There Will Be Blood

Based on the novel "Oil" a classic of American literature Upton Sinclair. The action of the book takes place in the late 1920s in California and describes the rise of the oil company owned by ambitious and heartless tycoon Plainview.

  • Paul Thomas Anderson

Release Date: 2008-01-25
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | American Sign Language
  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $76,181,545
Minta Wolfe
07 July 2015 | 12:37

In the center of the plot, the greedy capitalist who is ready to devour alive any for a Deposit of black gold. This picture, I have been putting off and finally looked up. My surprise wild delight, just not to describe in words. The film shows us the most important moments of the life of Daniel. The narrative comes with migrating to a few years, and show the most important snippets of the character's life. For this time, it going through the UPS and downs of the crisis, it relations with Eli. The Director miraculously managed to capture almost all the stage, the highest level. How to me, the picture is not it seemed so long, nor once. I personally was very touched by the relationship of the father with the son, and certainly their further isolation. In General, the film can boast that it is sometimes very unexpected. We don't even can the end to realize, the whole genius of Daniel. From we and wonder, he still have managed to achieve everything that he wanted.

Still no one film, on a similar subject, I have not seen so disclosed and so well drawn characters. The image is simply excellent. In the main character, there is nothing human, he nobody trust, everybody hates not believes neither in God nor people can easily be fooled, or even kill someone for the sake of their interests, does not tolerate rivalry. And believe it only itself in their capabilities. Yes what is there to say, even if his son, he is needed only for the sake of business. Move on to the actors, in this case, we observed the benefit of one actor who just imagine literally drags the entire film. Truly, a masterpiece acting. Not even I can imagine that if the oil tycoon, would not Daniel day Lewis. It character truly alive, and truly brilliant conditions. The whole movie to watch the actor, a pleasure. Bravo! I was greatly surprised by Paul This, I saw him. the "Captives", there it was very good how it was nice to see him in "Oil", done for his role incredibly convincingly. All others like well, look good, and fit their characters.

In the film, so I was surprised to see very beautiful landscapes of America, and the choice of location. The picture looked very beautiful. The Director put everything that this movie was so profound and enlightening, and I can easily call this film a "masterpiece". Even the most seemingly normal speech, in this film, the sound loud and harsh. Definitely the best role of Daniel day-Lewis. Most of the scenes and cues very strongly sank down in soul. Especially the last scene, a surprise ending, I can not expect to see. Camerawork, on the highest level. Here and say nothing. Very much the musical accompaniment, which supported the right atmosphere. The picture is automatically added to the list of my favorite movies. It's amazing how all the end stands up for normal. All began just in the end all mixed feet on the head. The picture will recommend that anyone and everyone, certainly, many people she will have a good choice. But such great movies, come out very very rare. Therefore, it is not skip past this masterpiece! Have me.

10 of 10

Nikoletta Wenda
04 February 2009 | 03:53

Oil. Black gold. The most demanded resource in the modern world. The main product on the export of a number of countries. A constant source of problems, the cause of instability, crises. For oil spilled blood more than all jewelry together. She ignite the war, it innocent people are sent to the light, happily thinking that give their lives in the name of prosperity of well-known political regime. Nor for who not secret that people is the shovel for pocketing the damn oil in the hands of the state, which is afraid to get their hands dirty putting on the gloves from firms "Democracy needy" and"Voluntary-compulsory deprivation of weapons of mass destruction".

But, over time, even the nice, polished, strong shovel is not only becomes black from the smooth operation, but and begins to crumble from the inside, comes in disrepair. And the hands of the state all the same protect the great gift that it does not intend to remove until will take all the black gold up to the last barrel. The worst thing is that if your defense it will finally be removed, then underneath will be strong, calloused, dirty from blood fists, the hands of the tyrannical dictator, as not pitying anyone for their own benefit. The hands of Daniel Plainview, the hero of Paul Thomas Anderson's "Oil".

In the center of the story is not just a greedy capitalist, ready to devour anyone who will dare stand in his way, who would it nor was it image, sformirovavsheisya on during the twentieth century and which reached its apogee in the zero of the new Millennium. The image of man, which life is only money, it only care about their own welfare, it is nobody enjoys. Competitors, Yes, and of all people just hates anyone not trust not at all regrets it. Have no such person of the soul, it has been forced out of the body of oil vapors. A terrible man, all criticize him relevant to life, money, family, themselves, the end. But it is impossible not to admire, devouring, frame by frame, watch its emergence as a oilman millionaire. And we want to be on his place, because realise that we do not grabs the courage, determination and in this cruel dark world to rise above the rest of you need to be like Daniel Plainview: do not trust for your actions reply head, to lie, to take revenge and not to forgive lies. Anyone. Now these people are a symbol of the present age: old ideals and values irrevocably leave in the past, feelings give way to greed, the family moved to and people care more about a career, not knowing that total immersion in the work smacks of not only the destruction of his own family, but and become a heartless beast who does not can stop, while not work twisted gut on the basis of overeating or until realizes to eat already nobody. With every dollar earned, purchased acre of land, a man trying to at least approach that we call simple word "happiness."

