The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption

Since the triumphant ascent of Matheus to power a lot has changed: he lost his throne and his beloved. Once again, becoming a mercenary warrior, hero going to protect his Kingdom from the tyranny of an evil tyrant and his army of ghosts and return the former power and glory.

  • Roel Reiné

Release Date: 2012-01-17
IMDb icon 3.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $5,000,000
Nelli Sutherlan
07 March 2012 | 02:49

I don't cineaste, but I love high-quality interesting movie, so C. is one of my favorite leisure activities... the First "Scorpion King" was just gorgeous, the second myself, but here's the 3rd deserves just individual scores...

Start with the picture. Despite that it was attended by some stars, part of me is not very impressed. I.e. in fact look no one and the acting is generally emotion not breathing. In other words it just yet.

The scenery and location — painfully simple. Even when the shooting is happening in the background of ancient temples and buildings, the naked eye can see that it is the ruins that are not even prepared for shooting. This creates the impression of low-budget film.

Staging fight scenes deserves special attention. The thing that it brought me just in hysterical laughter... of Course, I was wondering how for a small detachment of Saracens looming war elephants (where they could take on a hilly area about an ordinary forest, it is not the jungles of India). When next to them came warriors like Roman legionaries, from me a slight bewilderment. And it is not all! When I saw the Babylonian helmets on the heads of another band of men and medieval battle flags, I thought I have the Director is clearly not enough knowledge of world history. But when in the middle of battle scenes appeared a ninja, and after completing his mission, and rushed on the captured elephant — it is was too much.

Overall, the film gives the impression of a very low-cost for many respects: the acting, the staging of the fight scenes, the plot, the costumes, even the plot.

I was expecting to see a continuation of adventure stories of the king of Scorpions, and had to experience a big disappointment. On my opinion, this movie would appear in the rent only because of the name.

In my estimation, the film deserves not more than 

2 of 10

Shannah McArthur
17 June 2015 | 03:34

As for me, this Dutch Director Roel Rhine quite an interesting filmmaker. Here look in his filmography includes such films as "Crank" and"Ghost Ship". Think for a while and remember extradinarily action Packed "Adrenaline" with the participation of Jason Statham a little longer remember and then you can extract memories about seascape mysticism "Ghost Ship" with Gabriel Byrne. But that one thing is: Roel Rhine no relation to these famous lines are — films, homonyms, if you will allow me so to speak. But there is one thin thread that connects the Dutch bully Statham: Roel Rhine was shot by two part of the continuing utopian rally "death race", and in the first film co-starred as times Jason. It should be said that both films are not of the Rhine caused much sympathy from the audience, although, subjectively, I'm not party hard-core critics of the last two "Mortal races".

Just exactly between the two above mentioned pairs of strips Roel Rhine took an active part in the creation of the third is part fantasy on the battle-historical basis "the Scorpion King", received in the hire of additional and Oh-so-attractive name "book of the dead". Why active? The thing that Roel Rhine took on itself not only the functions of the General Director, but still spent the camera work. In this case, can argue (with someone, if you want to, even to argue) that unchecking the "book of the dead" Roel rein in both roles are not have shown their best sides. Quite the contrary Roel Rhine showed in all its glory, why he has directed films category "B" and unlikely to have someone trust him to remove a great movie.

"Book of the dead" at the quality and visual perception is worse than just too bad the second part of "King of Scorpions". From the latter at least was well-chosen natural surroundings that has put the impression on the very fact all the events have taken place in some fairy tale land with wizards, witches, Amazons and, of course, great warriors and kings. In  the book of the dead this component has been neglected, so that does not surprising that the third part of the average to KP less than 0,6 than the predecessor, which is the moment, holds a rating in the 4.6. So that camera work as you can understand, not turned out of Rhine Role well nothing. But if film the fantasy genre there is colorful visualistic, then this video may soon bore the viewer, that basically happens when you see fifteen minutes with the beginning of the book of the dead.

