Thelma & Louise

Every morning, Louise has to go in the same fast — food restaurant- she works there as a waitress. She has a "boyfriend" — a musician who, touring on a roadside eatery, often forgets about his beloved. Energetic and cheerful in the past Thelma marrying Darryl, found that a woman's place is in the kitchen with pots, and men — in a chair in front of the TV. Of course such a life does not suit women, and one day the Cup of their patience becomes full. They decide to get away from the "nuisance" of the campus and from their hated men. Unfortunately, on the way they have to commit a number of crimes, including murder. They put out a Bolo across America, and her friends only one thing — any way to get to Mexico.

  • Ridley Scott

Release Date: 1991-05-24
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: FR, GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $16,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $45,360,915
Ailey Weisburgh
20 March 2014 | 01:52

Deathless prose to regard Ridley Scott as saying the theme of emancipation, is quite a common mistake. Replace the main characters with members of the opposite sex, at the same time, changing circumstances, and before we brought the story of escape routine trying to gain freedom in one-story America. All men — bastards? Turn all ladies — fools. And a phallic symbol in the form of a gun — once it becomes a metaphor for the key to the freedom which can open all doors (gender identity in who do you shoot, have values are not matter). Scott generally has always been tend to seek a deeper meaning in his films, it in a lyrical story about a thing thorax religious under themes to shove, it in fact his best film will bring all to think, say "All life — duel".

Everything is simple and monotonous as the desert but his eyes constantly bumps into interesting trivia thrown other travelers. If the creature, then how would femme, not been trying to exercise its independence and not to start life anew, then it will catch up any past or conditional youthful brad pitt, who instantly clean out the pockets, leaving only the crumpled sheets behind.

Written some Kelly Khuri (which after received Oscar sunk somewhere in oblivion (well, really, not take something remarkable, a bad tape with Roberts on which few people remember)) the script is the weakest point in the picture. Invented, the story is good, but the characters, despite the prescription details, after all, superficial and amenable to pulse unnaturally, as if only actions plot strings.

But first of all "Thelma and Louise" is mad internal energy, the growing anxiety, as if you he was trapped in the domestic cage. Hello feeling of freedom. That the key in one day appeared in his hands. Bye-bye bars bye routine. Healthy chaos, Yes more. Press the foot on the gas pedal and into the wild. The wind in the face. About Tom Scott and says it still likes to give the audience the feelings, the trouble of freedom. No matter what the heroine behave not always logical, and in the end rush then whether inertia, that whether principle. The adrenaline in the blood. All still inserts.

Endless moment and breakage. Why? Damn it knows they really silly. Why? Because scary. Whether that the notorious freedom? Here in question.

Jaynell Ekaterina
20 March 2019 | 09:36

We have two girls. Louise (Susan Sarandon) red-haired waitress in the diner and her friend — housewife Thelma (Geena Davis), living under the unhealthy guardianship of her violent husband. Louise smart, confident in herself and independent, Thelma well — full opposite: crazy, naive and fearful. That common these two young women? Both they are tired of a boring and monotonous life and is ready to go to meet adventure. Let them little trip — it's just a trip to two days to the mountains, though... I Think it is not really...

Plans friends change dramatically after random events with them a roadside bar. Now instead of quiet and peaceful "holiday" in solitude naturally they have to jump in his green Ford and to rush in the unknown. What is waiting for them next? Where will their this long dusty road?

This is a film about two strong women, each of which is able to take the plunge into the abyss — just go to end either not give up.

The main characters in the face of the two girls and their men (Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald brad pitt) played very natural. Despite that their characters very cinematic, all the same easy to believe that such characters exist in reality.

It was extremely interesting to watch the transformations of the heroines: it seemed that leaving behind a mile, they are spiritually improve, grow and become stronger and freer. In this is the meaning of most road movie: the road — it's a metaphor of movement on the path of life. As said the American film critic Dave Kehr: in the road movie "eternal journey is perceived as find your place in the world." In such a journey and got Thelma and Louise.

Running away from the pursuers, women are changing as external internally. Their colorful outfits give way to the dusty, monochrome, and full many suitcases the trunk of the car gradually empties — so initially unhappy girls find freedom.

Amazing how making one for one crime and they find themselves all in big trouble Thelma and Louise, losing the protection of the law, find themselves.

"Thelma and Louise" — the film is about friendship, how it is important to come to help to take risks for the sake of those who is right for you. Stand up, give the last, we drive hundreds of miles to help or at least try to save the other. This movie teaches us to be indifferent to those surrounds us.

This movie deservedly won her Oscar for scenario — the characters are well written and the story itself is thought out and dynamic. Music Hans Zimmer in the beginning at the end of the film makes it a whole like loop the narrative, creating the illusion of a return to the initial credits.

