Under the Silver Lake

Los Angeles. Sam meets a girl, who the next day mysteriously disappears. The guy becomes obsessed with the idea imperative to find her and tries to find any clues in all that he sees and hears. Suddenly, he finds something like a code or string of secret messages. Opening each message, Sam realizes that he was inside of a global conspiracy.

  • David Robert Mitchell

Release Date: 2018-12-05
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $8,500,000
Minetta Kinzer
15 December 2018 | 10:33

"Under silver lake" — one of the most complex, strange, and shit-kicking Prime Minister of the outgoing year, which is also ideal for the die hard fans of creativity of David Lynch. As or not, but the film was overly twisted and incomprehensible to simple a mass audience. Even after the end of the film the producers the film company was in wonder the prospects for further its advance. The premiere has been postponed twice, what speaks about a lot. The picture was trying to ReWire, to improve and to do more "edible" for a simple spectator, but after the show at the Cannes film festival finally realized that the film is not too tough for even hardened film fans and critics.

The author of the script and the Director were made by David Robert Mitchell, for who have have two strange, but quite an interesting movie: "It" and"the myth of the American party." But that the new project, the author simply jumped higher than his head and took a swing at the unprecedented heights. Someone compares this movie with"Mulholland drive", others argue that this new "Donnie Darko". To each his own, but personally I think this film is unlike anything on that. It a completely independent project and with a solid drama, which, alas, is not all. Those who thinks differences in the story will torture only in the first half, I unable to calm down. The misunderstanding will last for the entire film. To the very last frame, the viewer will remain in complete bewilderment, and only have after watching will digest what you see and collect all in a heap, like a puzzle of the hundreds of little pieces. And yet, as strange as it sounds, but I saw the painting echoes megazostrodon the movie "the Matrix", in which the viewer is confronted with two opposing worlds, where one is a harsh reality, and the other is just a nice wrapper for burn meaningless life where the man is the battery big the machine under the name of the universe.

The plot starts out simple and it's for the movie itself, the concept is not difficult the motivation of the characters is absolutely understandable, but the story jumble, which appears in the process becomes a burden for the viewer's perception. It weigh down the story, making it cumbersome, complex and overly twisted. Even the most basic hints, Easter eggs, references and referrals are easy because hidden from the naked eye. Even looking at the poster, it becomes clear to all the depth of the author's idea. After reading on the poster's main question (What are they hiding?), you note hair-clad girls, where you can see specific word, and then please look at bubbles trees. There in all its glory sparkle the faces of people appearing in the story. And it's only a poster! Now you should understand that a view is not easy.

In the story a young guy living his carefree and an empty life. But once he meets the beautiful stranger, in which falls without memory. And all nothing but the girl soon disappears, leaving only one photo. And now a guy for the first time in life there is a goal, it intends to find a girlfriend and find out all the circumstances of the strange disappearance. With every new step the protagonist more immersed in the world of puzzles, passwords, ciphers and all sorts of symbols, which are almost every step, we just they are not a notice or just not pay them. As it turned out, even the scenes reflect references to many other films, the posters, the covers of music albums and other things. In the film featured the details of the real magazines, comics, the computer game "Super Mario", even in the credits are shown coded message, and in the film uses characters that are very similar to used by the cipher elusive criminal "Zodiac". In General, the puzzles enough for all with a vengeance that stunned, upset and can't understand.

As for the performances, then here you have a good rendering, rich picture, the original installation and creating an atmosphere that the viewer gets the feeling that it looks action-Packed Thriller, but with plunged into a psychological drama with simple fantasy is bordered by dangerous madness. Every action in the frame say something that somehow explains and makes it clear that all this world is interconnected, but in the same time meaningless and nobody is needed.

If we talk about not then do not no complaints. All made the highest level. The main character in the execution of Andrew Garfield was pleasantly pleased, surprised and proved once again that he's a great dramatic actor. By the way, even the participation of Garfield was not simple. In the film there is even a humorous reference to his "spider-Man", in which he appeared. It is worth remembering scenes from sticking to the hands of the magazine to grasp the principle of the ubiquitous Easter eggs. And such allusions to other notable movies, to be honest, the whole car.

In General, the movie turned out great spectacle is not for the faint of heart, because the timing is nearly two and a half hours, and in some episodes there is a blatant madness of the author, there is bloody violence and explicit scenes of a sexual nature. To recommend to view, I, of course, not going, but fans of David Lynch just have to check out this is a masterpiece. Pleasant viewing.

Gerrie Grory
06 July 2019 | 10:46

Overall impression: With why would start? And start with timing! 139 minutes you jokes, all seriously! And how else to explain the smooth transition from love to a secret combination, conspiracy versions and hidden meanings. Incredibly strange movie, each frame literally screaming about this. How to stand under the onslaught of strange history? After all, if there is a Cup coffee, it should drink up to the bottom! So all of 139 minutes fascinate and details are immersed in the secret expression. Let me remind you, gone girl, her need to find a while YY looking for it has a variety obscurantism.

