Trancers II

6 years have passed since Jack's Death — a police officer from the future and the professional hunter trancerone finished with the last zombie-killer. He lives quietly at a friend's Hap Ashby with his new wife Lena. Suddenly he gets a special feeling of presence close to transerv. How to destroy transerv and survive with three charming women, two of whom are your wives?

  • Charles Band

Release Date: 1991-08-22
IMDb icon 5.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Davita Whit
04 December 2013 | 08:43

If I was a Sultan, I would have three wives, and triple beauty was would be surrounded. But if I was the protagonist of this film on behalf of Jack Children, I was just two, and didn't double beauty, and dangerous transera. All the matter in the plot, which becomes indicative of success for any sequel, especially for paintings low budget, where should cling to the story itself, rather than the incarnation, reserved in visual tricks.

Former Director Charles Band (Charles Band) deftly continued the original, making it much more interesting, because if there what is happening is based on straight-line basis with the adventures of the police of the future in the past (or rather present at the time of the film), it now we have the opportunity to delve into his fate, the tracking complexity of a double life between centuries. In addition to the similar construction of the new villain, introducing people to the TRANS, subordinating them will, paying to zombified creatures, and the presence of well-known key positive characters in the number of new jokes with the movement of the annoying head again in the body of the other sex, Jack Children meets my late wife of the future, being married to the new beloved! This finding becomes an impetus not only couple other funny scenes with an unwitting bigamist or romantic lines, and displays a stretched affair until the final. The viewer (if he loved the first part with its actors or the whole franchise is perceived by the piece of children) with great attention has been following the development of family relationships, certainly not knowing who will be the choice, simultaneously watching goes mandatory action centering a line with the confrontation with evil plan for world enslavement.

As the second series in the franchise, the episode turned out to be a little richer by action, which is an integral part of the sci-Fi Thriller at the shootings, fights and chases with trancerone. Of course, on the level of b-movie he has not walked, but genre rhythm accurately verified, somewhere giving a break to dialogue and the search for answers, and somewhere entertaining catch-up and the popping of pistols. And once there is a "scary" piece, the authors do not want to scare an evil institution, whose experiments on patients.

Referring to the stored characters, it is impossible to keep silent about the returned the continuation of the actors and someone a little new, complementing a pleasant backbone of recognizable actors, right of workers to Studio "Full Moon" in many of her paintings. The role of a policeman of the future takes the Tim Thomerson (Tim Thomerson), making this the familiar reliably, in the image of a tough COP with permanent cloak, he all so the same accompanies Helen hunt (Helen Hunt) until who found fame in the popular TV series and Hollywood productions. Them the enemy. brought Richard Lynch (Richard Lynch), well able to portray on the screen dozens of different negative types, the good and extraordinary appearance of this only helps. In a nervous assistants working notable horror actor — Jeffrey Combs (Jeffrey Combs) and the most attentive will notice a small episode with Barbara Crampton (Barbara Crampton) —  the"Queen of scream".

Overall, the sequel is valid in the same coordinate low-budget works produced by the Studio, whose name speaks about things for longtime viewers-collectors, and opponents b-movie. The the technical side of any measure will be very cheap, using only makeup in the demonstration of something futuristic on screen as the tools of the fighter is reduced to a minimum level. However, entertaining himself plot the development of characters are important characters, well seasoned speakers and acting without a falsehood or absurdity, which reduces what is happening in a trash circus, especially all this is commendable with given limited funds for setting.

7 of 10

Tedi Isabella
09 February 2012 | 02:02

When I sat in viewing of the sequel to "Transerv", u I had fears on account of the fact that the film will be insane fake from the Full Moon, which is known for its minimalist approach to directing. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that the "Tracery 2" is not just not lost its former charm, but even, on the contrary, surpassed, without any exaggeration, the original film. First, let's talk about their plot. The plot of the sequel is a logical continuation of the history of the first film. In the finale of the original "Transerv" the main villain before his death, declared Jack that is not afraid of death, because he has six brothers. So he opaque hinted that with transire, people, zombies, is not done. Has passed six years since then, Jack first called the Los Angeles of the twentieth century their home... now he’re going to face with his sworn enemies trancerone face to face.

