The Salesman

The relationship of the Emad and Wounds cloudless, and they have a lot of plans for the future. Day Emad teaches at the school and in the evenings the couple enthusiastically rehearsing a play by Arthur Miller "death of a salesman". However, family drama unfolds not only on stage but in real life, when their new home from a safe haven turns into a crime scene.

  • Asghar Farhadi

Release Date: 2016-11-09
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: FR, IR
  • Language: Persian | English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $6,953,604
Rozanna Girish
26 December 2016 | 11:40

Almost all picture to which had a hand in extraordinary Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi, considered the acknowledged works of modern classics, revealing the complexity of relations between ordinary people in the framework of the difficult features of the Eastern culture. Being the son of one of the most controversial of the Islamic countries, once starpause a radical change of the free social order in severity, directly related to religion, Asghar Fahadi saw in this a great opportunity in all colors to illustrate the socio-cultural politics of his native country through the prism of dramatic movie with complex internal structure. To much to the surprise of as world critics and the Director himself, he has not experienced any difficulties with the implementation of their own ideas, although they are clearly visible criticism of the current state of Affairs in Iran. Most of the films Fahrad crossed the country's borders and successfully take the leading film festivals around the world including Cannes, Berlin and Venice. And in 2012, the confident Iranians conquered another one dizzying top, taking the coveted "Oscar" for the best film on a foreign language along with "divorce Nader and Simin". A production designer location Farhadi would have seen this is a real chance to move their creativity in Commerce, but not only Asghar. Instead try your luck in the staging of the blockbuster, it back to Homeland, so even more to hone the skill of a skilled playwright in the tape known as "traveling Salesman". And now she is perhaps the best in entire career.

So, the plot of the film takes place in Tehran, where and live the main characters of the story, Emad (Shahab Hosseini) and Wound (Hit of Alidoosti). Passion of both spouses is a game in the local theater, where they have put a considerable amount of notable plays, and now I intend to take up the works of Arthur Miller and for recognized the classic "death of a salesman". The wound gives the scene all yourself, that time, as the Emad in addition to the rehearsals and the endless repetition of text and other concerns, which in the first and foremost relate to the material prosperity of the family. Like the life of the spouses, if not take the calculation of the theater, not much different from the average lives of ordinary Iranians, however, one, not the most enjoyable day of their expects a serious test of stretching but the long period of experiences and agony... Excavation work nearby, become a serious threat to the welfare of the occupants of the house, in which reside Emad and Wound, in relations with the spouses have with urgently seek a new abode. By agreeing to help each other, the characters move in a vacant apartment, not having the attention of the notoriety of the last tenant. And this fact becomes the starting point of the collapse of an established marriage, save that with each day becomes more complicated.

Asghar Fahadi not going to change their traditions, continuing to foment genuine drama of human relationships in the realities of ordinary life. On the example of her characters, the Director shows all the imperfections of the world, which if any politics, morals, religious trends remains the same as perverse as and hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Despite the tough chaste policy of Iran, the citizens of this Eastern country continue to wallow in sin. No matter how fines and penalties do not frighten the Iranians, they still continue to meet personal needs, not hesitate free sexual pleasures, divides ostentatious Islamic chastity in the dust. Situation is compounded by the propaganda trends, filling the country in the 70s and essentially turning Iran in a strict state, flatly refused to the European vision society. However, the more pressure on people, the harder they resist. In the Iranian situation of open rebellion against the state system none heralds, but the sad becomes the situation in a country where all thriving dishonesty, craftily covered with a glossy green-white flags, emphasizing the supposedly indestructible pillars of faith in Allah and his prophet of Muhammad.

The courage of the Director is evident in the amazingly accurately recreate the everyday life of an ordinary Iranian family, which has become hostage to the political situation in the family multiplied by the inability of every citizen in society to oppose his strong will of universal injustice, raging on the streets of Iran. Of course, Asghar Fahadi shows the everyday life of Iranians without the tyrannical supervision of the authorities, and still in every scene of the movie visible pain from rash decisions that lead to irreparable consequences. Very difficult to watch where flows the river of the family of Emad and Wounds. One single mistake with choosing apartment leads to the mass of unnecessary tests, while with the other hand, they be excellent litmus test, showing absolutely everything cracked the alleged peace between the two spouses. Piercing emphasized the drama of the situation is gaining momentum in the connection than to anticipate the end of the tape is not possible. In this story can happen anyone any result is all will stay with a sad sediment.

