The Set-Up

Stoker Thompson, an aging fighter. It does not even believe his Manager tiny, who accepts money for his defeat in the next match, "forgetting" to warn the Stoker. Learning about the bases, he decides at any cost to win the battle. But will anyone feel better?

  • Robert Wise

Release Date: 1949-04-02
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Flossy Loomis
02 June 2013 | 12:26

In thinning caste age fans of Boxing there is a perception that Golden time favorite sport ended with the development of pay-TV and now the competition for discovering the best turned into business their sharks and pitfalls. And really reading the tabloids about loose the battle "star boys" from the fee is divided, it is difficult not to admit that the days when elite boxers sported on the audience with his skill barely each month had its positive side. However, was at this past the dark side under the name of the Italian mafia. It usurped the world of the box, soaking it as a bandage with blood, muhlezh and fraud. And those who disagree with trouble-free sentences kept ending up either on the bottom of the unknown, or elsewhere, until many years later. the remains are not found in during construction works.

With the release of his Majesty Noir on Hollywood movie screens, it seemed that the very uncle Sam told me to make films about clandestine thorns of the case that no special work would fit in the concept of hopeless pessimism of the genre. To unfortunately, the cinematic Affairs the master has decided otherwise (who said mafia?). In particularly on the time the film company RKO went adaptation. Paying a thousand dollars, it is bought George March right on the poem "Setup" and a little blurring of racial cornerstones, released in 1949 the same film. Instead of the Negro bigamist with a criminal past on the illuminated square of the ring released an elderly heavyweight bill "Stoker" Thompson, whose the best days are gone, so not started. As in the primary source, it Manager agrees with "Italian Mafioso" about the surrender of the battle and eager to share profits with the transaction "forgets" to warn you about this of his ward.

According to the March with this racially loyal, as say the ku Klux Klan, castling destroyed the fundamental idea of the poem on the problem of segregation of blacks. However, even with the original idea of the plot of "Bases" was not original. However, Director Robert wise skillfully compensated for the lack of racial prejudice knockout combination of the paraphernalia of film Noir and aesthetics of Boxing. All the intrigue closes on the fight Stoker, in anticipation of which the film is saturated with vapors of negativity coming from each item seedy and far from Paradise town of Paradise City. If the scene in the bar, then, of course, with a bunch of hopeless and unkempt drunkards. If the frame of a Boxing ring, then coated steel fog of cigarette smoke, while flooded the arena, the audience is ready to erupt from the intensity, shouting in fury the ritual calls for the murder. And the conclusion — a dirty locker room with a handful boxers of all stripes. In her concentrated the lion's share of the film — in the ongoing attempts by Thompson to cling to any hope in the upcoming difficult confrontation with young and power promising youngster. And that's the only ray of warmth in social darkness, the blonde girlfriend of the main character (so far without women), frankly disappointed, to cope with the assigned role Ispolkomovskaya spouses formulaic Convention.

But it is a subtle detail, especially on the backdrop of a meticulously recreated the atmosphere of the battle. Taking no almost a quarter of an hour, saw the lit square of the ring for equal rights together Noir and Boxing. About the ring, thanks to a contrasting play on light and shade, the smiling faces of the spectators in fedoras literally exude his kind of thirst of blood, sweat and drop one of the gladiators of the ring. In this fall, they see all — rage poverty, failures in life, screaming head is negligible and, finally, the momentum of the animal instinct to put someone else's blood. These elements build amazingly realistic adrenaline atmosphere, not by hearsay familiar to those who ever had a chance to build your favorite discipline with the boxes of a sports arena.

And no high intensity around the ring reaches its peak with a Gong announcing the beginning of the match. Emotionally, the closest analogy unfolding passions inside the ropes is the story of Jack London "a Piece of meat". Technically the same fight well tailored the patterns of the then school of professional Boxing that no wonder with the given the biography of the actors. So, who played Thompson Robert Ryan is up to a nomination on"Oscar" for role in the movie "Cross fire", was known as a successful boxer-lover, I hold on the entire four years of study in Dortmunds College championship in the heavyweight division. And his opponent, Hal Baylor, so and is a Pro with seven years of experience, have completed so. and did career for the couple of years before the filming of "Bases".

