Trauma Center

Battered unidentified frightened woman is alone at night in a hospital trauma center insulator. She's wounded and exhausted, and now she will have to find the strength to escape from the two killers who had come for an important piece of evidence pointing to their involvement in loud criminal cases. Fortunately, the veteran policeman is assigned to protect a woman.

  • Matt Eskandari

Release Date: 2019-12-06
IMDb icon 4.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $92,968
Danila Sharyl
12 January 2020 | 01:43

I like Bruce Willis. Of course, I never talked to him to know the actor personally, but you have to be honest: Bruce withstood the test of time. Take "Night in siege". Let's be objective: "Night" — bad movie, but Bruce Willis here is also bad. However, instead of strengthening this train wreck, Bruce just its slowed down. Short, unattractive film is strikingly similar to  die hard "on minimum salary", although the concept of action in the limited space here is not enough: it is just a Thriller category, made "on the knee".

Arriving in Puerto Rico to start a new life after the death of his mother, the woman Madison scrapes ends, watching a little sister and hates the environment. Once Madison witnesses a murder and even gets shot in the leg. Badass Weeks is doing her thing and trying to protect Madison from two very difficult personalities, who are sent in to the hospital to finish the job.

Instead of having to build the action in dull cold city, "a Night in siege" confuses the audience and selects the site of action of Puerto Rico to hit bright and tropical backgrounds. Production, the however, it does not overplayed; rather, it is simply the pursuit of tax incentives for filmmakers. The place of action, and also the choice of characters is not very well yourself. The same Madison came out easy and unpleasant special, and her sister catches asthma attacks every time it is required by the plot.

When the criminal element "Nights in siege" comes into the game (just at a time when Madison gets shot in the leg), it starts so it is a shameless mess. What tried to create the authors, leads to thought about scripts are die hard, especially in moments when Madison is vulnerable, looking for a safe place, struggling with fear a bleeding wound in the leg. With best Director scenario "Night in siege" could to develop this potential, but alas, everything here is so uninspired and unorganized that I want to stop viewing after each new scene, in which the actors are on the verge of a coma.

"Night in siege" lasts only 87 minutes, but they feel eternity. The narrative is not very elegant with the start he cannot break the bottom one story behind the other. Here so many questions and so few answers. Main issue is the presence of Bruce, our, Willis — the elderly actor is so impersonal and tired, which seemed to him to the mind hovers somewhere on the outskirts of the Universe. Must have been thinking of other projects: same bad quality, but at least pay more.

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Bevvy Urquhart
29 December 2019 | 07:07

Difficult to call of course shown in the movie "the siege". Here with Steven Seagal really was a "Siege" (first of a warship, and then train). In case same Willis was the siege of the building "Nakatomi" in the first "die hard", and what was demonstrated in this picture — so sophomoric.

As befitting films category "B" in this is the place to be extremely weak plot, impressive for its naivete and even stupidity. An important witness of the perfect murder is forced to flee to the from the two killers, and this time the witness is trying to protect the brave COP (Bruce Willis), whose partner was killed recently. Here in General and everything you need to know about about than the movie.

When viewing most of all delivers what what stupid Creator made those of the killers confronted with serious problems in the first place associated with their own idiocy. And it comes through in all actions and decisions taken, starting with the moment they stupidly stand in place shoot the witness, instead of to try to catch up, and then lamented that they can trace the pool... WHAT?! But if got into head — over you would not found? It also have one shot the moment I thought nothing about? Then why bother to shoot out of shafts, which are easy to light? The peak of idiocy, I can read the time from lost material evidence, which is to lose — we had to try!

Most of the movie, the viewer is destined to contemplate in the shot of the two hitmen perelachaise in the gym do not seem to pay attention to his mental development — in another way they are the behavior is not to explain, especially in scenes when you can easily outwit their prey. Instead, there is some clowning, with constantly puzzled-frightened face of Texas Battle, who played one of the villains.

Claims to the story can be presented not only part of a couple of bitches, and basically the whole film. According to the General plans of the hospital where developments — the institution is quite large, and means located in a large enough city that means that the influx of patients there is provided on a regular basis. And that means in the hospital definitely should be doctors on duty. However it finds out — the surgeon no, he went to the night, and then someone will have to spend the night with a bullet in the leg! What? What?! But if the surgeon was vacation — shot the lady would have had three weeks to live with a foreign body in the foot???

Basically things are moving as times the hospital, however the Director does not takes full advantage of the fact that in the hold building is really possible to make a real hunt on the victim. The paucity of imagination in the end results in around the corridors and the inability of two healthy (and in terms of size, and in terms of the state) men found on an empty floor of one wounded witness.

Bruce Willis is given a secondary role, however this does not saves the once in-demand actor from depression his folly character, which will writer destined to be Netocracy nut to crack when they have finished to save the people, but for doing this is reluctant to clearly enthusiasm.

The film left a negative impression. Weak directing, weak game cast, poorly written script. In the environment of second-rate movies he can find your place, but as a good example of a decent Thriller with elements of detective — it's not exactly like "Night in siege".

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Pleasant viewing.

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Barbe Pavior
28 December 2019 | 04:15

Screen legend Bruce Willis plays Lieutenant Uaxa, desperate COP, decides to solve the murder of his partner and the informant. By fate, he has joined forces with the witness of Madison, wounded in a firefight. According to as the murderer's penetrate after Maddie in an abandoned floor of the hospital and trying to cover up the crime, confirmed the worst fears of Weikza: two man in really are corrupt agents.

