1942. German submarines operated in the Atlantic. Radio intercepts did not give the allies nothing: the message of the enemy is not decipherable. And then American sailors receive a secret mission: to capture an enemy submarine U-571 and located on-Board cryptographic machine "Enigma." Capture... and back!

  • Jonathan Mostow

Release Date: 2000-04-21
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: FR, US
  • Language: English | German
  • Budget: $62,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $127,666,415
Nydia Kipper
18 October 2013 | 12:11

The theme of submarines in the Second World war is not uncommon among them sooner or later there will be a decent picture, but why u-571 I want to put on a head above similar films, at least in the original performance, and, in fact, the plot.

And he revolves around the German submarine u-571, detached from escort wandering around the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Having on-Board cryptographic machine "Enigma", the submarine manages to block the signals of the allies, the most staying out of the viewshed. Then the American sailors get a job at any price to capture the Enigma and bring it on database. But none them assumed find themselves in the enemy lines, the output of which is through the caravan of German submarines.

In General, ideologically, the film is very catchy, and on the other it looks original, and that most importantly, very interesting. With historical accuracy, the film tries to look quite plausible, which, of course, plus — this attitude could boast Peterson film "Submarine", although it is different the structure of the films, but even then there are any puncture. But the essence this.

Once the film touches the themes of the second world, then, of course, with the American point of view the movie is filled with patriotism more than completely, and the Germans then presents notorious scum (for example, the shot of the boat with the passengers of the sunken ship), although it is worthy rivals of the enemy. yeah and the essence overall, patriotism, and pathos, no matter what they place not held in the movie, the special role does not play, yeah and do not interfere with enjoying what they saw. Moscow managed to take quite interesting, sometimes intense and dynamic historical film. Yeah and the theme itself is "underwater" boat uncovered for the surprise carefully — there is a lot of time underwater battles, which are shown in remarkably well, not matter computer graphics.

Separately want to note the characters in the picture — team of several people trapped on enemy territory, trying to assess the situation and trying to get out of her. Of course, not all characters revealed, but some can survive. Plus, the interiors of the submarines made a match for real, that itself so good.

U-571 — this is an interesting war film. Trying to stand out among the other expense of the plot, made interesting underwater battles, yeah and the atmosphere in General. Now I don't think she will produce any effect, and the quality of the drama stands on the step below the "Submarine", but not makes it a bad movie. On the contrary, it is interesting to look at, but if you will not go into the historical events.

Of 9 10

Mia Nahtanha
05 January 2010 | 09:05

Don't like the pose of nerd: to criticize is much easier than to create. But about this movie to refrain from reviews difficult.

If you evaluate the dynamism of the plot, the acting, spectacular special effects and etc — all for the technical level of filming and emotional stress (in this case — easy discharge), it is almost all good. The film is very true decided: the beautiful imagery close your eyes many all the disadvantages of this "masterpiece". Except that, even with disabled the brain, the question of the invincible super-Yankee remains. But it's the cost of modern cinema: as said Titomir, "people havaet". And fantastic action such a plan was not be assessed points on 7-8 from 10.

However, there is one caveat... the Overseas film industry has long been is famous for its habit of shamelessly Americanize the history of the world. All nothing, if Hollywood being the cash machine, not would still machine propaganda. U-571 — Frank intentional historical heresy filed under the sauce of special effects and pathos, disguised as Fig leaf, Declaration of the fact that, well, this is dedicated to the labor heroism of the allies in the years of war.

As Goebbels said, a lie repeated many times becomes the truth. The exploits of the heroes live in memory, memory — an insidious thing. Already are now the opinions of, say, fiction in U-571 — it is the Director's findings, emphasizing the essence and salt film — becoming the main character and the tempering of it character.

At the end of the film, reported to reference is historically accurate picture of events. These only 5 seconds of truth in the film appeared only after the urgent requests of the English consultant for the film. But same success poster cool Marlboro man of the sun American Prairie modestly write that Smoking is bad for your health. Tell someone about the compassion of tobacco to smokers. And that after this advertisement no smoke.

And here — the more often heard responses: "Cool! Cool! I this movie still like it!". Well according to say about Eugene Grishkovec: if someone likes to watch porn, then be proud of not worth it. Not would for more, when younger children will not believe a boring history lessons at school, and beautiful pseudo-militants, and a world of critics — will sing the praises of the unbeatable performance of the actors in a historical lie.

Jonathan Bridges, Director of U-571, said: "first of all, I wanted to clarify: U-571 is a piece of art". The in the film is clearly made that it is based on real events.

Even uncle Joe said: "As the Director of the film, which will be released to a worldwide audience, I understand that I have a moral responsibility to the distortion of history. So that, although U-571 is a fictional adventure film, I took a number of measures to ensure that the film does not led to the distortion of historical facts". Moral responsibility? Some measures?! And as you this: "...I surround myself retired submariners of World war II, American and German, to ensure the technical accuracy of nuances and aspects of the film." Such hypocrisy, ladies and gentlemen, meet every day.

A wide range of amateurish fiction to fantastic bullshit — all mixed in the house of Oblomov. Here you offhand and very briefly, not to get the book.

Really the Americans captured the Enigma in the end of the war. The important role that has not played. But played a really important role in the capture of "Enigma" by the British in 1941. According to the movie, the British General nor do with it, but the American Indiana Joneses made hyperblade in the decoding of the German radiomodem in 1942.

