I, Tonya

American figure skater Tonya Harding was not easy: first a rough childhood with the terrible mother, then a difficult adolescence, early marriage with a crook and the failure of the competition due to low judges ' assessments. And then there was a scandal during the most important competitions of the plan to intimidate the competition goes sideways Tone.

  • Craig Gillespie

Release Date: 2018-02-21
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:59m
Alina Lissi
01 June 2018 | 03:06

How much of our adult destiny depends on relations with mother! She was an affectionate or cold, praised and supported us — or scolded and forbade. Did it we understand that in this world we desired loved — or left behind a sucking emptiness and longing that the whole life we will attempt to fill with things and people...


... Who was the mother of Tony Harding, the notorious American figure skater? A tyrant that ruined his daughter's life — or the necessary fire, which steel, tempered the character of a future champion? To respond to the issue on their own we provides Director Craig Gillespie in his painting "Tonya against all".

The story of climbing the fame of a talented, but poor provincial girls in the interpretation of Gillespie reminds a parody of the tale of Cinderella. Instead of a stepmother here dark mother of Lavon with a constant cigarette in his mouth, not producing a daughter with the rink to pee, instead of the fairy godmother — sports coach, this is telling to wash blue lacquer with nail, instead of the Prince — unbalanced husband Jeff, tapping my half, but instead of a feat — attack the competitor Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya glorified on all-American —  & killed her career.

?Shooting style is unusual: the characters of the real time share on camera their memories, plus we see recording with cameras the FBI their stories about the scandal Carrigan, plus the story develops in real time. All three Parallels contradict each other, explain the motives of actions, evaluate the events "with hindsight" — and create an interesting stereo effect, when we think a scattering of facts here will be in a single puzzle. And then we learn: how involved Tonya attack the competitor, I loved her husband and what really wanted her mother. But no, the Director too much respect for the viewer to impose their views.

?The film looks on one breath, sports episodes will please fans of figure skating, beauty Margot Robbie in the role of hillbilly Tony almost causes of the protest, and humor reduces the degree of tragedy from monitor battered husband and callousness of the mother. In the end, the movie makes you think about the Foundation on which to build our life — relations with mom.

8 from 10

Dorian Friedrich
05 January 2018 | 10:56

Well, for a start, you should note the following three moment. First, the"I, Tonya" — is a great film, which is not sorry for any seconds of wasted time. Secondly, it is a striking proof of the fact that have Margot Robbie there is great acting talent, if you doubt it. Thirdly, thanks to Martin Scorsese for that is narcomensaje DiCaprio in a couple he decided to take it the Australian, opening it to the world. Maestro as always Maestro.

Tonya Harding — not just a skater with an interesting fate, now she — this is the true benefit Margot Robbie where in the biographical tape on a Tone mark it I want first of all to light. Robbie — the actress who is able to demonstrate his acting potential with all sides. And if you think in addition to beauty and sexuality, which Margo skillfully uses that the "the Wolf wall Street" that the "suicide Squad" in it's nothing, it now the beautiful lady proves what and drama is much more difficult it's doing great. Wonderful Robbie so I sincerely get used to the way Harding revealing it at the beginning of the smallest details, like the embarrassment of brackets with nice guy, continuing internal turmoil that lies behind this is important for the audience of her performances smile, and ending with pride in the past achievements with a disappointment awareness of all errors. And all the way figure skater Margo is like itself is not forget to the most important minutes to look directly in the audience. Oh, more of her such roles of the Lord Directors. However, sin will mark only the Australian. Almost every scene here steals swearing in a second Allison Janney in the role of the mother Harding, where a minimum of emotion and a huge proportion of profanity make her character one of the most memorable in the ribbon. Plus there is worth Sebastian Stan with the mustache, which they are no worse than barbs in old age.

In General, Gillespie correctly decided to approach the existing it material. No, not only picking the perfect actors for the lead roles, but and turning this quite ugly and sad story sparkling black Comedy with a touch of drama, which is not will make the viewer bored. Great humor abound here, and the dynamics of the tape built on a series of interviews of the characters in this show events narrated, not give to myself for a second, Recalling "Game on downgrade" where the explanations helped there is not to get lost, and then they are very ably supported by the audience's attention to what is happening on the screen. The story itself is bursting with liveliness and energy, quickly moving forward and not forgetting to stop to take a deep breath the most Tone and the spectators in the most important moments. Triple Axel fascinates even those who are not a fan of figure skating, well, who could think? And step step, starting with childhood Tony, we move with it to the incident that ruined her career. Talented girl, wanted to ride, but which has always been an exemplary community of athletes on the way. Here you ride the best, but you that most of families of some redneck, can be the symbol of figure skating of America? And is the champion representing the country at the Olympics? How so? And Tonya of the times was in spite of this, though, and has received bad reviews from the judges, but when this has set new challenges for yourself. Most importantly — is a dream, a dream to be the best was the most important for Tony. And she achieved it. Only here the problem was otherwise. When everything is fine, the main thing is not reached to lower the bar, and hold it. Yes sometimes about the responsibility be forgotten, and the people around can not contribute to your development. To the Harding and went out such a thing. Hubby, from which Tonya did not could go on love or the nonsense, strict mother, which seems to be not love even, and you want to hear the coveted "I'm proud", but you here, too, is not an ideal of conduct, and often their mistakes to see not want, and everyone in itself for himself and to trust someone is becoming increasingly difficult. Incredibly talented skater with a complex fate, which once and again, proved to myself that it can much more than all about it think. Yes fate always supportive. Especially when there's a secret(not) agent of intelligence a couple of idiots(i), which can spoil a lot.