So now imagine what a task was before the starring Daniel Dey-Lewis. To play this clot of bile and hatred to others under force to each actor. It would seem that once bydloobraznoe villain with straight thinking and narrow-minded views on the world around us. Hundreds of actors across us on the eyes, but same Day-Lewis played a couple, but his character living on the edge between traditional and industrial eras, perpendicular differs from all seen incarnations of evil on the silver screen. It is not cute lady man with a terrorist manners, not painted under the tinsel the clown, not a charismatic macho, not a pretentious gangster, not a traitor, and not even Jack Nicholson and a desperate businessman, set himself in life only one goal: to crush all and thus, to rise above all. And not for him a better excuse than Stalin's favorite statement: the end justifies the means. This image is impossible to forget. Such a person is impossible not to respect. Pay tribute to Day-Lewis, he played his namesake with committed so frightening dip in what the imagination draws a picture, in which the last winner of the Academy personally creeps in black oily liquid, buries colleagues and considers its dirty, hard hands revenue for sale fucking barrels of oil.

In the film Paul Thomas Anderson's there a clear structure of the narrative, we show excerpts of the life with Plainview break into several years, is the most important stages of its career, the UPS and downs, "dynastic crisis" it company, it attitude Church of the person of the priest Eli, played The Floor. The Director needed to show how people like the main character, behaving with the ones we believe most people, with those who need to trust and to share their feelings and thoughts. But because Daniel capitalist to the bone, then it is associated even with the son of the only commodity-money relations, what could be talking about God.

"Oil" — crazy beautiful picture. American spaces, not ruined more factories, oil rigs, and the huge metropolis delight, even dry prairies and small no notable rivers dazzle with their flashy. Dominated by dry monochrome colors over the colorful riot of idiocy, which is filled with the most coming in recent movies. Sometimes it seems that around Plainview have some grey aura similar to the aura of the Holy. But not lit the warm color of the sun, unusaual trust and hope and grey dim glow from which just throws in a shiver. All this nonsense just written for praise of the artist-producer. Well and the camera work out competition. Robert Elswit constantly alternates between large landscapes with small productions, focuses on the small details of behavior of the Plainview. Seen such a drastic change of situations and jump from large backlot to close-UPS of hands or persons the main characters was the main reason, for which the Oscar was given to this film.

Like and all wanted written, but now I realize that made too few arguments in favor of Anderson and his latest work, described in this film won me a well-deserved ten points, why I anoint his powerful word "masterpiece"... I almost no what not have written...

Still, dozens can be put only for the Central image of the painting, beyond that Paul Thomas Anderson is not afraid to give a picture in the hands of Daniel day-Lewis for how God damn Daniel played his best and role because Daniel Plainview — monster, which I respect with all my heart. Know that not money — no! But after watching the have begin doubt it.

Whether you at least a million friends and fans, but you are worthy of respect, if for life is not has made at least one of the enemy Eugene Severin

out of 10 10

Jerrylee Wack
08 January 2013 | 03:42

Goal. Stubbornness. Loneliness. It is that surrounds Daniel Plainview in his life. He alone alone oil and millions: millions of acres, millions of dollars, millions of souls.

He masterfully leads people to believe. As in the sect, as in parallel believed people in Eli — the priest of the Church of the third revelation. For such beliefs Plainview used gift of the desert — nice boy, intelligent, fast grasping information.

For beliefs gain Eli used faith, from where he easily retracts for the money, though, in fact, denied with the beginning, tricking everyone and myself.

Two Parallels of the same story. Just how strange, direct Eli crosses video, a Plainview, armed with pins. He, like and promised, ate it, destroyed.

It is impossible not to marvel at the reincarnation of the hero of the day-Lewis: at first he seems the most caring in the world by the father who teaches the child in the sacrament of drilling. It looks hard man, ready for his son to buy all the earth. But once only the land with the help of oil makes a disabled child, then we think Plainview's afraid he is in despair. Ready to believe the first comer that his brother. Starting to believe somebody, but in the end, the person is not cover up a gold mask, we see one. he is. Yes, there will be blood and deserved the Oscar day-Lewis for the best actor.

Despite that the timing of the film is large enough, it doesn't let go. The story throws surprises and revelations. The atmosphere fits the spirit of the time, fits the mood. All the same, sand-like the desert, clock, which money pours sand. The music is sometimes too escalate the situation. Even more than visuals.

This film is not just describe. It difficult. It worth the time.

And the loneliness of Plainview. Yes, there will be blood.

8 from 10

How much has There Will Be Blood made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $76,181,545.
How much did it cost to make There Will Be Blood?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $25,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie There Will Be Blood?
This tv-show was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
What is the genre of There Will Be Blood?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in There Will Be Blood?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Daniel Day-Lewis, Martin Stringer, Matthew Braden Stringer, Jacob Stringer, Joseph Mussey.
What is There Will Be Blood IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was There Will Be Blood released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-01-25.