The Veil

After twenty-five years after members of a religious cult committed mass suicide, the lone survivor of a them returns to the scene of the tragedy, taking with him a group of documentary filmmakers.

  • Phil Joanou

Release Date: 2016-01-19
IMDb icon 4.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $4,000,000
Laetitia Ladew
24 January 2016 | 08:06

The genre of horror "found film" (found footage) consistently gives rise to the year a few dozen films of varying degrees of lousy. 2016 has just begun, and already we can say that "Veil" will be one of the best. And not because it Shine is incredibly authentic and distinctive Lily RAB ("American horror story"). All the main actors involved in the film showed an extra class that it is not surprising, given their names in the past. But for a horror film this level of acting is amazing and want a standing ovation to every performer.

Thirty years ago four dozen members of the sect of the Celestial veil has committed collective suicide, to survive a little five year old girl Sarah. Together with a team of documentary have grown-up former Jesus freak returns to a terrible place to reveal all the truth behind the catastrophe that took place. Not only the young Sarah lost hope in the day my family — who led the investigation, an FBI agent, watching the horrors on the farm of sectarians, after a small time hanged himself in his garage, leaving orphaned their children. And it is a son and daughter-armed with cameras, organized friends and — most importantly — have obtained the consent of the sole survivor to return to the mass suicide. In General, bitter memories and childhood nightmares will be in abundance.

The actors are fine, but myself directed by Phil Joanna worked on glory. It is a big plus and the screenwriter Robert Guarantor for no cheap "Boo"moments: the plot develops rather for the detective scheme — we are gradually moving to the unraveling of the events of 25 years ago, viewing video recording, banishing the creeping terror wondering what same for the beast in front of us — "house with ghosts", "the gospel of Jim", "slasher" or some new "maniac horror".

About Lily Reyb we said, Jessica Alba to present, I think not need, as the leader of the sect starred the charismatic Thomas Jane, long time since clearly not shines in great movie. It, engine the whole story, it is no coincidence that in the movie is named Jim — their appearance and all the way he is reminiscent of a rock idol standing in front of a crowd of loyal fans, who for the sake of their idol is ready for all even death. She, bony, not bound to be for all random (not random?) visitors.

A chic twist and a bold exclamation mark at the end will provide the maximum enjoyment from viewing.

Jorrie Carmine
31 January 2016 | 02:36

The film "Veil", to unfortunately, turned out to be a disappointment.

The creators of the tape in a single "test tube" gathered a great many different topics. Here and the story of mass suicide of a totalitarian sect, and the resurrection of the dead view found documentary films, and detective investigative journalism, and youth "damned old house", and even the theme of evil world domination is. In short, all piled in a heap. Gathering a lot of the story and the semantic strings in a tangle, the authors were not it to disentangle.

Once in one, not very well written scenario, all these stories have generated a lot of logical and semantic contradictions. The latter, unfortunately, poorly fit into the high-quality format of mysticism. Occurred in the result of vulgar eclecticism spoils the impression. Solid stylistic core of picture no.

Of course, the film is positioned as the horrors, and not as a mystical drama, or a mysterious intellectual Thriller. But is not means the script must be filled with obvious awkwardness.

Visual aesthetics are not very I came to taste. Yes, of course, to measure gamma discolored with a greenish color correction a La-"LOMO" — a sign of reverence in the direction of fashion trends. The however, when the whole movie turns into a filter "Instagram", though, and carefully handled, it is tough viewing. Perhaps if the movie was just black and white it would be and better.

On the positive side I note a good level of operator's work and installation. Nothing more to note. No spectacular soundtrack, nor wonderful acting, nor the ingenious author of techniques in this movie is not found it.

Wouldn't recommend this film to anyone. Even ardent fans starring in and not the latter is a charismatic and talented actors, I can imagine, hardly will be happy with the result.

Wenda Daloris
28 January 2016 | 01:41

Gradually, the eminent producer Jason Blum is driving himself in a trap, in which fell most of its predecessors, not know a sense of proportion. The famous producer involved in the creation of such infamous hits of the horror genre, as "Paranormal activity", "the Conjuring" and"Insidious", built on the blood chilling stories of an impressive Empire, entitled as Blumhouse Productions. Investing in each Studio project an amount not to exceed five million dollars (rare exception — phenomenal, "Curse"), Jason bloom is almost always sure that budget the special problems of whacks in the box. Debut movies under his patronage was created with tender love and narrative is one that would any began to hit. Directors like James Wang consistently delighted us with the extraordinary creative revelations, invariably intimidating even seasoned viewers. But more projects are to start in production the aegis of Blumhouse Productions, the rapidly began to fall quality products. If the term "Conveyor" is a credit to large-scale industrial production, then the art of cinema transformed under the term faceless gray mass of homogeneous, one-day crafts, washable of the memory immediately after viewing. However, while the activity of the Studio brings the necessary financial result, no one should pay attention to the things like fresh ideas, enthusiasm for the creative process and originality of the Director's vision. One of the victims of the inability to stop and reflect on what is happening through sober eyes was the picture under the name "Veil", a disappointing mediocre thrown in the scrap potential, on the basis of which you can remove at least notable horror story, which is not would embarrassing.