The original "Transire" is striking in its deep elaboration. Of course, some things in them remained unsaid, but is not spoil the fun of view and on the contrary, was the film even more interesting. It and is the concept of the original "Transerv" it was felt the enormous potential that it was impossible physically to reveal the release of just one film. In the original "Transaero" also had an extra special love story, without where the film would have lost half of the charm, peculiar to him. There Jack, who lost his wife, which killed transera were sent in the distant past, filled with revenge and desire to deal with the villain who spawned these murderers. Resonance in the mind of a former police officer happened if a young girl Lina he, unexpectedly for himself, sincerely loved that allowed him to forget his wife's death. In the sequel, Jack and Lina appear before the audience already as husband and wife, and because suddenly obyavlyaet of the future wife of Jack, Alice, which with the help of the invention of the latest devices were able to send in the past is exactly the day before her death adds to the movie plot.

Two wives of one main character, who loves both in equal measure, as one dead wife-Martyr of the far future (for Jack — already past), and other — as the wife of the far the same the past (for Jack — now the present home), and together they bring the film is a much larger fraction of the drama, inherent in the original "Transera". Well and the jealousy between the wives, Jack full of funny moments, but once you to announce that in General, the sequel is already not so steeped in Comedy as film original: here, you can feel the sharp slope of its founders in the direction of the drama. Events in the sequel, not a joke touch for heroes sincerely worried and believe that situation where they turned out to be. The actors in the film play as a live, a sense of their experience in movie. What more important: the sequel to the interesting and spectacular moments no fell than a film-original — there is also enough quality action-Packed performances and incredible stunts.

Verdict. For film company Full Moon "Tracery 2" a very unusual picture. All actors the sequel remained on their places, the story was logically continue, the drama is almost completely captured the atmosphere of the film, here is only comedic moments diminished, but those is, fun, like before. So the continuation of the movie has been long time no takes, including themselves, Full Moon.

9.5 10

Ange Monetta
24 July 2014 | 03:50

After the event the first film is 6 years. Jack Dett, I quickly killing the leader of Transerv, now lives a quiet peaceful life, which suddenly collapses in one world — Transera again on freedom. The brother of the leader of Transerv begins to assemble a new, even more terrifying army of zombified creatures, and only Jack can stop this, though not without the help of his two wives.

The sequel to low-budget, but it still a fantastic film nothing new, but the plot lines are actually not work, but not copy the last part entirely. Despite the cons, pros movie still has.

Scene the film develops the story of the invincible hunter zombified creatures, typing in his biography again with his supposedly dead wife, who was with him in one time. It like and well, given the "charm" of the character, which let will it will make you fall in love many women, but the trouble is that half the film is dedicated to the one jealous wife quarrel with her husband, and those find out the relationship. Like and it looks comical, especially in those moments when Get attempts to explain, but hurt too tedious and uninteresting. Although that surprisingly, these moments talking about the presence drama film — one of wives detta after returning to the future is dying.

Action scenes in the film is quite upbeat, a lot of dead bodies, blood, guns and shooting etc. the Humor is also present, although everything revolves around Jack, who with the alleged seriousness of accurately shooting transerv and sarcastic answers the comments by his chief of the future (interestingly, the head appears to Jack in the 15-year-old schoolgirl who smokes cigars) with the phrase "God Damn it, McNulty!". So in the film is pleased with the appearance of Jeffrey combs, which, alas, disappointing — just a servant of the main villain, not more. That for the villain — it is small enough, but those short moments where it is presented, looks pretty evil guy without the charisma.

However, the pleasure of continue I got it. Although shares of the fantasy here is much less, replaced by action scenes, to watch a movie is still interesting. And would even more interesting, if not here the showdown hero wives.

7 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Trancers II?
This tv-show was directed by Charles Band.
What is the genre of Trancers II?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Horror.
Who starred in Trancers II?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, Megan Ward, Biff Manard, Martine Beswick.
What is Trancers II IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.4.
When was Trancers II released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1991-08-22.