"Tonya vs all" in the first is a black Comedy where the viewer will laugh at the for all of two hours, but Gillespie adds this strong domestic drama of the heroine, smoothly flowing from this Comedy and drama personal in the real drama of sports, motivating and encouraging. And don't worry, even if you not like figure skating, you love "Tonya vs all". And just stay with a smile on her face. And whatever the story is not was sad at the end, that there was not really, though have every its important not to despair. Even if the pet of the whole world suddenly become the object of hatred. But that is a wonderful thing, if you have someone to love, you obviously want someone who will hate. Glory to she's such a strange and unfathomable. And life leading to it, even more strange thing which may in any moment change as much as all three a half turns, and to land as should not will be released. But what really she had to take.

Ursa Manwell
24 January 2018 | 04:25

I remember very well the winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. I was 13 years and all related to sports (especially this level) is very interested in me. I highly the year rooting for our Ukrainian skater Oksana Baiul. The girl was only 16 years, but she ice to create incredible things. It brought the first Olympic gold medal, then still a young state, as the Ukraine. Pride filled me. And it beat the finale of the long-suffering Nancy Kerrigan, who recovered fully after trauma, which were widely covered by all media. the America of that time. But we, the inhabitants of the CIS, not was very aware of this incident, so that the history of confrontation between Kerrigan and Harding I learned to Wikipedia, when I saw what is going to play Margo Roby. Looking ahead to say that for me this film was on the second place in the best in this year, after "mom!". And I hope Margo earned as a minimum of a nomination for the Oscar.

A bit of history. Tonya Harding entered the history (unfortunately) is not as the world woman, which in the short program, executed a difficult triple Axel, and like a figure skater who decided to eliminate his rival-fashioned method — last broken legs. Chet Kyi plan, nothing to say. Ex-husband Tony, together with her bodyguard told one punk to break Nancy Kerrigan's leg, straight nakanune of the U.S. for skating. What happened — we will see in the film. Guys — this awesome movie!

First, the narrative style is very similar to "the Wolf with wall Street". And I very soul. The story, illustrated with Tony's childhood, interspersed with inserts an interview and a review of aged heroes that incident.

Secondly, the actors. To this film I was cool enough to Margot Robie. Her role in  the"Wolf" overshadowed by the great Leo, and "suicide Squad" I do not swayed neither per gram. But after Tony, Margot for me turned into a new star of Hollywood. Great range of emotions, full contact image — all Robie is on screen incredible professionalism and by the end of the movie you just believe her that her character was like that. So the secondary role of encouraging their depth and influence the main character. That only is the game Allison Janney in the role of mother Tony. This Viper want to strangle have to 9 minutes of the film. And husband Tony, played by Sebastian Stan (the Winter soldier of the "Captain America"), he just the devil.

Clear disclosure of the characters the Director gives us the opportunity to see how these two impact on the psychological state Tony before incident. We are continuously fed to what to decide — blame Tonya or not? Why this happened? How could a man, who in addition to skating on skates nothing was able, to risk it all and go for this madness? And thirdly, the story itself is just interesting. Despite that this is a purely American event, it is still catchy. Here is much more interesting than, say, the way of life of O. J. Simpson. Tonya Harding I want and wish to experience it, and hate to scold, and love again. The girl, raised by a tyrant mother, beaten by a sadistic husband, deserves simple human sympathy.

That's exactly the kind of cinema I always waiting. Such films give me the positive charge on a year and allow you to remain calm while watching crappy movies.

Suggest to all those who loves Margo, loves biographical tape and just loves a good, quality, serious movie.

Of 9 10

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2h 39m
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This tv-show was directed by Craig Gillespie.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Sport, Best movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best Sport Movies 2018.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney, Bobby Cannavale, Bojana Novakovic.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-02-21.