The Salvation

John, a farmer whose family is killed swears revenge, hunting down and punishing the murderer. His actions start a chain of violence: the leader of a local gang and his companions decides to deal with John and his village.

  • Kristian Levring

Release Date: 2015-02-27
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: BE, DK, ZA, SE, GB
  • Language: English | Danish | Spanish
  • Budget: EUR10,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,363,964
Mab Ricki
19 October 2014 | 11:40

John — immigrant of Denmark, who arrived in America search of a better life. Obzhivshis on new place, John invites you to his wife and son." The land of opportunity" unfriendly welcomes its new citizens. Two bandits killed relatives of John. Ex-soldier John quickly and brutally takes revenge on the scum, not knowing that a relative of one of them — a powerful man, accustomed to full with their debtors...

Danish Director Kristian Levring — visionary, in the best sense of the word. All his films (there are eight of them), themed as a rule, the recording interval is six years. About than says? About that Levring nothing is doing in a hurry, every detail in his films polished, brought to excellence has meaning. About the new film by Levring? About revenge? A very superficial and hasty judgment. Revenge accomplished in the beginning of the film, and the remaining hour and a half on what? Levring, using half-forgotten in the form of a Western, the film fills your senses under string, all bright, colorful, and sometimes juicy.

In addition to catching the eye of the theme of revenge, Director dissects human vices under the name of "cowardice". A gang of thugs terrorizing the population of a town, and the action takes place on "the Wild West", where all know, and love to communicate through a warning shot in the head. And how meet the pioneers of the Wild West high-handed gangsters? No way. Suffer — C. In the end of the film one of the residents delivers acceptance speech in the address of John, the meaning of which is : we believe that are audacious, which all shoot, we prayed, and you found! Excellent position, tolstoyism in its pure form, way who — else but not us. Sit not work, the citizens, forget the precepts of Gandhi, and the great barman of the Yasnaya Polyana. Now, the principle formulated by Weber: You need to forcibly confront evil, or for that evil will prevail, you're responsible.

Main antagonist John is a heartless bitch in the name of Delarue. Delarue seems to be avenges the death of his brother, but not his only motivation. Levring (who does not does nothing) periodically shows us sleepy gurgling puddles which — the substance is black and one of the characters explicitly says that water well, you can't drink in it has a lot of black joy. Delarue acts not just as avenger, he — mercenary a large Corporation, interested in the fencing of land, rich black bitch. Those who have eyes and those who thinks the picture is "artless and insipid" you can only ask the question — movie you watched? If you watched it, what?

With all the richness of meanings that the film is a hilarious and bloody Guignol. The action takes place in the 19th century, the time in the States developed civil society and legal state. Delarue — a clear supporter of the idea of equality of all before the law, its supporters are not make no exceptions for anyone. With joyful cynicism they shoot all — legless disabled (tolerance in action), old ladies, teenagers, and certainly men. A bullet shot to the head, the tight blood stream gushing from the severed arteries, the hoarse groans of the dying — all this sweet hearing a hardened sadist music, creates an optimistic mood for the entire film.

Obviously, Americans heard about this method of combat corruption as a ban on the combination of the posts. Otherwise how can we explain the fact that the mayor moonlights as an undertaker (and not only), Sheriff at the same time the pastor? And these people teach us democracy? The mayor could to play Sherlock, he demonstrates an excellent example of deduction in the stage is tied for the pen by John. All because I share the opinion about that dead man's shoes nor to what? Here mayor comes to in order to replenish their wardrobes, and to allow the dying to make their last journey light, the feet need to breathe, any therapist you will confirm it.

John plays Mikkelsen, he sustained, severe, in — lecherously calm and cool. In the role of Madeline starred professional Valkyrie, and concurrently passing red pennant of the modern movie Eva green. She was a bond girl, Morgana in"King Arthur", according to its pleasures cheerfully marched almost all "three Hundred Spartans", but twilight, by — Nordic designed by the Danish genius Levring not to seduce saggy milking. Levring found Eva amazing role, not will reveal secrets, I can only say that she's fine, "playing face", and to thank the author of the dialogues — is simply brilliant, after the bitchy screaming, Artemisia, is best replica the performance of green!


Wonderful, dynamic fighter for a thoughtful, attentive audience.

10 of 10

Adda Kriste
16 October 2014 | 12:15

Love westerns. And especially when through the whole movie runs the theme of vengeance. I love it when the main roles in such films actors performed tactile, and thought of the finish are reduced to the issues of social justice and the role of the Law. And here is a film by Levring external signs should have been fully justify expectations — European film about one with a whole bunch of stylish actors. However, it is not specified.

Moreover, the beginning is quite promising. The scene of the sudden murder of the family of the protagonist is very realistic, as well as and the description of this weird and ugly aka Dogville town. All follow-up is so simple that barely watch could be the interesting. It is clear in fact that our main character is simply no chance to avoid the collision, but neither ganpati, no line crossing the heroine eve, green does not selected. Moreover, highlights even regret at untimely death of oblivion family. No and any tough relationship to those poor servants of the law, caved under the bandits. So we and get the stylish Eric Cantona, who regret no Shine. As well as textured and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Eva green Jonathan Pryce. Nothing special out of Mads Mikkelsen. This powerful actor is dispassionate on the whole film, completely repeating its smooth and due to this surface performed in "Michael Kohlhase".