No luck Rhine and the script book of the dead. No for whom the secret is that "the Scorpion King" — is a kind of spin-off of a great adventure film "the Mummy", because that is where the first time it was uttered by the name of a King of Scorpions (to be precise, it in the second part, where the Mummy was returned). And in this opponent, spectator camps, deciding who are closer to them — "Indiana Jones" or"Mummy", not mentioned in the title  - called book of the dead, by which mean the priest rose from dead started to bring in living in the return of beloved and of his magical power and etc. and under General. The Duo of writers Brendan Coles and Shane Kuhn, constantly working in tandem, adapted a story by Randall McCormick, contact the writer at the second part of "King of Scorpions". But all the action that develops around the coveted booklets, was so bland and uninteresting that to begin posetyat not only the quality of the image, but and plot twists.

And such conditions it was logical that the least from the actors expect something of any interest. In  the book of the dead is already the third change of performers, who played the main character in the name of Mateus. In the first film, they was a famous wrestler Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, but he had the mind not to get involved in venture a sequel, triquel and the on. The second film had the prefix "rise of the warrior" where we were shown a young Matous, so what becomes clear why there is another change of actor — Matous already has grown, it is not the young man, but my husband already. Whether new Mateus in the performance of Victor Webster to play at least on medium level? Probably the right expression of the impressions of his game will be aphorism "neither good, nor bad", and that is enough. To the same actor supporting roles, but in the story, ally of Mataya played Bastinom Christopher and then came more soul. When that it took a few narrow-minded, it at least have been amused. Billy Zane, at which was the chance to become a top-flight actor, he had even noted in the  Titanic, but he rolled Zane to the films category "B", acting in ten roles for year. On there are images can be said? To the same too hard to create from Zayne hero Arnold Vosloo, he in "the Mummy" was played by the same priest as much as déjà vu appeared. Ron Pearlman runs between a good movie and pretty poor quality, rarely showing something original and new, here and here it to select.

So on all components "book of the dead" movie that is unlikely to find yourself a big fan, and being even worse than the failed predecessor even imagine such a day with fire will find. If You saw the second part of "King of Scorpions", then it is possible to focus on it, because it will be even worse. And add to the three points, which subjectively seem to be the most loyal, one and only Bosteen Christopher.

4 of 10

Annissa Griffin
09 June 2013 | 12:49

The title of this film, coupled with good memories of the first film, and that teach this, is, to put it mildly, easy dissonance. With the first seconds we see not cool Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson and what happened it, apparently, after two or three years of binge drinking. King Mateus with grief for his dead lover so dulled and thumped that his own people kicked him out neck and it again became aware of the cutthroat times past.

Seriously. Have five minute cease to apply to this movie the sequel to King of Scorpions. Before us is a rather bad parody without hint clever plot and immersion the era of the Garden and Gamora. The film was made on the knee and, apparently, , output Director, who how to sit in his chair and worked where some car or a factory.

The plot is strange. Sodden chieftain takes a contract of the type "go there and kill everyone" at Ron Perlman, which is not clear what threats were involved in this paganalia. To Mataus was easier to kill, Ron gives it to assistants of the same drunkard is undoubtedly the protagonist of the film, though because he in itself interesting. He pulled the whole movie and helping me to watch it to the end. It is difficult to think of a better hero fecal parody than a fat dork who is drink belches, then language.

A little bit about setting. Not know smoked, the Director at the time of the shooting, and his one battlefield turned and prehistoric barbarians and Roman legionaries and even ninza. The formulation of the action scenes — private Comedy. The battle scenes are sluggish and dull, and German pork chop and his bearded friend in the past scenes of fights only and do that shovel in the ass. To  the"ancient" kings "ancient" servants traded on sir, the protagonist, who, as he says, a native of Germany, is a Scandinavian name Olaf.

Strange attitude and to the casting. Such a dramatic actor as Ron Perlman, who in their time gave us the two Hellboi, and may soon bestow the third, got the role of the speaker of the dummy and Dave Batista on all his land just growled and did nothing. But could be such a great antagonist.

In General and overall the film is deeply below average. To the final credits of the heads leaves the question, "what the crap is going on?". Those who possesses high intelligence and whoever watched the 1st part, will fit purely pougarat, but who waiting for a sensible film about the legendary Akkadian warrior - alas, put out the light. Continue no more.

How much did it cost to make The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $5,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption?
This tv-show was directed by Roel Reiné.
What is the genre of The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
Who starred in The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dave Bautista, Bostin Christopher, Tanapol Chuksrida, Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson, Geoffrey Giuliano.
What is The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 3.6.
When was The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2012-01-17.