Truth or Dare

The usual game of "Truth or dare" turns into a brutal race to the death, when the process connects to something supernatural. When some of the participants to lie or not to perform the appropriate action, it is waiting for the massacre. Who will finally emerge victorious in the cruel match?

  • Jeff Wadlow

Release Date: 2018-04-13
IMDb icon 5.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
  • Budget: $3,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $23,537,100, 17 April 2018
Tova Cressida
23 June 2018 | 10:45

The youth horror film is still alive — is confidently demonstrated the creation of Jeff Wadlow. Of course, it is nearly ten years ended in a famous series of "final destination" David R. Ellis and James Wong. They embodied new to the time strategy, which as shown remains a popular and effective until now. Hardly worth again to talk about that "True or effect" — direct allusion to these films. Those as victims of the chain selection rules, unbelievable and shocking death... Oh yeah, there are "Scream" — same great creation that has immortalized the name of a classic of the genre Wes Craven — the elements of this youth horror film are present and here. And let actors do not quite fit to the characters at the age, playing the they are quite good? So that fans of the genre the film was a real surprise, because among the hundreds of horror movies coming out each year, so a little really good.

Plot tied already with the first seconds of viewing, the viewer tuning in that atmosphere worth it. However, in we dive into her party life of the main characters with a sea of booze, music and light flirting. But by twentieth minute the plot is gaining momentum rapidly, causing intrigue and virtually the final credits of what is happening on the screen captures and it's not let go. This is what is to me the main indicator of quality horror film. However, don't cost without the drawbacks. Then this is the explanation we give the authors of the tapes and output option so delusional that looks ridiculous even for youth film.

In my opinion, select Director for the project is not lose. Jeff Wadlow pretty carefully approached reproduction of the basic techniques, proven still years ten back in already openevsys my movies. To the same it is not new to genre. For the shoulders are quite successful "Volk_odinochka", charges which have exceeded the budget in... 14. However, the success of "Truth or action" even more revealing — more than 25 times! Maybe the secret is in the popularity of the game? Although I do think it is in hungry quality horror audience and the Studio Blumhouse Productions. Jason bloom have repeated similar success in the past, to recall the classic example "Paranormal phenomenon". No wonder what fought to bloom undertook to produce its project.

Lucy Hale — Central actress in the film, she was first approved in project — turned out to be quite convincing. Her character unconditionally believe, though it Olivia came out so too perfect. Because in the existence of hidden secrets not few believe. Interestingly, initially, Tyler Posey, who plays the role of Lucas, not involved in the film. Jeff Wadlow is not welcomed in the project of young actors, because he believed that they "are not able to show the game in full force and real emotions". However, Positive he considered an exception. At the time of casting Tyler Posey has been engaged in the filming of another movie (in parallel were shooting the 3rd season of "the Scream", where the actor played the role of Shane). But the Director is seen in the role of Lucas only him. In the end, after he was released, Posey was last approved in the role. Tyler had to combine shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, he was torn between the film set of "Scream" and"Truth or action".

I have had a good experience in the shooting of the youth horror movie. As already noted, Tyler Posey starred in the third season of "the Scream", in addition — "scary movie 5" and the main role of McCall in the TV series "Werewolf". In"the Werewolf" appeared and Tom Choi, who plays the role of a police officer, the father of one of characters. Lucy Hale we can see "Scream 4" and"Island of fear". Landon Liboiron lit up in  the"Punch zombie" (2009), "Altitude" (2010), the TV series "R. L. Stein: a Time of ghosts" and even the lead role of a werewolf wil Kidman in"the Howling: Reborn" (2011) (and the analogy with the famous Saga "Twilight"). And Violet Bin the Russian audience will see the title role in the horror film "Torture" (2017).

more interesting points: Filming in Mexico only took one day. Night in all your free time the actors actively playing "truth or action" for with the exception of the main character Lucy Hale, instead she went to sleep. Continued to play actively in this game the actors and all the days shooting. So Tyler Posey, for example, in one trials were to jump in cold temperature as an ice pool. By the way, Mexican parish in Rosarito for not really does exist. Although the shooting of the Mexican episodes on a really have occurred Rosarito, scenes with the participation of the Church was shot on a specially constructed controlled sound stage. To depict the famous "smile Defoe" on the faces of the heroes (in as specified a known issue) had to use a special computer program. The only actor whose a wide smile was natural, was Tyler Posey. He learned to do in days the TV series "Werewolf" (2011-2017). The release of the film in wide release has been specially scheduled for Friday the 13th, although initially the film was supposed to be released on 27 APR.

8 from 10

Pennie Trubow
26 June 2018 | 09:02

It would be really great, if not so primitive.

Not so long theaters died down this movie attractive face, charming Lucy Hale on the poster, so and luring his gaze to the spectators in the sessions, because they need money and nothing but money. And what was actually spent by the symbolic price of the ticket? Spoiler alert.

The plot sounded pretty interesting in the trailer: a group of teenagers begin to play all known game "truth or action", but doesn't know what at some point, she may appeal against them and use their own rules, putting at stake is not secrets from friends and family and most valuable: your life.

If you do the parsing at the pros and cons, I will highlight the main drawback. It is the very salt of the film, which, as it suggests to us that all "copied" from  the"destination" and not in the correct way. Instead of having to come up with something fresh and really new, the writers decided to build a place for Teens photographs, fixated these events and to the middle of the film becomes very predictable choice of the demon.