That lies to what for all its potential, the film does not just not be victorious, and disappointing. The picture is artless and insipid. That the case when the good old "high plains Rider" Eastwood or "hold' im there it up" Ted Post in comparison looks are undeniable masterpieces. What to say, comparing even not perfect for the recently released "Fresh water" looks much more serious.

4 of 10

Goldi Guidotti
31 July 2015 | 05:18

And it could, could to get a masterpiece. Disappointment more than above and after watching this movie I have experienced confusion and felt a kind of emptiness inside. I like westerns and European cinema, in particular Danish, Anders Thomas Jensen — a talented and original writer, Eva green — one of favorite Actresses, well and MES Mikkelsen — the monster of acting. But the film has turned gray.

And it is impossible to say that everyone just too bad, some of the ideas in the film really good. First, a sense of swing in realism — Wild West tried to show the wild — the complete triumph of lawlessness, frostbite, dirt, violence. Even removed all somehow deliberately simple and ugly — no stylish camera angles; no picturesque scenery — local "beauty" is worse than depressing songs of group "Butyrka", but close-UPS show dark, tired, unshaven, sweaty faces of the characters — direct covenants of Sergio Leone. Well only the teeth have all perfectly white and even, flawed. Eve even tried to "spoil" the scars on the face. "Tried" — because even then it manages to look very attractive. Next — this I think it is very valuable and characteristic more exactly for European cinema than the Hollywood — ruthlessness the positive character. A Chinese proverb says that seeking revenge should dig two graves the the graves would take much longer, especially if we are talking about Western — coffins and cemeteries in General the same the characteristic attribute of the genre as and the Colt "Peacemaker". In vain the hero Mikkelsen tried to be a loving — not time and place. The violence follows the characters in the film in the heels, it is familiar to them since no no chance to avoid it later — the viewer is obvious with the beginning. The theme of revenge is as old as the world, but what "forget" some authors, is similar to other — die only the bad guys, but and good. Even if they are absolutely not what, after all, the side of the victim — characteristic of harsh reality.

However, neither the one good thing is not been brought here to mind. The main villain of the movie in the performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan — it is very stereotypical bastard. Zeroing them the heads of innocent old ladies were apparently intended to emphasize its absolute unscrupulousness, cynicism and ruthlessness. On it is approximately well as a stupid parody of "Acquaintance with the Spartans", where the bad guy Xerxes slammed the servant just for fun. Well... he just evil, you know? Hero Mikkelsen stepped in here like direct from another of her movie — "the Hunt", the same a quiet man, until the latter avoids any violence and apparently sincerely believing that living in the civilized world. Wait... In"the Hunt," he was a teacher in kindergarten, and here — the former soldier, but still the gun when carrying. He there for the war did? Surely cruelty the human is not seen? Can "a clerk in the headquarters stayed"? And the trunk is then why on the finger spin like in your free time? When the beginning of the movie in the cart of his wife, directly at this little son, he put his hands on a criminal and our peace-loving ex-soldier began to babble something like "well, neither of nadaaa, well, pajalusta" — he is that expected? What the bastard would let his wife and will bring a thousand pardons? When our terpenes did deign to do something for family protection — it was late and ended in tears. Generally, the game Mesa in the film is good, I must admit. Here only the hero was frankly stupid. But here is Evie green is not had — on the film it mute like to play face, the more character with not the most fun in the past — a potentially interesting character, but in fact so "wooden" and unemotional I'm not seen yet no one movie. The only memorable moment — full of the cold hatred look — a ray of light in the darkness. Respectively, and her character is not cause any emotional response in the heart, very sorry.

Cardboard unrevealed characters from writer Jensen — this is nonsense. As if not were no "Shimmering Lights" with same Mikkelsen nor "Quick Guns"... Dialogues in the movie a little, and those are dull and do not bear in itself any of depth or a certain life homespun truth, nothing. Christian themes do not revealed, although I personally don't like, but she like would be, judging by the name, some private attempts to lead religious conversations, and also thinking about other works by Jensen-screenwriter. The ending is generally puzzling — what the hell was that?

I would like not to criticize this film. I would say that it is something there. I would think the creators were not care what they removed, not just happened — well, the stars are not agreed, the black cat ran, the mirror was broken... Funny that during the filming of burned scenery — but even that the film is almost beat. In General, mediocrity and melancholy. Maybe someone saw something different in this film, found some hidden, deeper meaning. But don't me.

How much has The Salvation made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,363,964.
How much did it cost to make The Salvation?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least EUR10,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Salvation?
This tv-show was directed by Kristian Levring.
What is the genre of The Salvation?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Western, Best Thriller Movies 2015.
Who starred in The Salvation?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Eric Cantona, Mikael Persbrandt.
What is The Salvation IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was The Salvation released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-02-27.