Dog in 1925, helped prevent a diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska. In harness with other huskies, despite terrible weather conditions, was able to deliver to the city a shipment of antitoxin to stop the spread of the disease.

  • Ericson Core

Release Date: 2019-12-20
IMDb icon 8.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Dannye Salema
23 December 2019 | 06:07

"The fact" — adventure drama from Disney will fans of exciting stories with animals. The plot is based on real events and is dedicated to the heroic deed of the brave dog at the nickname and his master Leonardo Supply that in 1925. the great race of mercy in the period of the raging of diphtheria were able to deliver in isolated the outside world, the city of Nome necessary medications for affected children. But it is worth noting that by coincidence, all of glory finally got to the other members so called relay, and it is Gunnar Casino and dog named Balto, which even received a monument in Central Park in new York. And in 1995, filmed a full-length animated film, where it was Balto responsible for a heroic act. But why on earth are the real heroes were alone and all the glory went to others? On these other issues will be able to meet the filmmakers of "the man" decided to finally tell the true story of those of events.

The plot is divided into two parts, one of which is devoted to the main events, and the other talks about the first meeting of the main characters, they are a difficult friendship, everyday life and participation in world on the sleigh. Of course, the transition to the flashbacks don't always look smooth, but in General not quibble too much you want, because the story itself is very interesting. Particularly well the authors showed inseparable on the spiritual level the connection of the main characters. Thanks to this audience empathy with the finale reaches a maximum result. Most of the film — this action adventure with a small comic inserts from the flashback, because in a child was very naughty puppy, forcing his master to periodically nervous. But all the final story is completely immersed in the melodramatic genre with all the consequences, so you should be prepared for strong emotions, including tears.

As for the visual features, the formulation does not disappoint. The picture is nice, acting is good, the music is wonderful, but best of all, of course, had dogs. Very happy that the creators, showing animals, not have to resort to computer graphics, although those things are commonly seen in world cinema. Therefore, in the scenes are real dogs that causes the audience real emotions and the true pleasure.

On the one hand this simple is a straight story without any complications, but if you begin to immerse yourself in the depth of all that is happening, then begin to understand that through these paintings reveals all the essence of a true relationship between man and dog. After the film, it becomes clear why the dog — this is a man's best friend. In General, the movie definitely recommended for rendered as adults and the kids, but not very young and impressionable, because some of the scenes are quite dramatic, and strong emotionally. Pleasant viewing.

Charmian Aymer
02 January 2020 | 07:33

To this day, I thought the story told in the notorious cartoon "Balto" true, slightly embellished for the atmosphere of fairy tales and in order to make it more interesting for children to watch. I wasn't trying to delve into the story. Only after the Disney Studio began to promote in their accounts this film promotional video, I happened to see the comment about that Balto got all the glory undeserved, although he has also played a role in this story. I was wildly interested in it all I decided to see this movie.

Clearly, this tape deserves attention. Gorgeous scenery, great music, the cast and dogs, in particular our main character.

Story length is a dog's life and more. We have shown how Leonard wanted to get rid of That and his wife wanted to give a chance to the weak puppy, because heart of a fighter. As the Fact escaped of the cage, barn and other places in order to be close to Leonard (or sled). We show how the dog made the effort the last effort tried to get started before the end.

Very pleased with Julianne Nicholson, from she felt something mother, even though it was not against the child, and to the dog. She radiated comfort and peace of mind that was a perfect complement to the image of Constance.

In General, it is my first review, which is written in messy, unclear, and I decided to finish it. Thank you Disney, thank you Erickson Cor, thank you to all the film crew, thanks to the Fact.

Beilul Otti
18 January 2020 | 01:31

Looked At Togo.

The second film with a stunning William Defoe for two days. I love animals, but here is a film about me since childhood was given a very not easy. Although I think all so. Free Willy, Beethoven, Turner and Hutch, here perhaps the most vivid memories, and the most dramatic.

Palpitations, sweaty from experiences hands, all this is waiting for you while watching this magnificent story. It by the way based on real events. That created and Balto was not under the power of people. This one of the most vivid examples of helping people with side of our little brothers.

The plot constantly moves us in the action known as the name "Race of mercy", then fleshbekami returns in the early years of a puppy That. Because all of this could not happen. Two times the dog returned to his master, not matter seemingly life-changing circumstances. Some lines from the film sink in the soul a very long time. One of them "I thought he lives for sledding, but he lived for me."

Meaning to rant, I don't see. The film should take, and to see. He had passed the cinema, but we have done! One or the whole family is not important. I sure it does not leave anyone indifferent. One of the most vivid and dramatic pictures, which I saw the last year. Thank you #Disney for that kept show that the incredible story of the world.

"If you're lucky enough to become a friend for the dog, he never go. Will near you to death. Harnessed to your heart. Giving of yourself without a remainder. Always..?

Of 9 10

Who is the director of the movie Togo?
This tv-show was directed by Ericson Core.
What is the genre of Togo?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Drama, Biography.
Who starred in Togo?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Willem Dafoe, Julianne Nicholson, Christopher Heyerdahl, Richard Dormer, Adrien Dorval.
What is Togo IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.1.
When was Togo released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-20.