To fill the semantic heap "Salesman" to themselves of the edges of the Asghar Fahrad was needed actors capable of understanding it will half of the words and bring the disclosure of images of a unique piece of their own vision of the situation. To the delight of the Director, at the time of filming in his possession was Shahab Hosseini and RAM of Alidoosti about working with which he knows hearsay. Skilled, not a mediocre Eastern artists were able to play a true family tragedy in such a way that their an emotional storm is believed to the extent that I think Hosseini and Alidoosti spouses and in real life. On the background of the main characters pale in comparison to some other figures of this incredible party, but the Director is directly aware who is the center is not going to play with sure-minded focus when it is in the point which had to be instructed.

In the end I want to say that "Salesman" at the unique movie. The Director was able to reveal before us a surprisingly emotional family drama, if not forget to make a reproach to side of the Iranian society. But did he just because truly loves his country and wants it to be a little better. Certainly not know whether you will have "Salesman" in the soul of the widest possible audience. Most likely, the tape and will remain attractive for a strictly specified audience, the host's complex history is much better than city Park. Only that it the artistic quality did not suffer who knows, maybe you ever agree to join the family life of Emad and Wounds.

Of 9 10

Rosabella Hickey
14 January 2018 | 10:46

Tape Iranian Asghar Farhadi, the winner of the award "Oscar" in 2017 also won awards for best actor(Shahab Hosseini) and best screenplay at the Cannes film festival. Despite these two victory Cannes no one of the three main awards the film received.

More attention to it was fixed after a victory on"Oscar" many people believe that there is an important role played by politics and political correctness. Was known to handing that Asghar Farhadi is not come to ceremony of the that Donald trump was denied entry to America is the people of the Islamic faith to avoid the threat of terrorism, but to Asghar Farhadi, an exception was made, however, he still not come to show the the solidarity of all citizens of the Islamic faith all Iranians. About the picture itself also said that it is there a political subtext that also contributed to its victory. He is, but so subtle, unobtrusive and hidden, that not noticeable in General the movie is not about the fact, so arguments about a strong political subtext is hardly can be considered true.

Emad and Wound forced because of a fire that occurred at the them nearby, to move in another place, of course, so  - called refugees will not be simple but is a person who provides some decent housing, but history vague. The former landlady took in many lovers and it is possible that one of them may sooner or later pay a visit to the new residents of the apartment. Once on the stupidity of the Wound thinking that came home to her favorite no issues opens the door intercom, but there goes a drunken man and as it turns out beats and rapes sweetheart of the Emad.

Who is right, but who is to blame here, not to make out, but the incident creates for both severe emotional distress. Emad needs to find the culprit in order to reassure itself and the Wound. Execute justice, to maintain the honor and dignity of the family, and importantly, would you believe in the future, Emad will be able to provide security. In this is the goal, no aggression, trials, and just to be sure future and stop living in fear and stress. Wound to say in police want to, so on the Emad put all weight of responsibility he is a link between the victim and the guilty. This real grief with which need to deal with.

The main characters play out the play "death of a salesman", Emad is also a school teacher. The socially disadvantaged have to deal with all the storms of emotions that their catch up. In order to ease their pain they just and find solace in art, going to the world of dreams and illusions, thinking that it helps them escape for a while from the harsh reality. But all in vain, just close your eyes to impossible still negative emotions overtake them directly to the scene at the rehearsal. The indicating that the go to the world of dreams and supposedly in complete isolation from the reality is not the way the problems are still surface they strong before the weak person that they are not to escape, only need to be active and combat them. Yeah and more to make art in this case is not the best idea because it is very closely connected with reality, these two different worlds overlap and complement each other, and not trying to live apart. This idea incidentally is shown here more deeply, clearly and more beautiful than in the same of the acclaimed "La La land", where this idea can be traced very dim. All develops easy consistently the pieces that do not want to miss a single frame. In the result is easy, beautiful, without the pathos and the interest remains to the end because we do not hurry to give the whole story. The script develops almost imperceptibly after all, we are absorbed in the thick of things, where and look investigation. Very nice and a fine game of Shahab Hosseini, it always nice to see on the screen, always kept, not shows emotions, but facial expression, facial expressions are visible to all the hidden emotions and the state of the hero, which add liveliness, complexity and interest this is not completely standard way — the person possessed an eternal concern, but in virtue of his manhood, not is seeking to show. So it remains up to the end where can play the public actor remains firm and imperturbable. Smoothly reaching the junction us spread card, but it also is not rapidly and consistently, to keep from the screen of an interested spectator, but us are not plagued by the development is rapid and at the end of the picture creates a very strong tension, which causes us to remember the events and the emotions that we are given to experience such a strong feeling of acute excitement not experienced for a long time is a unique technique is not comparable almost no what still convinces us that awards in script the main male role was given not just like that. Thanks to all this outer shell covers well the emptiness inside because apart from strong, but short-term emotions hardly the movie will leave something behind, whether it is food of the mind or any other such things. Many other items are also quite simple, even if the movie is a bit to clean up from what he stands out(and it just to make) then get the most common picture is absolutely no noticeable.