A simple plot develops too calm and measured, without any frills. Not I saw in "Night at siege" a certain spice, which would be allocated by this film among other "streaming" drum thrillers.

Acting that also not helped. With mind a good plot with bad cops, a murdered informant and personal drama of the two sisters could ask a good intrigue story. However, a rough unemotional game of most of the actors from the move fails the whole idea. Many of them are just trying to dissuade his speech without a single emotion on the face: whether it is the two thugs COP-bad COP on the warehouse or in the toilet, or Bruce Willis from his partner on the Park. Apparently realizing this, the Director deliberately submits the person of Lieutenant Waxa closeup — more off and prolonged monologues with the participation of Willis — trying to leave the speaker the hero of the frame. This thing is to pay attention, however, dotoshlivo spectators who came to "Nights in siege" in mostly because of the involvement of Bruce Willis may seem ridiculous. After all, movies like this usually are trying to exploit a known face.

Police Lieutenant — are you serious? Too too small for age roles die hard. By the way, read the annotation to the movie, necessarily comes to comparison with this film the benefit of myself plot asks for a comparison (if the hospital ran itself Bruce Willis). And, if desired, can be obtained quite something similar, the more so when you consider that, despite the frankly a failure to "Hard" series of films, in them no-no appear quite decent — like "death", "Glass" or"Orphan Brooklyn". Yeah and B. Willis these movies have always been his. The extra looked a hint of the personal drama of Lieutenant Steve Waksa — rather a mandatory attribute of the genre, and another attempt to reconcile with John McClane of"die hard". Remember him the disorder with wife. Here on accidentally thrown phrase it is not matter.

One of the few who somehow tried to give everything in this movie, was Australian actress Nicky Whelan in the role of Madison Taylor. In its the way you believe, the constant bickering with her younger sister sympathize. Story with asthma in this plan could be a good idea from the creators, forcing the viewer even more to worry about one of characters. It is a pity that it paid not so much plot time. Despite that the poster mainly represented Bruce Willis and it is expected the main character strips — exactly Whelan — the real star of the film, which in essence, will have to lead the whole plot. Nikki's pretty good at playing the role of Madison, depicts a frightened and helpless woman, although in a number of ways and comes completely illogical. All the actress proves that it has all of the ability to guide action and to pull the story.

For the visual plot is extremely not enough music. On soundtrack the film is clearly stingy. Cinematography techniques are also not was distinguished by its diversity. Permanent of the same type footage of San Juan, height though impressive, but quickly become boring, and I wanted something new.

Personally, I seem illogical and a few plot turns. Why, for example, bad cops chasing the hospital in shot them girl, fearing that on stuck in her pool they can calculate? Although in the beginning of the movie of this gun shot partner of Willis? The logic, they had to look and in the morgue, but not even think. And why the cops don't compute found the shell casings? This the bullet didn't think to extract from the victim, because the hospital did not will surgeon — within a few days! Why then do we need a Department of surgery. But the time from the bandits will abound. The latest doctor the course says about the location of the victim, not even after checking who they (and in fact the police murders is engaged), at this definitely adds — there, the girl kept in complete secrecy. So no it is not found. And close film — do not count. Such illogical blunders in favor of the exigencies of the plot — the scourge of low-budget films, which is easily corrected thoughtful and high-quality script, but he always becomes a hostage of entertainment. By the way, how you murder with imitation of a knife, although the frame is clearly seen that the actor — just clamped a fist?

Still, there are a few amusing moments in the film that significantly diluted the impression of viewing. Like the flickering frames or funny dancing hospital worker with a cart in the middle of the plot. Have the creators sense of humor. Remember the fun a black limo driver of the first part of "die hard" or donut patrol? And again the analogy. Of this could get a great speed and is a clear highlight, if the creators have continued on. But, no. Not entirely clear why it was necessary to introduce a huge number of characters and extras "one sentence", like a traffic warden nurses, several guards, lookout, Laundry worker... When you could merge in a few more colorful and important characters, more memorable and celebrating spectators. Let them and will suffer the fate that awaits the scenario, but it would more experience of the viewer, and added drama-a raisin picture.

Some interesting points that have been gleaned from English and Hispanic sources:

- In as Department of the hospital for the filming of the movie used one of hotels worldwide is an American multinational hotel company Hyatt Hotels in San Juan (Hyatt Hotels Sun Juan).

- The film was launched in March 2019 in the capital of the island of Puerto Rico — San Juan it took only 12 days.

- The original Director of the film in February 2019 was stated Brian Miller, however from-for employment on parallel operation "10 minutes later" (with the participation of the same Bruce Willis) a film handed to less experienced Matt Eskandari.

- According to the submitted to the movie official explanations are described in the events, characters and the plot is based on real events. In same time, the makers changed the names of a number of characters (living and dead), and the development of certain storylines. As said one of an exclusive interview with the creators — in the plot is the story of a former paramedic who witnessed the shooting with involvement of two corrupt police officers and was wounded.

Texas battle have played pair with Bruce Willis in the film "Raiders" (2016) and the "10 minutes later" (2019).

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How much has Trauma Center made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $92,968.
Who is the director of the movie Trauma Center?
This tv-show was directed by Matt Eskandari.
What is the genre of Trauma Center?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Thriller.
Who starred in Trauma Center?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bruce Willis, Nicky Whelan, Steve Guttenberg, Lala Kent, Lynn Gilmartin.
What is Trauma Center IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.5.
When was Trauma Center released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-06.