The Turning

The film consists of 10 separate short films by different Directors. The plots of these stories, at first glance, not linked, and each of the episodes created in his unique style. Although there is much that unites them...

  • Justin Kurzel
  • David Wenham
  • Warwick Thornton
  • Claire McCarthy
  • Simon Stone
  • Tony Ayres
  • Robert Connolly
  • Jonathan auf der Heide
  • Jub Clerc
  • Shaun Gladwell
  • Rhys Graham
  • Yaron Lifschitz
  • Anthony Lucas
  • Ian Meadows
  • Ashlee Page
  • Stephen Page
  • Marieka Walsh
  • Mia Wasikowska

Release Date: 2013-09-26
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: AU
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,110,918
Heather Randy
15 May 2014 | 11:50

Short films — a special form of cinematography that allows budding filmmakers to Express yourself (as if you can't handle a 15-minute story about directing is better to forget), and with those is a separate genre that very briefly outlines the author intended and demonstrates the postulate of that film, main idea and value motive is a bad movie. Sometimes short meter gets full, when you have a really good idea that can be developed up to the scale of a feature film, not don't lose it but and make full-color sketch oil painting.

"Turning points" are an ambitious undertaking, in which the screen is transferred stories from the eponymous collection of Australian writer Tim Winton. Winton is the heritage of modern Australian literature, it is the winner of major literary awards have myself home with enviable regularity gets in the short list of foreign awards. In addition to the writer's craft, the Aussie is also a prominent figure in campaigns for environmental protection. In other words, he was clearly deserves to be the stories have become movies.

A major drawback of the film it also opens — is a kind of animated introduction, conceived in the as a unifying introduction. It done just horribly ugly and overly careless, and does not meet the General more or less flat style of the short films included in the "Turning points" that seem to beckon the viewer to the acquaintance with a literary source.

"Big World" — not very successful graduates decided to take destiny in their own hands and go literally anywhere. The story from the first person, without a single dialog will show as of things born of friendship and how fleeting that it seems to last forever.

"Abbreviation" — strong their metaphors work in the vulgarity and do without any frankness described first erotic experience. Rich in metaphors the film, which has no words but there is a very strong metaphor.

"Aquifer" — music teacher in viewing crime news remembers some of their past, it brings it to the realization that standards of good and evil time subject to fundamental changes.

"Damaged Goods" — story not incarnate love is one of the most powerful parts of the "Turning points". The screen is divided into two halves, one of which shows the past and other — present. Photos used in the movie is worthy of exhibition, and the film is a full meter, here Tim Winston is getting very close to the inaccessible region, where did Salinger.

"Small Mercies," — the man together with the son returning in the parental home after the death of his wife, finds not only pleasant memories. Issues of retribution rise not explicitly non-categorical, but in the same time forced to think about that some things never can be fixed.

"On Her guide" — taking his arrogant son in the ushers, the house. the worker, in passing, and rather, his example, rather than deliberately showing him what honest work righteous deception techniques.

"Cockleshell" — happy teenager, falls in love with living door girl from a dysfunctional family, and not even everything is the misfortune of her position. This spoils the film a very unpleasant scene of Masturbation, without which could be necessary.

"The Turning" — Central novel that gave the name to the cycle tells the story of a two women (rose Byrne and Miranda Otto), who became friends, despite the completely opposite ways of life and thoughts. Here you will see the reasoning for the theme of coming to God, coupled with very tough scenes of violence. And will also be able to enjoy the game pretty Myles Pollard.

"Sand" — in some ways, the story is consonant with "Aquifer", talks about of child's innocence and its possible implications. Visually, everything is made very poorly: a random set of scenes for the monotonous music, no clearly the Director's ideas. In other words, the display embodiment completely corresponds to how incompetent pretentious Directors see the cinema.

"Family" — looks like a music video short film aimed to show that causing wild excitement sports on not really represent essentially important things, and the only worthwhile victory — are their own fear.

"Long, Clear View" — the second of the stories are worthy of full-meter under the music of Dmitri Shostakovich shows a whimsical look at the life of a red-haired boy who seems to see the infinity of the world and all things in their true light (which proves a rather cynical ending), and God it seems a presenter who tells the news on the background of the starry sky.

"Reunion" — the main star of the film cate Blanchett in pair with Richard Roxburgh playing spouses who seem to have forgotten that this Christmas in the family circle. Here the Director of striker comedic style proves that the family more than standards and traditions.

"Commission" — the brilliant Hugo weaving in the role of a repentant sinner living in extreme poverty. In his shack one day the son comes, who is our hero have seen many years between them will be very Frank conversation, allowing each side to understand a lot. This short film could be converted into the feature-length Gordon-green as the story is definitely in his style — the seemingly simple, but it is internally complex. And in the "Turning points" it put a David Wenem, known to viewers of the role of Faramir in"the Lord of the rings."

"Fog" — story of a kind of police lawlessness in which are the values of the original data, but only the consequences and the realization of what happened by the participants. At this story has the potential for becoming full-length detective.

"Boner McPharlin''s Moll" — much like a lifetime and part of the content story. The story of the strange old man you might find something worthwhile, but perhaps no. It exception loop that would a great loss.

"Immunity" — beautiful shots and beautiful music are used to the theme of love and loneliness. Without words direct appeals to the audience, a Director makes a film designed for all for each separately. Nearly exemplary work in the genre of indie, which would become a theatre production in a trendy art gallery.

"Defender" — if the end was supposed to sound strong chord, it with this short film do not to achieve. The complicated relationships of spouses and their relatives not that look quite disastrous, but and is clearly not advantageous, but corresponds to the idea of the presence of turning points.