After everything is fine, in real life, have no stopping to enjoy the world of staging, you can safely devote himself to art and leave the world of dreams.

7,5 of 10

Marguerite Brookner
26 March 2017 | 01:26

Iran is the most westernized center of the film industry in the Arab world in maintaining your combination of free and the Islamic tradition where it is prostitution, adaptation of American works and the field of crime, but women still cover their heads with scarves. In this regard, Iranian cinema has a wide screen for the limits of the part evraziiskogo of the continent and his country, being widely presented on all festivals no exceptions.

Asghar Farhadi to forty-five years have managed to grab two Academy awards for best foreign film, gracefully passing of local history in the first time, and thus in political reverberation that an integral support its spark, in the segment of conspiracy theory. It is difficult not to admit that problem entry public renunciation he brought the tape to the statue, but it's also hard not to recognize the achievements of as the Director, so and the sphere of Iranian cinema.

"The salesman" was released on screens quite rapid forced marches, which also quickly disappeared, however, with many of the doubts which have arisen, in including due to the mentioned political motives. Another family lives of Iranian couples are also not added whist the ribbon, together with a long explanatory crackdown on life of Iranian intellectuals, to comply with half an hour of screen time, it frankly pushed further perception of the work for heavy mortal existence, which, however, subsequently justified and strongly been refuted. In the unfolded state "of a Salesman" can be defined as an attempt to create suspense in European plate, the Iranian world, publicly throwing household decoration and going to classical psychoanalysis expanding the deviance of his characters.

The structure of the scenario is the classic model of joint action, exposing in parallel the story of the lives of the characters and the story they put his play. This scheme is already have used still not been lost its rationality. The composite part presented an outdoor drama, with bright highlighted the three-step plot. Wide open, the images of the characters and this in contrast the vivid characters of the second plan. The boundaries of the origin of the tape blurred for their unification, otherwise I would it could again become the Islamic kind is the parable of the complexity of fate, and after to do is to scare away potential viewers for its closeness and the pessimism.

According to statements by the Director himself, he was interrupted work on its a Spanish band for this film, which suddenly as it says, "completely opened for his own door." It is expressed building structure in parallel, acted out a play that not possible, found its influence work in Europe. It should be noted that this part — the play of Arthur Miller and her rehearsal look like the weakest link in the narrative. They well emphasize the loftiness of the characters, the cultural layer of modern free the Arab world, posing very organically completes the picture and echoes the last story stage, however, it is equally quietly unproven it looks a big part of the tape, being tired a digression, when the development of the main story requires rest and discharge.

To do this history often. First, the game of Shahab Hosseini seems pretty monumental, but the fact that there is a very understandable overloading of the hero, first home plan, after — emotional, associated with the oppressive procedure of vengeance. Second, the story line focuses its attention on these emotions often erupt, but still questionable and presepsis. Them as time is performed by moving to sketch rehearsals and back that allows the plot to move as the ladder, carefully helping himself freely dangling rope, to adhere or to pull yourself up.

The story of the hand in side Farhadi puts your heroes in the opposite corners — due to the tragedy have the husband does not able to understand her wife, his straightforwardness choosing the fight with facts bet on a male of aptitude, losing from the appearance of internal contradictions of the wife, her Association of her body with the body of the fallen woman and issue, how then move on. No one knows is not trying to tell that was really — without the police, fearing to spoil their own dobropochtenny name, they run for a Ghost or same hiding from them, preferring to blur their identity on their own, than to be blurred falling avalanche of votes from side.

How much has The Salesman made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $6,953,604.
Who is the director of the movie The Salesman?
This tv-show was directed by Asghar Farhadi.
What is the genre of The Salesman?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Best movies 2016.
Who starred in The Salesman?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Shahab Hosseini, Taraneh Alidoosti, Mina Sadati, Babak Karimi, Mehdi Koushki.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-11-09.