The Two Popes

2005. After the death of John Paul II, the cardinals of the Catholic Church gather in the Vatican to vote and to elect a new Pope. In the first round more than other votes conservative cardinal Ratzinger and cardinal Bergoglio, a supporter of reform. According to the results of repeat voting, the head of the Catholic Church choose Ratzinger — he became Benedict XVI. 2013. Living in Argentina, cardinal Bergoglio is not the first time sends a letter to the Vatican asking for his own resignation, when Benedict XVI calls him for a personal meeting. The resignation of cardinal the Pope not want to hear, but two high-ranking dignitaries have something to discuss.

  • Fernando Meirelles

Release Date: 2019-12-20
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: IT, GB
  • Language: English | Spanish | Italian | Latin | Portuguese | French | German
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $243,711
Casi Catton
16 February 2020 | 01:42

The Vatican is mired in sexual and financial scandals, and conservative reclusive Pope Benedict XVI only weaken the position of the Church in the modern world. In this time cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio takes the application on Facebook the post of Archbishop of Buenos Aires, but the Vatican ignores its letters. But when cardinal buys a ticket on the plane to Rome, him a call comes in the Vatican. Meeting of Benedict XVI and Jorge Mario Bergoglio will be a new page in the history of the Catholic world.

Brazilian Director Fernando Meirelles took a very beautiful, touching and emotional biopic. But, more importantly, he never drops to cloying baby talk, as occurs in the majority of the film biography. Both the Pope is shown by people — people think suffering from their strength and weaknesses.

Screenwriter Anthony Makkartena admitted that on a inspired by a visit to an open service in the Vatican. Then he I wonder how progressive Argentine priest was changed to post the current Pope a conservative? What stood for this story why it was possible? Mccarten began to write the play, but it turned out the script of the film, filled with not only philosophical thought, but and humor.

The result was a story about the eternal debate between conservatives and progressive people in the world on the need to find a middle ground, where both sides would be able to communicate.

They say that in Argentina the film was shot in real places that would have to get to know Pope Francis. The Sistine chapel was built in full size for Studio Cinecittà.

Of 9 10

Mady Barger
25 December 2019 | 11:39

Pope on confession:

- Of course, I committed sins. Forgivable. However, I already old and do not remember that have done.
- And that possible?

The culmination of the "Two popes" is the final of the world championship football 2014. Holds Meirelles any sort of parallel, or brings an end to such a symbolic event? Personally, I two hours of screen time there are no prerequisites to that the final picture you need to guess not saw. Meirelles liked the coincidence that the new Pope Francis, a native of Argentina, replaced Benedict XVI, a German, and in 2014, the best football teams were the national teams of Argentina and Germany. A beautiful coincidence. Here only this immature symbolism I would against to the Director. It would seem that five years have passed, but that was enough time to make deadly German machine to a shadow, which with difficulty takes the first place in their group in the qualifying tournament of Euro 2020, to, in the evil rock, not otherwise, go to group of death with last year's world Champions and recent Champions of Europe. Proud lion growls about that all efforts were in vain. Sic transit gloria mundi. The modern world is changing too fast. To sorry.

Five years ago, the film Marelisa would otherwise. Sharper. Later. Exciting. At the time watching "Two fathers" it is difficult to get rid of the Ghost lenny Belardo. He is in all earthly joys Holy persons — soda, football, love women, and also an uncertain position at the against of our time. What in fact, there is the film — it is conflict. As Director Meirelles was overcome pride spirit. And instead of saturating with oxygen of conflicting emotions, he is a modern depiction of the Holy, capable in the version of the author of the film to save the world.

Pope Francis too first. The first Pope of the New world, first Pope is a Jesuit, the first Pope with a tablet in the application. I doubt that person Francis would have to Marelisa a value, not if he he comes from New Slums, for which the figure of the Pope is still so power, still has a considerable value. These people from the garbage of the world must in something to believe in. Just people, ordinary tramps, with which knows how to work the stage work with whom the world it fell in love with in this film. Only in the beginning. Sweet krawcheck soggy pie. According to the Director will in the walls of the poor city come to life scenes from the parable that talks for outdoor square cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. As I feel the poetic rapture of inspired pictures, here I just haven't know about that inspired Marelisa at this was dried up, and all would happen; this biography forest thickness a boring book.