Also the route of entry of the demon in our world was forced to stop watching tape and say what? Seriously? Demon in box remnants of the language (here is my brain broke), which is very easy to break?.. The feeling that initially, people wanted to spit on the safety of this terrible relics and put a prominent place, and take that will.

Another hitch (read: negative) film. When the heroes find that the nun, which has caused the demon dtsat years ago, the communicates with them through notes. Here a number phrases, interrogative character:

1. On what language she talked to them

2. If Olivia understands Spanish, then why was not rake the problem with the spell, but not to rush on hot to other?

3. Where the author of our century knows the language?

And the last minus is the characters themselves, which don't know what you want, cheat, lie, run from one girl to other then go in General apathy, then see themselves as heroes, ready and horse running stop and into a burning log hut to enter.

Apparently we never get answers to attacks and questions to script and you want to advise not strongly pursue this belt leave it to when absolutely nothing to see or nothing to do, so as she is not worth dedicated time.

And if we talk about the pros, then it another cutie Lucy Hale in pretty good erotic scene. More of them no.

Katee Buna
09 May 2018 | 04:11

Studio Blumhouse continues to be in the world is kind of the eternal: by bundles of low-budget shoots (1-5 million dollars) the horror and hopes at least a couple of "shots". In win, perhaps, all authors of horror to get the funding and a chance at glory, and the audience — a steady flow not Trusevich of horror in cinema. "Truth or action" is fully consistent with Canon Mr bloom, but glory "have a Happy day death" or the more "Off" she can not see. Why? For the beginning of the game wants to play with you the game (heh-heh-heh!)

- Truth or dare? — Truth! — did You like the movie?

Yes. In it successfully woven the elements of such hit movies and franchises, like "destination" — an evil force is on evenly circle from hero to hero, until mow them all of one; the hero is hiding from fate "soft" room; "It" (It Follows) — evil lurks heroes everywhere and always, appearing in the form of a familiar person, it in the form of a creepy old woman in a nightgown; "call" — the curse of the urgent need to "move" to other people to go "out of game". Yes themselves the source of conditions — group overage dunce falls under the hand is relentless unknown force — create an interesting for viewing conflict. If you do not comes with mind to empathize with someone from the characters.

- Truth or dare? — Action! — Pick up a decent translation of the movie title.

The task is difficult. Foreign "sustainable" expressions like hellouinskie "Trick or Treat" is difficult to translate so shortly and clearly — it turns out ugly like "Trick or Treat." In this case, the popular in States children's game "Truth or Dare" similar to the game phantom — participants in queue to answer truthfully on the question (like "Who are you love?") or to perform some stupid task (like run around naked). Not quite clear how to check the players on the truth and here's the degree of stupidity of the tasks — exclusively for the conscience of the questioner. What the forces of evil "dwell in game" (don't know what it has in mind, but it sounds cool) gives the game an unexpected turn — the game will "check" you the truth and so the jobs that are the most neither is unpleasant. Where "break the hand to your friend" — the most innocent. How to transfer — unclear. "Truth or dare?" gives kantselyarita. Google gives the options of "Truth or dare?" or"Truth or desire?" Can offer creative options like "Truth-teller or a corpse?" or"do not hide or complete nonsense", but it is unlikely that will look good on the poster. "Confess yourself or will you try?" Damn, even worse. There are more film 2012 with same title, for us it since "Play to death". Well, let it remain "Truth or action".

- Truth or dare? — Truth! — Why did not like the ending?

Ending at movies pseudoroegneria concept — it is deplorable. It's hard to surprise the viewer like in "the Sixth Sense" or"the ring" so that the jaw fell off. From "Truth or action", the dynamics is rapidly slowing — heroes three times (!!!) go to journey Mexico, twice going to talk to one same the detective... the Game is burdened with irrational new regulations... When the heroine is closer to the ending tells another character: "do Not perform the action, trust me!" it seems that she came up with something that we as the audience missed. But no feint then not should... at all. The final "solution", invented by the heroine, does not stand up to scrutiny (although echoes her response first question at about whose she lives choose — or pile of other people). No, these stories need to complete beautiful, in the framework constructed rules. Otherwise it is cheating.

- Truth or dare? — Truth! — As you acting?

In fact, in any way. The film suffers from the typical for American horror flaw — students are playing the aunt and uncle years thirty. Lucy Hale to that starred in"Scream 4", but I absolutely there can't remember. Tyler Posey supposedly the star of the TV series "Werewolf" and"Scream" (again!) but I was not looking. But here role in"scary movie 5" seems to be proud of not be. I wonder who he played "Compensation of damage" 16 years ago? Is that kid who saves Schwartz?

- Truth or dare? — Truth! — Not, the game chooses! — Why? — open knows film. — OK, so what? — Action! Stop writing a review. — Well...

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How long is Truth or Dare?
2h 20m
How much has Truth or Dare made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $23,537,100, 17 April 2018.
How much did it cost to make Truth or Dare?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $3,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Truth or Dare?
This tv-show was directed by Jeff Wadlow.
What is the genre of Truth or Dare?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Best Horror Movies 2018.
Who starred in Truth or Dare?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Sophia Ali, Nolan Gerard Funk.
What is Truth or Dare IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.1.
When was Truth or Dare released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-04-13.