"You never thought the rich know more than us?"

GG guy's name, Sam (Andrew Garfield), playing the fool, looking through the binoculars the chest of a mysterious woman, day by day it lying mother that works behind the apartment, but he lives his life, sometimes having fun with girl, which binds only intimate Affairs. But everything changes when he sees the neighbor Sarah (Riley Keogh), met and fell in love with her a couple of hours (is that even possible?! weirdness everywhere), Sam in the morning found that Sarah was gone. How so? The girl Packed up in the middle of the night? Where she fled? It is to see.

"Orange juice and saltines — the most delicious food!"

Very interested in the picture shows all conspiracy chain from pop culture, art, architecture, to all sorts of secret signs hidden in mass media. All is as one large flow of people programs, if I was the place of the hero, the most likely "Went sokuhou" from seen understanding of what is happening. Yeah and symbolism is totally up to cuts — Hitchcock's grave, looking at the second-rate movies, guitar Kurt Cobain those hands. Yeah and even Easter eggs to other films. Classic Noir gradually focuses on famous movies, as if nostalgic for him "Mulholland drive", "the Window at the yard." About characters separate place, funny that Sam's hand sticks to the comic book about spider-Man, hmm, alas, Andrew is the gum. There are posters, comics, clothes, even a kind of homage to the past.

Attracts the attention of Garfield, his restrainest and unusual appearance of the many emotions proves that Andrew is a wonderful actor! It is worth it.

Yeah, challenging rebus tossed a Director. But the movie is clearly necessary to assess those who wants to think about what is happening, who see Hommage, metaphors, symbolism and even satire with irony. Funny, interesting, unusual, but not all. This kingboard have not all taste.

8 from 10

Franky Josefina
27 March 2019 | 06:23

Charm pools and those secrets that stores the surface, again led the Director of "It" to weird story. Irrational — but pools associated. In this time near it is found the girl — young blonde with a dog, which the main character immensely fascinated. She — new neighbor, with which it would be nice to hang out, smoke some pot, do something else. In General — to have fun, to kill nuisance time. But unfortunately for the boy the girl disappears for following morning, leaving only confusion white box in the locker, yeah a strange sign on the wall warning of danger. Here begins the investigation, winding in a maze of absurdity and incomprehensibility of the infinite universe. "Under silver lake" — the name of the comic book, which the author — chip in its flat crank, surround yourself with a fence and cameras hoping to escape from persecution. He believes a homicidal maniac potroshaschie dogs, girl a screech owl, coming in a codes message, founded in film, popular music, performances by TV on the pack with cereals — in a lot of other things this crazy world we are fed indiscriminately. The irony is that truth it is impossible to distinguish fiction — too big information noise. Not understand the main character, blindly moving in the direction of random characters. Whether fictional, well-matched — unknown. Most importantly — to go somewhere, to have some purpose in this crazy world.

Trying to find casual friend does not make any sense. But do you still have nothing — so why not. Idiot without any occupation, a loose, frail and with a light stubble — is in this picture of Andrew Garfield being in the area around Los Angeles and the endless parties in search of an answer. The obsession with conspiracy theories makes you see the hint, move on, fall in a strange place, meet strange people, discover new clues and new characters. But not freaky if all this nonsense, caused by a deadly boredom and lack of meaning of life? Response to the question we seem to get — but if no. The film ends sheer nonsense, and understand what we looked it hardly possible. The two hours and a half bizarre spectacle inexplicably captivate, to make you wait to continue, but the main — laugh. The Director, obviously, mocks, ridicules all kinds of attempts to solve the mystery, in which is not contains no sense. For it is — just a game, a parody in the spirit of "inherent Vice". Time for Hitchcock, late Lynch and generally — reality. The one that surrounds us now. Every idiot can be in her detective and with enthusiastically-stupid bewilderment staring at the results. And, even if they nothing mean you get a certain pleasure, after a long journey and inhaling on the balcony with a cigarette. Inhale, look around — and smile. A strange thing — life.

5.5 of 10

How much did it cost to make Under the Silver Lake?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $8,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Under the Silver Lake?
This tv-show was directed by David Robert Mitchell.
What is the genre of Under the Silver Lake?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Best Comedy Movies 2019, Best Crime Movies 2019, Best Drama Movies 2019, Best Mystery Movies 2019.
Who starred in Under the Silver Lake?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Andrew Garfield, Wendy Vanden Heuvel, Deborah Geffner, Riley Keough, Riki Lindhome.
What is Under the Silver Lake IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was Under the Silver Lake released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-12-05.