Did not bother the Director to play more or less reliable picture of the fighting, because they (everything!) — another heresy. Even with the given the notorious directorial invention. SuperCool Americana first without any "Enigma" to know the exact coordinates of finding of boats, and then grab the boat of the enemy, scaring away the cowardly and cruel Germans one by the ringing of their steel eggs. Further, the owners of mega-IQ for a minute deal with unknown faulty German and darn it without parts (and that you washing machine "brown"). Words Grishkovtsa, either a miracle or a trick. Moreover, — the Yankees, as a real aces, you begin to work on U-571 wonders such as the crash dive with turn torpedoes under water use the periscope for underwater well goals. And smear the Germans, Americans — fall.

Single song — disassembly a German destroyer unknown to the world of design. That this poor guy did in the Central Atlantic at a German plane (by the way, these aircraft have the Germans are not be) — one known Director.

Destroyer-how happy! Immediately a delegation was sent. And popupw to celebrate, not even look that Americans a quiet sadness and a gun uncover in a sign of greeting. For the first time set foot on the deck of the captured boats in the light of day, not having experience of using the German deck guns, with side pitching Yankees first shots to get cherished a very small goal — the radio shack. As the Germans say, das ist fantastisch. Indiana Jones nervously Smoking in aside.

Destroyer the hint. And let's also prepare for the battle. Who from the machine the boat shoots who from anti-aircraft guns... Machine, the main thing is not having to turn around and to remove the Board as a convenient target for torpedoes or even ramming the boat (there were many such cases), or the torpedo's release, which the destroyer was missing. Have a German destroyer maneuverability (diameter circulation 580 m) and speed (up to 38 nodes) is enough to, while U-571 telepaetsya on single diesel engine, plenty of over her off.

But the screws of the destroyer earned only when the boat went to below periscope depth (after 35-40 seconds after the shot). Now the Germans dropped the guns and ran to get diesel. And U-571 quietly goes to depth a small trim. The scene is shot hard, really tickles the nerves of the audience.

Full movie — in this spirit. Including the wrong use of terms (translated here or when than). For example, what are the cries of "the trim on the nose 60" or "the trim on the nose 220" (if the first — it's almost a drop of depth second — loop, just the ocean). Or "gasoline feed" with"feed exhaust", both broken, "the nasal diesel" has stuck. Not know there nasal discharge, but wouldn't be surprised if the Director of the movie on the feet one Shoe — the front, the other — back.

Verdict: spectacular Hollywood enema, great brainwashed of the beholder. Look, of course, diversity. It is very American — a slap in the face of facts, a mockery of history and characters, pocketing someone else's fame, false bravado boastful pseudo-patriots. How many points for film?

7 of 10 — for the beautiful photography.

minus 10 10 — a mega-lie.

Arlina Lorola
11 June 2013 | 02:59

The second world war. A nightmare that has claimed millions of lives, and the incident never forget to human memory. In any case, so certainly. However, it is not forget about our allies, thanks to whom the victory in this war was unlikely the possible the simple reason that the Americans succeeded albeit with interruptions, but we provide drugs and most importantly food. However, our overseas cousins love to attribute other people's achievements, for the simple reason that really significant events with participation of the sons of the statue of Liberty in the second world was not so much. About one such event today and will be discussed. So, it — "u-571".

The Americans intercepted an sos from a German submarine and make a cunning plan, which is to the rescue pretending to be the German team to sneak on Board the enemy ship and to withdraw cipher machine "Enigma", which should turn the tide of war. It would seem that it's simple. Came, took and left, but no. Brave American submariners, having arrived on a place, fall in this mess that save them can only wonder. Well, the stupidity of the enemy. Here how you're lucky.

In the film demonstrate a German submarine with its crew is quite friendly, and I had hoped that the film will be a military drama about the confrontation between the two crews of the submarines, in each have good and the bad guys. NDA. I too much is expected. No, the confrontation we have shown, but it is only shown exclusively the eyes of an American submarine, and Fritz here are only background. It's a shame, sad, but okay. So let's take a look at the good is in film let's not forget the bad.

First, let's talk about good. The actors in this picture are playing on the proper level, they are the characters are well written, and emotions look willfully. In principle, nothing surprising there. no, it in all the films on the second world, what I have ever seen, the actors are not below average. Yeah and otherwise, if the screen unfolds the tragedy, in which hundreds are killed nor what innocent people to it is simply impossible to remain indifferent.

As for the atmosphere of the picture that there all right. The film, which most of the time happens in a German submarine, holding a sufficient voltage. Persistent problems in devices, leaks, the deaths of dozens of people and the firing of depth charges create a proper mood, and off the screen becomes not so easy.

What as for some of the logical inconsistencies that then you can try to find a little bit sane explanation. For example, German destroyer, which was close to the submarine could be sent cunning Fritz in as a safety net. Still Enigma for them is very important. What about how Americans learned about that on German submarine is encryption device that here and all simple. Spies while nobody has been cancelled. Well, quick fix u-571 can be attributed to that among Americans wormed ancestor MacGyver. Stupid of course on this count, but I'm not free to the beginning of the review talked about miracles. But here in terms of historical authenticity at me no proper answer, but not may it to be. But in principle, so much out of the films in the last time that can boast of historical accuracy? Here I about the same. From books on the second world of words is not throw, and this painting can be seen as a good Hollywood action movie than he fact, is.

7 of 10

How much has U-571 made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $127,666,415.
How much did it cost to make U-571?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $62,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie U-571?
This tv-show was directed by Jonathan Mostow.
What is the genre of U-571?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, War.
Who starred in U-571?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon Jovi, David Keith.
What is U-571 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.6.
When was U-571 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2000-04-21.