The Siege of Jadotville

The political crisis has engulfed the Congo since independence from Belgium in 1960. For a long time, this African country was a colony and ruled from Europe, and as soon as the Congolese were given the will, they made at home, the division of power, developed into a civil war. In the end, to enter the UN peacekeeping mission, and all Belgian forces were asked to leave. Departed not all, and in 1961, the Irish battalion, numbering 150 men, fell into the siege, three thousand French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining company.

  • Richie Smyth

Release Date: 2016-10-07
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: IE, ZA
  • Language: English | Irish | French
Dollie Saree
20 June 2017 | 09:18

Very nice movie games. Very standardized in serve, but does not cause boredom, contempt or mockery. All clear, according to business. Of course only narrow-minded people after viewing will begin its traditional: about a political order, about the bias fantastic. I must apologize for them.

Now, in business. What we see and blown in the first second? Correctly, the main character — the same "dirty pervert of the "50 shades of grey"". But here he no cables pants removes and efficiently commands (actually, it is curious how the actor Jamie Dornan the last couple of years tosses it for example recently played... Cech in the anti-fascist of the "Anthropoid"). So that this case, the flag in his hands.

This film is definitely "Irish". At every nation must be as a minimum of one mythologized (in a good way) victory on the battlefield. So to strongly cultivate among generations. Have great historical, stollerusa Nations is not a specific battle, and the whole great war, the small and especially and young (despite his entire "antiquity", the Irish as a nation — pretty young) is usually no big wins. Therefore it is necessary to appoint such of those are some even don't notice.

For all 100 years of existence as an independent state Ireland particularly never been a part of. If you take both world, the first generally behaved not very nice, in second the role is so insignificant that can you say — do not been. Well, where then they to show themselves? That's right, in UN somewhere. Here showed then still the future of the Congo (though technically not very well did show, but tried very hard, on the film).

In General good, and even good combat picture about 150 brave guys vs hundreds of all local dudes, seasoned mercenaries. And those are not particularly interested in history, but I heard something, there can see for example Patrice Lumumba in the early paintings (at least I realized that is he), and the"king of mercenaries" Bob Dinara (well, here if not specifically, it is a type of anti-hero obviously has a very specific allusion), but and the infamous UN Secretary General Dag hammarskjöld (there's definitely him).

7 of 10

Bertie Katalin
16 October 2016 | 12:13

The next game in politics. Unlikely to dwell on the history of the conflict, the more so it is described in detail in the synopsis for the picture. However, the story is quite confusing, and unprepared audience can just get lost in this whole political/military web of games the highest political posts, in which the UN and its troops was only a bargaining chip. Is already then — more than half a century ago, this influential international organization was helpless and almost nothing could do except to demand anything.

Interesting and very original in this film other: despite the described in the history of the struggle of the USSR and US in the Congo and its uranium resources for the further development of the confrontation between these two superpowers do not found. And it's classic American cinema, at which speculate is up to date. On the contrary, shows the internal struggle within the "imperialist camp" — the military regime of General Katanga and Tshombe moiz us Congress, French and Belgian mercenaries against the Irish peacekeeping forces.

This first picture of Irish Director Richie Smith, but turned it very good. Here is all that need to spectacular movie: breathtaking battle scenes, good combat brotherhood, political intrigue and betrayal. Not expect the film is a definite ending, as however, probably not be him a definite relationship. The heaviest five-day siege Radovis — a small camp in the middle of the vast Congolese fields to the last bullet, to the last breath, despite the treachery of its own command, and unlikely they had another choice. About this incident was silent, quite reasonable considering it by the UN's failure, the surviving characters are not were awarded with medals, but did for many years later — only 2005.

Before shooting the film and their the course creators and the actors met with those few of the surviving participants in those events — the Irish soldiers in the service of the UN. Let me remind you that 157 soldiers in the siege, not killed one Irish!, but the besieged killed some 300 mercenaries and a few hundred wounded. But lived to be present only 40 (many died young or committed suicide already. at home, not to withstand public scorn). Consultant of the film was made by John Gorman — one of the Irish soldiers who fought in the siege Radovis, now living in the small village of Hartlip. Many years he fought for the fact that the names who fought in those far-off days 1961, was rehabilitated, because when they returned home, they made to feel like outcasts in the army.

In one of the interview, starring Jamie Dornan (commandant Patrick Quinlan) confessed: "I'm so proud of this film, for us it means a lot. We spent two weeks military training camp, preparing for shooting. We all just sat and listened to various stories connected with this mission, stories about how important it was of Ireland. This history, which should become known in the world. These men were the real heroes. They are clearly aware of the face. The average age of these guys was 18. Only now they are gradually beginning to receive recognition for those heroic deeds, which they made in 1961".

All the actors coped with its job just fine, so to single out anyone especially not necessary. By the way, "the Siege Radovis" cut the novel by Declan Power.

Of 9 10

Babb Cathe
27 November 2016 | 04:26

I have to say, I this movie is not liked the time of the announcement. He talked about how  the"good" of UN personnel were opposed by "evil" forces of Katanga, at than view of the hand, to empathize which (considering on whose conscience decision that led to the escalation of the civil war) have not me it turns out. The more here we are dealing with a very dark history, in which, most likely, not was epic conflict, hundreds of bodies, etc. Personally I support the view that the Irish just shot "in milk" all the ammunition and then gave up. And exactly this (and not for some "policies") to their heroism refused to accept their government. In share this a point of view on the topic of those of events. And what we movie?

The first third of the film is the familiarity with the main characters — they chat on different topics, pass a medical examination, instruction and etc. Moment forties, suddenly, to attack the evil mercenaries and begins "action" in parallel to which the Irish Ambassador Connor O Brian tries to understand what happens here. Well and of course, the point of view of the authorities is very different from the point of view of our heroes! Well and, of course, they refuse to give up even when a twenty-fold superiority of Katanga in human power. Well, than ended — all know.

Mercenaries to the word rendered as usual, bastards shoot their own soldiers and treacherously attacking "peaceful" garrison, but not interested. it. Katanga troops in this clash of commanded calm and level-headed Jacques Schramm — former planter who fought for Katanga to the end. Here is some left the Frenchman. Why is it — unclear. Apparently, instead of a real person (if long time dead) to push another stereotype. The tactic, they also behave strange — most of the mercenaries in Congo it took the Second World war, Algeria and Indochina, i.e., were people with extensive combat experience, but the film is not shown. Mercenaries, for some moments, attacking scattered groups and it is unclear why little use heavy machine guns, when you had to press fire and capture almost go. Well and how I have wrote in five injured in several hundred killed not very hard to believe.

Not to say that the film is not was something to praise. Colours are very well chosen, weapons and ammunition most likely, more or less accurately reproduced the chronology of events, though with one hand. Well, the movie, at least not justify Simba, in contrast the Soviet "Black sun".

That's just me personally this is not enough, because no one responsible for what happened of the Congo. For the failed policy of "African independence," for that pressured those who could reorganize the former colonies in a flourishing state for that in the same Congo for Simba, according to compared to which includes ISIS (banned in Russia) came only when they took Stanleyville and promised to cook alive all whites. But the film is not even specifies such issues.

In other matters, it is a point of view.

Who is the director of the movie The Siege of Jadotville?
This tv-show was directed by Richie Smyth.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama, Biography.
Who starred in The Siege of Jadotville?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Richard Lukunku, Danny Sapani, Andrew Stock, Mark Strong, Jamie Dornan.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was The Siege of Jadotville released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-10-07.