On one of the secret bases military scientists experimented with biological weapons. Something, as usual, went wrong, and freedom escaped a pack of savage mutants, which could not be overcome even specially summoned a SWAT team. Two years later, the entire incident was forgotten, and in place of the base organized a large-scale disco. Locked together on the dance floor with the bandits, a group of young people went from them to their heels and were driven into underground tunnels, which still was inhabited by evil creatures.

  • Rafael Eisenman

Release Date: 2011-12-29
IMDb icon 3.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $300,264
Aleda Iman
28 February 2012 | 05:34

Watching this film, I concluded that I am a very patient man. Patience, here I want to wish all the viewers who are still hesitant to see this movie. And although the paintings have their own positive aspects, but by and large it is extremely disastrous. But, about all order.

Well, start with extremely illogical, and just soaked shortcomings of the plot. Even judging by the description it is unclear how this disco could be held in where the military conducted experiments. And such idiocies (I'm just not can pick up another definition) movie is just steeped, starting with the very first scene, and ending with the last. And after the first 20-30 minutes, there is an ardent desire to stop viewing, so as the picture begins to resemble some sort of parody Comedy, but in comedies you can at least laugh at the nonsense of the plot, and here they are just bored. And I haven't tell about replica characters.

If we talk about the actor, then it is just did not. Guys do not what would be bad play, but not observed the diligence, with their heroes I would like to empathize, to worry about them. The feeling that they just work out your fee, and slipshod work, although in some points there is a growth potential of some of them.

There are however such side of the film, which I could be called successful. Well for example I liked bloody moments, blood in which really looks like blood, , not as red paint of the child's set. In addition, the mutants have been very scary in some moments even manage to flinch a little. The work of the operators and engineers in some moments pleased. It is particularly gratifying that not occurs in an underground bunker, in which there is light such scenes when the screen is dark, almost observed. Pleased and that the sharp points somewhat muted, so the sound is not have to constantly do something quieter, then louder.

Summing up we can say that the film is very disastrous and unfortunate. Full horror, and in the bad sense of the word. Yes, the positive side it has but they in a condition at least as something to stand out on the background of the terrible mistakes in the story.

2 of 10

Dede Vierno
14 September 2012 | 12:35

Again, someone disturbed the poor monsters

Long time horror films such as "Dungeon", called comedies. After all, strictly speaking, nothing wrong with similar to the movies there, but funny full. Starting from the fun of the victims, and the same monsters.

Of course this movie was released in the style of another horror movie under the title "Descent", those as strange monsters living in the dark. However here the characters which they will confront the contrast the film will be heterosexual. And also in the beginning the viewer will give back story in that again, there is the us military is something muddy, and conduct some experiments on the creation of humanoid monsters that feed on fools, such as those that was on this abandoned base in the same dungeon. The recurrence plot moves successful in past horror films, in this course no nothing to be ashamed of. Another thing is that even to repeat the movie, the creators of "Dungeons" not can. There is only one law of the genre, which they ably do. They is the presence of narrow-minded youth. Just wondering, but like looked like a film if the young people in horror movies suddenly become smarter. Perhaps it would be OK, but the creators of such horror is interesting.

In the end, we have another cheap "nedoroscik" where you can cheer for the poor monster, and wish to continue, such films would be less.

2.5 10

Natassia Heer
24 January 2012 | 02:08

When you start watching the film and anywhere else for the past twenty minutes I thought that it's a cheap theatrical cinema, intended only for television and for the night's show, for those who came from work, want to relax and choose what looking for guests reluctant. If only to relax. But what was my surprisingly, when I found that not so. Okay, I this wave his hand, and not seen before and not be surprised. But I'm surprised this film with the other hand. Draw your attention to the name. It and transferred correctly and accurately. And same as would plot. With all these clear. But here is not clear at all with the other things and spoil all impressions of film, make it is even more confusing, and generally bad for all.

Deep under the land housed a military base, where have been experimenting... I Think you know what happened to speak to write about not need. Time passes. The base is located under the land and up and over her built disco as if on purpose, to dumb guys like the time was near danger. Although they blame not need. It is not clear in this thread one — let them built a disco, even on this threat base, but why the entrance inside the base, is in the public domain? Door not locked, not hidden. Actually, anyone can log in any time of day, and wouldn't taken care of. Great! The main characters, in an attempt to escape after the disco from the bandits on which themselves to run at his arrogance, open this door puts the trap. Bandits are still and back door with the other hand to those are unable to get out.

Also brewing another one question — door, there is an entrance on this same base was opened around the clock. There could to enter, like and go out people. But why on the surface got monsters-mutants that were there? Or they were too stupid for that? But a role they played well — taught a lesson guys. And immediately I note most of these monsters. Know such misery could be ashamed, even those who saw him. The feeling that it's just common people, and not the same over which experiments were conducted, which was covered with mud. Not even a little bit. it and dark, they lived not helped to get scared.

Also as especially if you have the children immediately, from all at the same time, dead cell, and some time later, over charge the flashlights. Fortunately, at least in some places, this base was a light. Otherwise, in the dark, all lost. Curiosity does not know boundaries, it is clear, but too far to go don't need. Movie is made in dark colors, most of the time, almost the entire film, we observed a dark picture and here and there glimpses of light. But nothing is changing. From the film has no atmosphere, no fear. Consider it a horror even as it is not properly. Rather — lesson on how to correctly find trouble to your head. Although most of them blame those who are not that barricaded the door.

There is no plot, it not even tried to add in the course of the film, and a true all kind of stupid ending, I didn't understand, though it can win. The actors are unconvincing, and even as they did with reluctance. Their actions not amenable to any logic. Even after they have faced danger the sight of these monsters, they continue to yell, to run on the database, look in every room, as if you go looking for death. I understand that the panic, but if you want to survive, you need at least to get yourself hand not to shout. The atmosphere is also present. As if the film was not. It I was very surprised, even the dramatic moments don't scared. The design of the monsters? Well and not actually was "the Descent" creature and it looked better.

Why I so painted some reviews of negative films? Just Express your thoughts and describe the disadvantages, although sometimes not all not very detailed. But if you will face with this film, decide for yourself — you value your time, and whether some pictures that you would look. Better to look "Descent". It a bit like the film is much its superior.

My opinion — boring, uninteresting, and unscary and lame film, it is unclear why removed, completely lost the atmosphere and at least some logic.

How much has Underground made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $300,264.
Who is the director of the movie Underground?
This tv-show was directed by Rafael Eisenman.
What is the genre of Underground?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jacob D. Woody, Sofia Pernas, Adrian R'Mante, Jeff D'Agostino, Christine Evangelista.
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At the moment, the rating is 3.9.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-12-29.