The Whistleblower

Catherine — a brave COP from Nebraska who gets a job to go to Bosnia in order to find out the causes of sex trafficking slaves in the country. At this time, in this state of chaos after the military action. The investigation leads the main character into the heart of the clandestine slave trade, which tied up not only the power structures of Bosnia, but also to members of the United Nations. In an attempt to find the truth, Catherine finds a woman who managed to avoid the fate of sex slaves. Now only they can shed the truth on the structure of the UN and the atrocities perpetrated in Bosnia.

  • Larysa Kondracki

Release Date: 2011-10-27
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: CA, DE
  • Language: English | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Ukrainian
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,870,392
Wilow Latia
07 May 2012 | 08:05

Why I decided to watch this movie? Because drew was an interesting description and all in fact. Sorry if I? No. Does not sorry, it was an hour and a half a good movie about the reality of life.

1. The film is made good by the operator. It I noticed the eye immediately. Good shots, camera angles, nice catches of the face and not on the place. actually, it just added a feeling of fullness and don't affectedness pictures. Bosnia is shown as is — grey clouds, grey people, grey buildings in ruin a group of civilians, police and"criminals".

The first part of the film tells us about the heroine, which will have a hard way. She — mother divorced, loves his job and tries to earn a lot of money that would be closer to daughter. In fact, money and daughter — make her go to risk — to work six months in Bosnia the police, but salary will be "God everyone."

Out of the ordinary team, ordinary American sites, our heroine gets into a tough male team, of course the whole interspersed national. In addition to the distance from home, it faces a cruel injustice, a twisted evil things and guys,

2. Actors. Did very well Rachel Weisz with your character! Emotional was exactly where it was need, kept where to stay cost. Good, decent work in somehow subtle movie, but it just bows me in front of her once again. The other partner in the ribbon is also successfully integrated in the project. It was nice to hear Russian speech from Monica Bellucci to see the beauty and a brisk Redgrave. About men — the actors had a lot of the actors were very good (I note the sudden appearance in a cameo role semisotnov of Sherlock Holmes of England). Pleased rough Serbs who actually such and be — hard, cruel, brutal.

3. The film is built on a scheme: beginning Ala life story — middle Ala new place — final emotions even a slight admixture — "gesture as it is." And that's right. For tape — and had to be done. We show that the wormhole, about we know, but we just not want to see just because it is amazing, it is troubling it is all around us. People — animals and the war — animals in Cuba. The main character — simple a female officer so quickly as the viewer is faced with a terrifying picture — trafficking in persons, as a human meat, and trade of this sold in open involved here is not one, not two people — and tens, and not just local residents, but same officers and even officials at the rank of ten times higher and ordinary police officers.

What to do, how to be? How to be the common man how to act when you one in a foreign country, around the incredible tyranny and to beat the door is useless — everywhere there is a "dealer item"...

4. Conclusion. Heavy ribbon heavy in terms of emylene after viewing. The author gave us a dish, we are examined, rummaged, even inside, but it is not said the chief — his eat what to do with the remains (or remains?!)! We have shown the reality of what is right now in this moment somewhere over the mountains in the seas, but there! And you begin to rage feel you want to stand to protect you want to save these innocent souls, to take them under his wing and say: "stop, stop, we same people — all people! Stop now!", but can't... not can! You here, they ... And there that, you know, kills. After viewing the tape I have a long time to digest the information I personally, it was very hard, and especially hard to understand that there's another Paradise from Ukraine or any other country are exposed to violence, beating and humiliation just because someone took it and sold... Just like that — took sold a piece of chicken on the market tomato the tent! It hard, hard.

great movie. Thank you operator, Rachel Weisz, and life.

"This is Bosnia!", and everyone — beasts, just beasts is good, and animals — ugly...

For the severity for the finals emotions hard

8 from 10

(assessment could be below and could be more, but here is a double feeling after watching, I think it will be long to put this film that ten the eight six, then again ten...)

Leoline Kovar
27 January 2012 | 04:38

American policeman earns in Bosnia in United Nations complains their employees who sell and rape of slave girls.

The first half of the film looks hard: the action is activated, the picture is similar to a cheap show. Probably the Director wanted to achieve credibility, but shaky camera on me as not impressed. There were some interesting moments, but not anymore. The whole movie is fairly predictable, but sometimes even unintelligible. It is unclear why he was invited not young Monica Bellucci. Rachel Weisz still holds good: nice to see a beautiful Mature women police among the polls of the majority of male UN personnel.

Recently, I watched videos on online and came across how Russian boys soldiers with a shovel, score the adult quiet shepherd to death. By the way, I heard a friend of the handler that him in the service had to drown a mad dog in bag load.

What I tell you all this?

Yes, just the film tells the story that there are organizations involved in the cruel things, the organization devoid of any morals.

It's one thing to kill the creature, dangerous for others. Another thing to forcibly rape a creature, but sometimes to get even for this money.

The main problem of the film is clear: the violence of men over the weaker women.

Unfortunately, the good the end of the movie waiting is not necessary.

Sometimes a report on employees of his company, is a heroic act. Especially when it comes to the health of any not guilty people.

The film is not claim good artistic level. To the most likely is a documentary he is also very far away. Heard similar to the Russian language speech. The topic is important. But I don't quite clear who will be interested in this performance.