Overall, the picture is Robert Visa the impression of lightning strike, referring straight to the floor. Forgotten "the Bases" clearly underestimated how the Manager underestimated the ability of Thompson. And even six decades later, the RKO product is a powerful, holistic and iron-like the nickname Tyson, a sports drama with flying sparks violent film Noir. And that fuse will be enough with a vengeance to bring in emotional ecstasy as the adherents of the "old school", so and modern Boxing business. After all, to plunge into the history of the lower classes of the former sport has never later, it would desire.

Emelina Doehne
04 March 2011 | 01:26

In the reviews a lot of spoilers, so what to read better after viewing.

On aging boxer all already given up and Manager, taking money for that he will "fall" in the third round, not even his bother to warn. And it took won not that much like just happened.

The tough movie about the Boxing that I have seen (and Noire of the most hopeless). As if the Director looked at all the movies the topic that was taken up and after it, and make up its alternative version. All the usual items on the spot, but with a minus sign. Manager and coach cheer for the opponent, because sold the character before the game and when round give advice on the tactics, it is no laughter is impossible to listen to. But Ryan these clowns knows well and understands that must think himself. The love of his life has chosen this evening to be disappointed and come and he is and take a look at an empty seat in the fourth row. The audience indifferent as expected to start, seeing the zeal of opponents, but already the announcement of the winner was crawling crowd in the aisle (just like in the cinema). And the box art or sports is not exactly name, they say, some dusty romp. Here, which the ring, the actors, and not professional boxers, just a plus.

The locker room is made interesting and it is not given a glimpse of how usually a is one key scenes of the film. Dirty room in which a dozen boxers preparing for the exit. No custom-made products, uniqueness. The feeling of a school of gladiators, friends for life, enemies on the ring. Of course, the Director show the different types — someone's first fight for someone's last, that this athletic black man on the rise, and hero Robert Ryan is clearly on the decline. But not that important. Importantly, overcrowding, dirt, lack of romance, the feeling of cheap entertainment for cheap public.

And win he didn't really want, though I repeated "so today I sure it will", but it is rather in the habit. But when after the third round he said that match paid for in a and confusion, fear the readiness to "lay down" in any time, is it is something familiar. But to stop, to have failed. And the output is waiting for the evil uncle, because it wins they lost money. And neither come to help you, happy coincidence in this movie is not found, even more — this is the end of the film, the other is not be.

Partner the movie it failed, faded looks.

It turns out that the film adaptation of the poem, and apparently there it was even worse (if possible). The main character was a black man (that is, there was about racism) and in the end it generally nailed to death (and Ryan only maimed).

I read the biographies of the actors, it was not so simple. Ryan four years was engaged in Boxing, apparently, as buff, even something they won. And his rival "Tiger" Nelson and all — Had an amateur record of 52-5, and a pro record of 15-8 as a boxer (as an Amateur won 52 the fight, lost 5, and as a professional, won 15, lost 8). But still dusty romp.

Two awards at the Cannes — the best operator and the FIPRESCI prize for the Director.

8 from 10

Cam Alessandro
03 May 2012 | 05:19

First of all I must say that the movie is made on the basis of the poem of Joseph Moncure March. Learning about ETM I very surprised — the film's very genre and found the text of the eponymous poem of 1928.

Need to say the source was written very well. Only the main character — African-American. In the primary source is written: but his skin was brown And he never got a chance at the middleweight crown (but it the skin was brown and he never had a chance to average weight).

However, in the film race relations have tried to avoid. The main role was played by Robert Ryan, and did inspired. As Ryan in the past engaged in Boxing much difficulty the role he was not delivered.

The plot on today, it is quite banal — boxer who is forced to go after the second round, reflects on my life — but the film is very beautiful and prizes at the Cannes film festival for the work of the operator very honored.

8 from 10

Who is the director of the movie The Set-Up?
This tv-show was directed by Robert Wise.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Sport, Film-Noir, Best Sport Movies, Best Film-Noir Movies.
Who starred in The Set-Up?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Robert Ryan, Audrey Totter, George Tobias, Alan Baxter, Wallace Ford.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was The Set-Up released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1949-04-02.