I think this movie could be called a cult. He has taken a worthy place among the other paintings by Ridley Scott and my opinion, inferior the beauty is similar to "to reach out to heaven" Ian Thomas.

Must see this picture of those who loves the road, who appreciates strong characters and does not afraid to go up to the very end. For me, "Thelma and Louise" was deservedly included in the list of your favorite movies.

8 from 10

Ceciley Rodmur
18 August 2015 | 06:07

Oscar the film received for the scenario. It is clear from about great but still... the Script is a core, which is strung the rest of the "meat" of the films. Therefore, since Oscar issued for this is important, the script this movie is the best that in it. So, the woman committed a murder, save her friend from rape. Here the authors of the film played on the emotions of the viewer, because the viewer subconsciously not want to a cute girl to commit violence, and therefore saving her from terrible trouble how would justify the apparent excess of limits of necessary defence. Emotions in such cases, displace the mind, because the rape and murder — is not equivalent crimes for a liability, and if after the rape, having survived the trauma can be long and live happily, then after killing — already does. Therefore, the main character, after committing a much worse act, was of the "good guys" go in the category of "bad", but not have occurred due to an apparent sympathy for him and the viewer, because they are the same — weak defenseless creatures, and even very good, that could stand for yourself! And rapist — share!.. In such moments, the mind is not configured to weigh the penalties for deed by both parties, and heroine, who are still "good", already be out of the law, but I continue to sympathize. The main thing here that they sympathized with the authors of the film and forced to do the same viewers. The great art of cinema, alas!

Here also, be sure to clarify that the fact of rape was not thwarted due to the murder, and due to the threat of murder, and two big difference. In reality, the murder was committed for.. . an insult to the word! After realizing this nuance all doubt in favor of the "scared of girls" would have to dissipate, but as I have said above, it was not included in the plan. And on — more worse.

It is also necessary to mention the about the victim, provocative victim's behavior. It is a crucial factor in mitigating circumstances for the rapist. Act a fool modest, things would have been otherwise. But then was not poor, misunderstood victims, "forced" to go to the most desperate — and such an enchanting — step!..

Next ladies all "blown away", which, however, is also justified by the special circumstances of their difficulties. On multiple crimes, the viewer subconsciously closed his eyes, and criminals up to the very end continued to be pretty, cause compassion hostages of circumstances. Like, well, you see in actual fact they are good, just for them being chased by the police, so they are forced to flee, and, in addition, them there as are forced to Rob. "Forced" is the key word of the whole story, because everything that happened — supposedly ridiculous mistake, and the main character is worthy only of regret and unconditional forgiveness for all. A sad sight, considering that the murder had been premeditated, as well as all other crimes, most of which are committed with special cynicism.

But the movie — it is art, and shit it often becomes candy. Eat the viewer.

Good COP with his phrase, "stop scaring the girls" in a time when girls have done as a minimum electric chair, looked like inadequate. Humanly possible to understand him a sincere desire to help, to see the human criminal and not give it to fall deeper than he is ready. Hero Harvey Keitel is like a voice of conscience and the voice of a foolish human emotion at the same time, it as the angel of light in this whole dismal history of trying to paint in white what to paint already useless. It from the soul wanted to help, but actually help no could, although I tried... Perhaps in his face wanted to show the presence of residues of humanity in the brutal penal machine, designed to stand on guard of the law and public order. Stupid mindless machine which human life is not is in compared to the stronghold of the law.

It is believed that the film is a tribute to the ideas of feminism. Personally, I do not guess there such notes. Suddenly "seeing" Thelma consistently and gladly rushed in to embrace men and, according to the thought to change their habitual social role of women in something else. Louise also felt quite comfortable needing men's attention, agreed to a strong relationships with friend received from him a large sum of money. Girls don't showed no displeasure regarding Patriarchy as such, only good-natured Thelma whines about his marriage, but it's only a specific particular case, and any "philosophy". So that feminism then does not smell.

According to the descriptions of the movie the main character was supposed to look like this called loser, with labor and boredom pulling the strap of his hopeless life, which is no good. But for the matter was not so is quite charismatic, confident in himself and loving life women who are employed, have a roof over head and other pleasures of life in  the"free" America. They do not cause sympathy, their life — not the limit after which is one — to indulge in all serious. But they did set off, assholes...

Despite all of the cons in the film, great music and the picture, the actors are wonderful, interesting to watch and the story is still addictive, so K. want to know what was it all to end, — might have something good?..

Conclusion. An old movie, but spectacular emotional. Although meaningless in fact. It is a farce, not a drama.

How much has Thelma & Louise made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $45,360,915.
How much did it cost to make Thelma & Louise?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $16,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Thelma & Louise?
This tv-show was directed by Ridley Scott.
What is the genre of Thelma & Louise?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in Thelma & Louise?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald.
What is Thelma & Louise IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Thelma & Louise released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1991-05-24.