The main reception, which is worked by the Directors of short films to Shine — is the ability to dramatically change the direction of the story and show all not as it seemed on first glance. In a slightly different view of this can be expressed in the use of allegorical, without a time to 20 minutes does not necessary. And how well these two forms of artistic expression used in or otherwise, depends on whether short movie to win the heart of the viewer.

Tildy Blus
21 September 2016 | 12:02

"10 instants of destiny" — this anthology of Australian production, which was released in 2013 year. It consists of the ten individual short stories based on a collection of short stories by Australian writer Tim Winton and I must say that almost all participants of the project or otherwise relate to the Green Continent. Among the Directors, which for ten short stories took eighteen people, pay attention to the names MIA Wasikowski and David WEIMA, which is better known as actors. By the way, all those eighteen and was engaged in fact that adapted to the film adaptation of his novel for the story of Winton. Among the cast can highlight Kate Blanchett, Richard Roxburgh (both played in the segment "Reunion"), rose Byrne, Miranda Otto (both Actresses were noted in the segment "The Turning", and similarly named the original, this almanac), and even the famous agent Smith of the Matrix, it is the actor Hugo weaving in the Novella "Commission" appeared.

In General, the fashion for this kind of kinosborniki there a long time, but the peak of popularity came in a time when on the screens out the famous almanac "Paris, I love you" in 2006-Ohm year and considered by many to be, perhaps I agree that it is the best representative of the format. But no chance "10 instants of destiny" to repeat a good stroke its predecessor does not have. First, under the banner of short films about Paris were assembled the cream of the cinematic Department, and that's "10 instants of destiny" this is to say, when all due respect to Kate Blanchett and Miranda Otto, not work. A large number of involved little-known actors have turned the movie in a few aspbae canvas, which is pretty annoying with your dullness, because to give some light cut film, not managed to anyone of Directors. Only one segment is made carefully and with interest to follow the events, but more on that later. And so "10 instants of destiny" — it is a continuous, monotonous flow of the scenes, which is unlikely to be carefully evaluated.

Not can take a lot about why this grey color scheme was chosen for this film. Add a little light let the debts for the electricity that you? We somehow, judging by the stereotypes in the movie, used that Australia — it's a Sunny plot of land with her hot Sands of the desert. But  "10 instants of destiny" it turns out that there are people even don't know is the joy of sunlight, and from that the finish is kind of depressing. And to put it not very lexically correct, then "10 instants of destiny" — this is some solid tyagomotina, where the creators of the novels tried to stand out, but, in my opinion, overestimated their abilities and eventually turned it into one gray and homogeneous mush. And sincerely sorry this format as the almanac, which should be at its core, a colorful expression of the author's approach to each of the project participants, was not able the in principle latrines filmmakers. In General, the "10 instants of destiny" seemed depressing video small caliber.

Now tell about that a good remember of this film in length one hour forty-five minutes. The only thing that can add points to the lowest rating this "product" — is as the above mentioned Novella with the participation of Kate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh. In fact, nothing of the sort in the subject contains, thought there no analyze absolutely nothing. But the rest of dullness becomes clear for the expense of which, Kate Blanchett all I think a star on a planetary scale — even if this nonsense it is laid out fully and if all is decorated with the picture. Only at this segment would like to say that finally the sun rose and illuminated us light. But that's other famous Actresses rose Byrne and Miranda Otto as if left the room, thinking too much dear their time, paid tribute to Australian cinema and went home. Honestly, there was such a suspicion that all members of the project somewhere in a hurry in their business, wanting to soon we heard the command, "Stop! Cut!". Why do then give their consent? It is not clear.

If You are a connoisseur of the format "war", like to notice and remember more and creative details that distinguish one filmmaker from another, then, perhaps, pass by "10 instants of destiny", because it would be lost time. All directed they writers with your task coped perfectly! Yeah and all that can you say about the picture of which the most curious and sane moment in her ten minutes there is Kate Blanchett, and everything else — this utter mess of dreary and incomprehensible stories? There is an assumption that could dispense the filming of this almanac.

3 of the 10

Amelia Debbie
12 March 2015 | 11:40

This film was lying in a list "to view the" a long time ago. In for nearly a year, I set it aside for later. And finally came the moment! It should be noted that the film was shot by different Directors, according to the book by the same author.

Let's start with good, the cast shines, each actor showed the highest level of skill. The heroes are unfamiliar with and at first glance they absolutely nothing. unite, but not so. Every heroes in the moment of the story feels the climax of emotions and feelings indulging in the first of young love, tragic memories, feelings of unity, betrayal, bitterness, loss, the meaning of Christmas and etc. the Film loves all side of human emotions by showing them fullness, innocence and cruelty.

Of the bad it is worth noting, shared Neorganicheskie picture. Due to the fact that the different Directors shot different stories, there was confusion and sometimes the junction of the two stories is not really have time to switch and realize what happens. Also some excerpts from I have the feeling inadequate awareness of inner hidden meaning.

Overall, the film is worthy of your attention, though is very specific. Actors coped with your goal and work as Director also deserves respect. Even if you, as well as and I read the book, the film needs you like to force to reflect on human being.

7 of 10

How much has The Turning made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,110,918.
Who is the director of the movie The Turning?
This tv-show was directed by Justin Kurzel, David Wenham, Warwick Thornton, Claire McCarthy, Simon Stone, Tony Ayres, Robert Connolly, Jonathan auf der Heide, Jub Clerc, Shaun Gladwell, Rhys Graham, Yaron Lifschitz, Anthony Lucas, Ian Meadows, Ashlee Page, Stephen Page, Marieka Walsh, Mia Wasikowska.
What is the genre of The Turning?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in The Turning?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Colin Friels, James Fraser, Henri Phillips, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard, Tim Winton.
What is The Turning IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was The Turning released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-09-26.