The Wandering Earth

In the near future it becomes known that the Sun will go out soon, that will destroy the Solar system. Then mankind launches a large-scale project called "Wandering Earth", which aims — with the help of great engines around the world to move the Ground and fly off to seek new homes. After 17 years of traveling the grounders are coming to Jupiter. Gravity of the giant planet changes the trajectory of the Earth, causing global earthquakes and threatens the entire project to the survival of mankind.

  • Frant Gwo

Release Date: 2019-02-05
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: CN
  • Language: Mandarin | English | Russian | French | Japanese | Korean
  • Budget: $48,000,000
Aprilette Gilli
15 February 2019 | 03:16

"Wandering the Earth" — hitting the jackpot, Chinese fantasy blockbuster absolutely nothing is inferior to Hollywood, and in some aspects even ahead of it. The movie will satisfy all fans of space Odyssey, large-scale disasters, and adventure drama with touching up tears moments.

With a budget of 50 million dollars for few days close to around 500 million and continues to collect a decent cash. It is a truly spectacular sight on a universal scale, and what is most surprising, the Chinese are at such a low budget (by American standards) has made really cool movies for big screens. To unfortunately, renting in Russia is not planned, although this film is a must-see to our audience, though because here in the role of the second plan removed our actor Arkady Sharogradsky, who plays a Russian astronaut and, incidentally, the best friend of the protagonist.

The plot, of course, outrageous and nothing like our audience not seen. But this have all the feature of the project because it is original, bold and in visual terms looks epic. In the near future, scientists have come to the conclusion that the Sun will go out soon, and the whole solar system will be destroyed. After some deliberation, all countries unite in a single state and run a large-scale project under the name "Wandering Earth", which aims — using complex technical opportunities to move the Earth in another solar system.

The main feature of this picture that the authors focus exclusively on some people do, for example, Americans in your teacher count on to save the planet from total destruction. It is ruled by unity and a common goal, and around the same time Russia is paid not the most recent role. The movie Russian invented the spaceship, though, and built it Chinese. In among the commanders of the ship is also Russian. He makes a lot of jokes and tells stories about how in the Soviet Union, the astronauts took with them vodka, mentions in talking of Gagarin and utters a battle cry that Russian space, invincible and so on. He doesn't look a fool like it was "Armageddon" and is not a simpleton as was "Collision with a Chasm". It is a full-fledged member of the crew and respected.

In the film, a huge amount of computer special effects. At first they only create the background and for more atmosphere, but by the middle of the film become a critical element of the story. The viewer is waiting for an exciting journey in the spirit of "the day after tomorrow" according to frozen planet among the dead cities. And in the final Hellfire magma and global destruction will melt hardened hearts of any discerning viewer, because everything that happens on screen is truly amazing and pleasing to the eye.

Of course, there a family drama, and heroic acts of friends, and the tragic death of some characters. It should be noted that the final part full of touching moments, so get a little emotional and to release emotions, because it's worth it. The film definitely deserves to be seen, appreciated and recommended to others. It interesting adventure story in the fantastic framework of action, which is definitely worth the rental Desk at our country. Very sorry that any husk Hollywood fills our cinemas, and decent work in world cinema are for Board.

In General, if we discard all gravity ridicule against an incredibly fabulous story that you will receive great emotions and positive impressions. All pleasant viewing.

7 of 10

Paola Neisa
10 May 2019 | 03:53

Yes, Yes — the Chinese acquisition of Netflix is constantly trying to "open" the viewer's emotions panic attack with different areas of our consciousness.

First, we have to be impressed with a large-scale disaster, then computer graphics, teenage theft auto, another disaster, the rampant Asian action, heartwarming family-personal stories, heroic, Hollywood rescues, hysterical "pumped" and etc. and etc. In General, where into the woods who for firewood. Really tired of the wildly-wanton attack. Moreover, these are a variety of techniques in coupling — the waves surging on the viewer one after another if I can get to the emotional reaction of the spectator — despoiling it — after rolled, not leaving nothing in consciousness-the feeling of a person.

It seems to me that leaving one meaning or the message in the plot, thoroughly "pumping", Chinese filmmakers, with their cinema tools is quite capable of delivering high-quality fiction. And how not to country the socialist system and the Communist party in the head to turn away from Americanized cliches and not to film something social in SF. What we hope it is a repetition of the Western clichés just learning and it will follow a completely different fiction.

4 of 10

Valida Ute
28 July 2019 | 07:52

The idea for a daring film, this attracts potential viewers and fans of science fiction. The sun, the end, it will destroy all around the people decide: a let's join the ground cool engines and will go to another star. But on the way there Jupiter...

Frankly, I hope humanity will be extinct by how learn to fly screen. And the God you're mine, no one planet in the universe never feel security.

I don't I will talk about the scientific side of the film, according to me as much genre fiction allows. You never know what people learn in the future. Of course, closer to the end of all logic is lost, or rather sad sort of whining in the corner. But I have got used to it. Now 90 percent of the movies logic friends of the word "really".

The picture appears bright, ambitious and spectacular. Action for the coming wave of wave, here is only, it often happens, for him no lies fullness. No content, no emotional.

What's on my opinion ruined the whole movie? Acting below the plinth, it is not play at all, but some cheap clowning. Antics, overacting and flat jokes — from all the end of the movie I have nauseated. On is not work no. once, designed to provoke empathy, to make the viewer feel the stories of the characters.

Frankly, I would movie not inspected, but left him to play on the background, buried in the ribbon instagram and one eye watching the action. That someone died? And, well, okay, there he and the road. Not dead? Even sorry.

It's hard for me to rate this movie. Would serious acting — the score increased in times. And so a stretch:

6 from 10

How much did it cost to make The Wandering Earth?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $48,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Wandering Earth?
This tv-show was directed by Frant Gwo.
What is the genre of The Wandering Earth?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Best Sci-Fi Movies 2019.
Who starred in The Wandering Earth?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Guangjie Li, Chuxiao Qu, Man-Tat Ng, Jin Mai Jaho, Jing Wu.
What is The Wandering Earth IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was The Wandering Earth released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-02-05.