So, the film tells the story of some kind of religious cult of the Heavenly veil, whose activity ended with the deaths of all followers. Blindly following their preacher Jim Jacobs (Thomas Jane) drugged people without the shadow of a doubt agreed to terminate his own life, believing that they are reborn in the highest of creatures, the lot of which will guide the whole world. Burst on the scene police found a horrifying sight... it Turns out that not only adults personally sent myself on the light — they took along with a native children. A few dozen bodies lifeless was in all humility, expecting to meet in a different world a preacher, promising greatness. In the story is the incident went down as the most tragic mass case of suicides, made by religious grounds. The only surviving in this crazy nightmare was a little girl, Sarah, miraculously escaped a fatal dose of poison was developed directly by the Jacobs... the Further the narrative takes us several decades forward, when Sarah turned into an attractive young girl (Lily RAB), forgotten about all that happened last. And still disown children nightmares she wasn't destined: company friends-of documentary in led Maggie (Jessica Alba) has asked the heroine about help in one clever case. Remarking on the photos place of old crimes placed Jacobs camcorder, Maggie is going to find possible records of the activities of the preacher, which are so nobody not seen. Going for city long ago abandoned cursed place, Sarah, Maggie and other young people to become witnesses to the awakening of mystical powers, prove that not all the ideas of Jacobs was a fruit of its sick imagination.

Colors "Veil", made in eclipsing any paint grey tones, as opportune illustrates all that occurs in the frame. Think of a viable concept of the narrative, the creators of the so not able to bring her to digestible artistic level, constantly circling over one same place of times just repeating known facts. Long conversations, does not propels the narrative forward, quickly bored, and any visual delights of the tape is not can boast at all. Not cause the interest is also the images of the main characters. The writers do not bother to register at least minimally memorable characters, forcing the actors to work exclusively on your own enthusiasm. However, it is not knowing that the taking part, it is impossible to feel the history. In especially about Jessica Alba. The actress rarely accepts invitations to shooting mystical horror, and the worst of that collaboration with Jason bloom has been crowned so nonsensical result. In  the"Veil" of her society just not draws attention, but seems revitalized by the scenery, wandering from one corner in another, monotonously prophetic about that without it it is known. If not innate appeal of Alba, about naturally shouldn't remember.

The only hero that causes at least some emotions, it is the preacher Jacobs in the performance of Thomas Jane. Not the charismatic, somewhat monotonous, the contractor was able be relegated to the "Veil", bringing in life ambiguous image of the preacher, for the leading others, like a shepherd a flock. Wear a face sunglasses and having grown a long hair, Jane stood before us in an unexpected form, maybe the best for all the last years of his career. It a fiery speech make it whether to admire them, whether to be frightened by it will. It is gratifying that the Director understood the value of the storyline of the preacher in its a mediocre picture, but not because hesitate to return it on the screen when the help of documentary Chronicles, which our leading heroes still managed to get. However, when all the appeal of Thomas Jane in the role of fanatic, its glow intensified just because he simply does not have competitors. Jessica Alba was not interested in working on a picture connection what she didn't even put on half of his talent, the rest do not can boast even that. In such circumstances, Jane would be silly not to show some makings of a dramatic talent that he made.

But despite all the efforts of Thomas Jane, it was very little for in order to revive a stillborn plot. The filmmakers tried to make a bet on supposedly a stunning ending, which all our guesses about what is happening had to be destroyed in the dust. And really, closer to the final parts of the story were changing color, turning the known facts with the feet on the head. The trouble is the film in that every second the horror of our time trying to impress the audience of such a "discovery". This approach has good results only in cases, when the duration of the timing played out in front of the camera is truly a sight to behold, and not annoyingly monotonous passivity, able to drive in a sleepy state even the most persistent admirers of cinematic horror.

In the end I want to say that "Veil" does not do credit one person involved in its creation for the exception Thomas Jane, who is time to reconsider the attitude to his controversial career. To limit banal, mediocre story about the ghosts of the past brought to life with this could become a tense mystery Thriller, whether in the Director and producer wish to put a really worthwhile movie, but not another copy of the factory has long been a boring concept. All opportunities that they were. Not had only the very small — desire to change something.

3 of the 10

How much did it cost to make The Veil?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $4,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Veil?
This tv-show was directed by Phil Joanou.
What is the genre of The Veil?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in The Veil?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jessica Alba, Thomas Jane, Lily Rabe, Aleksa Palladino, Shannon Woodward.
What is The Veil IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.7.
When was The Veil released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-01-19.