should be said that the rest of this movie can only be happy. In the presence of a gorgeous action scenes, from which just catch the buzz at browsing: the great thing is used this method of shooting is not less inventive. As for me, the best episodes of the picture. Brilliant atmosphere of the events also complement the organic musical accompaniment, amazing color correction and of course the acting performances. In fact, every artist here to cope with the assigned to him feature artist, but still at the head of the ensemble is similar like two peas in a pod, on Tom hardy, Logan Marshall-green, which the entire film is the most successful broadcast all the palette of human emotion.

Upgrade — fresh and most importantly — the right word in science fiction: it was a sort of mixture of "Running on the blade" "John Wick". And despite some logical gaps, the creature manages to captivate, entertain and even make you poraskinut brains. Definitely suggest to evaluate and nice view!

7.5 out of 10

Holly-Anne Atalanti
10 September 2018 | 10:22

! I love cyberpunk. With the beginning thought to be some sort of remake of the Robocop, but it is quite another and ending especially the last frame very impressed. Not enough of course of action, too many close-UPS — IMHO, love the scenery, the atmosphere — you're missing. Of course after 2049 strap is so nice jumped, but in General the film is good.

+ camera work, idea, unexpected ending.

- emotions about his wife not dokrutili — could make a dramatic, illogical actions HS (5 minutes ago he did, but now, not can) about this chip and how showed surgery — don't believe it. Probably "Beauty in simplicity" thought the Director, but I agree. As technician — can't believe this chip is just he earned himself "zakonektitsya" with a brain... a miracle. Looked ridiculous, in my opinion. And still not enough atmosphere, the company wife's GG...

I would like to see more details. I hope that someday will take the series.

8 from 10

How long is Upgrade?
2h 20m
How much did it cost to make Upgrade?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $5,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Upgrade?
This tv-show was directed by Leigh Whannell.
What is the genre of Upgrade?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Best, Best movies 2018, Best Action Movies 2018, Best Horror Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2018.
Who starred in Upgrade?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Logan Marshall-Green, Richard Anastasios, Rosco Campbell, Richard Cawthorne, Linda Cropper.
What is Upgrade IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Upgrade released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-06-01.