Ajay Hollah
25 September 2015 | 06:54

The war in Yugoslavia, the largest international conflict of the end of the last century, and this day remains a history with a lot of white spots. If you leave in the direction of the direct involvement of the US and NATO countries, it is easy to see generously laced with religious and geopolitical contradictions of the soil on the territory of today's Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, where an armed clash with the weakening of the power of the Federal centre was only a matter of time. Born and see the bombing of the Golden lilies can you wish to tell about the horrors, but hardly the casual observer will understand the true scale of the tragedy, which received a terrible sequel to the already after the air raids. On sexual slavery, which bloomed stinking color on the devastated land, to the pores are avoided to speak in the language of cinema. It and no wonder: the lack of thoughtful approach and a detailed study of all the nuances of terrible events can lead to a semi-abstract paintings, like "Born twice" Sergio Castellitto where can be difficult to distinguish the peacemakers from the Balkan fighters, not mention about a coherent interpretation of their motivation. However, the canadian stage Director Larysa Kondracki at support are really the facts sex slavery managed to take a picture in which is clearly felt stale years of bloody lawlessness and the indifference of the Balkan spirit.

The story arrived in Sarajevo for the best share and want to find yourself after unfair dismissal Katy Bolkovac — attempt to show the bottom, on which were not only deprived of shelter and means of Bosnians, but and a countless number of girls from different countries who are victims of horrible deception. Cooperating with international peacekeeping organization to the American briefly had a chance to bask in the networks misconceptions about easy money on bombs cratered the ground. Definitely a fly in a giant spider web feels Katie, when it comes to the recognition of the General conspiracy for the prosperity of human trafficking. In this network is not one spider, and the whole brood, the cocoons behind not count, even one very brave woman not able to break these shackles. Every passing day gives the American a new link in a terrible chain, but also brings it itself to the unenviable fate — collected by international forces in car is truly monstrous in its mechanisms are sufficient spokes, and the excess will be ruthlessly ripped out. None of the stick to hell of the Klondike not an interesting humane purpose Cathy. The power that turned the civilized people in the slave, too sweet to it can be discarded.

The scale of the scenes with naturalistic violence gave a comprehensive picture of the danger is constantly exposed to the captive. Larisa Kondracki, whose name linked to work on TV in the level of brutality is far from the Srdjan Spasojevic, whose "Serbian film" was released in same year, but a sense of documentary filming confidently achieved, thanks in largely facilitated by an international cast. Very sparingly the color palette plays on the feeling of General alienation, it seems, over this land the sun never shines, and the night holds in its bosom all conceivable and inconceivable maniacs, perverts, rapists and other bad people. The tail follows the decisive Katie and preparing one shocking discovery for others. Director I had too long to cast over create the appropriate atmosphere — it is formed by dark cubicles of the many bars and cafes of Sarajevo, stored in their torture chambers and ghastly pale girls who used to the constant yelling is much better than to open communication. The entire city — like hell. Dante, where even the sump for the rescued slaves is represented by a dungeon.

Total callousness, the desire to warm their hands on someone else's grief transmitted through the views of the environment Kathy Bolkovac. Demonstration time lapse passing by colleagues desperate women — absolutely each face seal undisguised malice, a cynical smirk and shades of leniency. the naive American that so not able to understand where she got. The roots of the image of the heroine Rachel Weisz stretch not only "Serpico" Sidney Lumet, but to "Veronica Guerin" Joel Schumacher. In contrast Irish journalist, Katie does not deal with the drug cartel, and with the whole international Legion to the same endowed with diplomatic immunity. However, as and the brave Veronica, she doesn't think about the consequences, because its personal life would not has taken place. Katie has to maintain an ongoing dialogue in the hope to put an end to the slave mess, but in conversations that go against it will she even harder than in dealing with prisoners. The latter-day "spiders" is not can perceive the efforts of the indefatigable women seriously, and each new stage of bullying and violence Larysa Kondracki only underlines the General depressing background. Courage, fearlessness, courage, perseverance, self-denial — it fine, but far from the miracle, without which to defeat such evil. almost impossible.

What would be a detailed nor was the study with the canadian Director, and her film is far from a painful allegory that demonstrated in Spasojevic "Serbian film". Kondracki went on his way and showed a terrible problem that is women's eyes that is especially noticeable on the number of large individuals slaves. Men "Stomacke" like nameless henchmen of Satan, or the heads of the giant Hydra, and in opposition to them lonely humanist does not rely on anyone. What to say, even if the diplomatic mission in the face of the heroine of Monica Bellucci only indifferent shrugs on the natural question, "where now go". No what a farce in this picture, but there is a searing black tunnel without light in the end. Quickly forgotten war in which was born on the Balkans of sexual bondage, but it remains only a hopeless fight for the one and only chance for salvation. The glorious traditions of the slave system have a few thousand years, but they are still relevant and in our time, at any adopted conventions, declarations and memoranda. Hardly can be considered men of substance, stored in their computers record the savage fun with cute captions. To unfortunately, it is a real element of the oppressive picture of the barbaric nature of those who were ordered to restore order to ravaged earth. Why it occurs? The reason is powered power — whom anyone, for any reason, and as much as necessary. Yet the insatiable thirst to rule and suppress the will to nourish the soul with a civilized that will be relevant topics, and put them in a dark basement not work — hell is always ready to materialize in an unexpected place, if what would be the appropriate conditions.

How much has The Whistleblower made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,870,392.
Who is the director of the movie The Whistleblower?
This tv-show was directed by Larysa Kondracki.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Biography.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci, David Strathairn, Nikolaj Lie Kaas.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-10-27.