Meirelles takes old-fashioned movie. The operator's performance honors the tradition of Walter Salles, the young Cuaron and Inarritu — shooting hand-held camera, close-up when tilted, creates a sense of personal presence at intimate encounter, gives way to large format plans of the boundless horizons. Who what, and Meirelles longs for zero. Hackneyed techniques of filmmakers of the New world not so much rushed in my eyes, if Meirelles was able to identify the reason for which the movie deserves attention. Skeletons in the closet two popes the Director not notice that whether intentionally bypasses them side. For me, uninitiated in the history of the political life of Argentina in the 70-ies, the cut of the film, describing these vague events, so will remain a dark spot of the film. How I relate to hero price, if I don't see how it is a Director? The formation of Benedict XVI, Meirelles and is avoided. Anthony Hopkins himself more talks about your character, here is only when the confession comes to the main conflict of the Catholic Church with laity — pedophilia, the Hopkins goes to fade to black. Absurd. At the time when the whole world requires justice, Meirelles just have nothing to say.

For him it makes the present Pope Francis. "God loves everyone, even the worst of people", — soothes it beasts cassock after sensationally whether or because the other choice the public is not gives, cancels "the Pontifical secret" in cases pedophile priests. All it means to anyone. Yes to hell with him, God. Comfort whether these words. the Nativity of those whose life has been shattered? After all, they have lost something more than just a love of imaginary beings — love respect to ourselves is lost for them forever.

Marya Nollie
02 February 2020 | 09:43

The theme of the papacy may it was not quite cinematic, but in 2016, something happened, and then not interested in the Vatican — it's a sort of deliberate disregard for trends. And now after Paolo Sorrentino, HBO and Canal+ for the Pope came from Netflix.

In 2019, the film was released Fernando Marelisa "Two Dads", which tells of important for the Catholic Church the moment of transfer of papal power from Benedict XVI Francis. It would seem, not the most cinematic story, but is only first look: the film is not just fascinated — it captures. And going this even despite the fact that "Two Dads" have a taste of secondary on against "Young Dad" Sorrentino.

But the extravaganza of fancy Italian neoclassic in this thematic field comes into the confrontation with almost documentary detail Marelisa. And the latter is captivating this a deep psychological portrait of cardinal Bergoglio, the current Pope Francis. The image of his opponent cardinal Ratzinger — Benedict XVI it is the consciousness of the writer Anthony Makkartena and the Director is much smaller. More precisely, the them there needs a thorough study of this image. And the they were able to show it.

Of course, quite natural, obvious and flawless nomination Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins in the two main actor nomination for "Oscar" and"Golden globe". It would seem that their experience and class to play two ageing people, even endowed with great power, it's task is the most difficult. But seeing these he understand that to gain so not just aerobatics, and some kind of artistic revelation. When you think artist the fact, not doing anything, but after you think these images constantly, and begin to experience to him a special sympathy, and even subscribe to the official account of Pope Francis in social network, means the actors showed something more than the game.

Their way of doubt, of self, of repentance, love and faith — this is the main theme of the film. Without their own mistakes and suffering, you never will be able to help another in his suffering and mistakes. The transfer of power here is the most of the story an anchor, by which all the story keeps on going. It makes a film with TV series "Young Dad", where everything was done in order to re-contact person it is always deeply personal story of loneliness.

To compare the series film the quality of the filming. First, with both crews the Vatican refused to cooperate, and all the interiors of the papal Palace and the Sistine chapel has been recreated on the Studio. But the knowledge of this fact is not just not deprives us of the feeling of authenticity is just that we see, but and creates a sense of admiration for the ability to recreate worlds of the movie — from the biggest to children and the Titanic work being done by the specialists of different fields. Beautiful shooting and the staging of scenes, the constant juxtaposition of Benedict Francis (in and through the comparison of their white and the black robes), multivalue meaningful conversations — all allows you to watch the film on several levels. And means return to him — this is the type of work, revisions of which can be more important and interesting first meeting with the picture.

Getting to the movie is Fernando Marelisa "Two Dads", I thought for me it will become a warm-up before the new season sorrentinos papal Saga. What well, I not been wrong. But these errors are important for me as pleasant.

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $243,711.
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This tv-show was directed by Fernando Meirelles.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best movies 2019.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, Juan Minujín, Luis Gnecco, Cristina Banegas.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-20.