Troop Zero

The film will send the viewer in the provincial GA 1977 and will show the adventures of the girls rebels, named Christmas flint, who lives alone with her father and dreams of traveling to outer space. So when she finds out about the talent show from NASA, then decides to assemble a team of girl scouts to defeat it. Thus lonely Christmas finds friends for life.

  • Bert
  • Bertie

Release Date: 2020-01-17
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Ruperta Foushee
20 January 2020 | 08:21

"Zero squad" — so old-fashioned film that if the project was shot in 90s, it for it would obviously create was a big Studio. This harmless, soft story about a group of outsiders who come together, form a group of the wrong characters friends, while extract the valuable lessons surrounding this a group of adults. Today, such a film can be is that the indie project, large Studio will take a naive Comedy, low budget. Mechanics, the is not changed. In this nothing particularly bad, but  the"Zero squad" is felt not even something everyday — just stale. Here not have any of the imagination, nor the courage, because of what the Squad looks like some live action cartoon: despite the strong performances of the actors, in the end, the film seems pointless.

The action takes place in Wiggly, Georgia, in 1977. In the story the young Christmas flint, who recently lost her mother and spends his nights looking for stars. When girl scout — the winners of the competition receive the opportunity to record messages for the Golden record, which will be soon sent to space, Christmas sees in this the opportunity to spiritually reconnect with mother. Girl collects a motley group, and soon father Christmas takes the lead to defeat harmful competitor.

The film fluctuates wildly between cartoons and attempts to have a look at real people with real problems. In the same stage generally stick powerful anti-religious comment. And the same time, "Zero squad" — too toothless film; from the characters here seem to have any serious difficulties. Regardless where moving the tone, the rhythm here is still limited safe, almost childlike structure about the outcast, overcoming difficulties.

What is frustrating is the unwillingness of the scenario "Zero squad" to be honest with the audience. The creators seem to not treated written characters to these people. Instead, "Zero squad" a little hypocritical trying to replicate the form of any "Little miss sunshine" to be fashionable enough for the romantics but not brave enough for the cynics. To find a middle ground in  the"Zero squad" is not was that instead of telling a good story with interesting characters, the plot of "Detachment" is drifting in the ocean of Hollywood treacle.

The best moments of "Detachment" are in the slowing down of the events: should the plot be a little more serious, so in the scenario immediately POPs up the lion's share of touching scenes. However, in General, the interaction of the children who are the center of the film, felt a little forced and almost contrived. Of course, there are emotional moments, but they never raise the final product to level, able to touch the strings of the soul: thematically, the picture is stuck on low gear, spirit retro.

5 from 10

Who is the director of the movie Troop Zero?
This tv-show was directed by Bert, Bertie.
What is the genre of Troop Zero?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Family.
Who starred in Troop Zero?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mckenna Grace, Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, Allison Janney, Charlie Shotwell.
What is Troop Zero IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Troop Zero released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2020-01-17.