The Report

After the tragic events of 11 September 2001, the CIA agents go to extreme measures during interrogations of those who, presumably, was behind the attack.

  • Scott Z. Burns

Release Date: 2019-11-15
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $232,305
Lia Novelia
03 December 2019 | 03:24

Publication of the report of the Senate Committee on the exploration of the torture of CIA in his time made a lot of noise. Another would be: the U.S. government was accused (not unreasonably) to systematic torture of prisoners after the attacks of 11 September. A good Foundation for the feature film in the genre of journalistic investigation, and attempting to attract the power to in the cinematic world in General gaining popularity in the contradictory America of Donald trump. So was the "Report of torture". But the mere desire to get into the leitmotif of modern American opposition and attempts to undermine the colossus on clay feet not have the qualities of a good film. He report the story of its birth is interesting, however, to dramatize those events, particularly the life of the man behind the report, boring to a disgrace.

Adam Driver plays Daniel Jones — assistant, U.S. Senator Diann Feinstein. The young man commissioned to write a report on the so-called "effective interrogation techniques" — a term that so and gives "guillamino". Jones and his small team are sitting in the basement for many years, reviewing thousands of pages of documents, come to the conclusion that officials the CIA and the Obama administration sanctioned the torture of prisoners.

In fact the "Report" is an adaptation of a page from  the"Wikipedia". The creators seem desperate rush through the events; in the beginning of the film years fly by for a couple of scenes. This great interfere with the viewing experience; it's hard to know who is important people in the centre of the story and they for personality. In the end, the story finds its place in the beginning of the 2010s, and the script starts to get together in something adequate. Hero Adam Driver goes directly to objective a little disappointed in the bureaucratic machine.

Stopping and the lack of entertainment. "Report" is almost entirely built on political conversations, scenes, sessions and meetings, the time from time-alternating perturbations of a hero Driver. For the audience, open to a procedural history, "Report" may be a little strong, purposeful film. However, even these viewers agree that the film is too much engrossed in the clichés of the subgenre. With the moment the protagonist enters in his empty office, all screaming cliches of the genre: until cork Board with the related evidence. In other words, "Report", relying on settings genre techniques, too much focus on popping facts and the flat scenarios.

The film boasts a good cast: Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Corey Stoll, Tim Blake Nelson and etc. In mainly all show clear traits of their characters or pile exposure. It is mainly produced by Adam Driver and his performance, though is excellent, it seems forced and obviously commercially reasonable, and not the heart of the project.

Films such as "In the spotlight" and"All the President's men" showed that the investigation could be a compelling film. However, the "Report" so too biased: the creators have literally written in the credits a petition for publication of the full report, but not only its summary. In fact "Report of torture" — this statement is about this took the form of a film about people in the suits who sit in offices, something intently typing on computer and talking to each friend the world of big politics in the United States. Drama based on the facts, pardon the pun, it too is based on the facts, which here forgot to set the tension and suspense. "Report" is a dull film that simply cracks and breaks into parts for over two hours of running time. The most memorable moment are the only conspiracy theories and  the"Report" is not passed them the party: the secret meeting with the agent the style of "Deep throat" proof, however, and she can stir up this lethargic political history.

5 from 10

Magdalene Gyasi
01 December 2019 | 10:05

"THE REPORT" — great movie. It like "good documentation" with bias political activities of the States with 2001 2013. To be more precise, it is illegal political activity, hide it all and abuse of authority in the field of intelligence.

The film is based on real events. Yes, it is so. Not go deep in the analysis report "a thousand" pages, but if this film is in a greater degree true, then we see how much this field is rotten. Rotten to the core! At the time of viewing, I was amazed at all this filth, this lowlife, this creature in the cumulative way, which is power. Power, trembling knees, afraid of the truth, want to live without limitation. All the leadership is afraid to lose what it is achieved all of its illegal actions.

And if it's mostly true, then all is lost. No trust and never. And at the moment, only "REALLY matters".

But I want to believe that everything is ambiguous. And if so, there's still a chance for justice. Later I explain puzzled by this question.

Now tell about your speculation and experience...

1. The script

Wrote it the film is directed by Scott Z. Burns, a frequent partner Steven Soderbergh, who in turn acted as a producer, but not it...

Burns writes really cool, explosive and resonant scenarios. He making them precise, calculating. At the time of viewing shows that the man was really interested to understand the question. He wants to tell us all your point of view. It happens that his first place is not so much a character as the very idea. In this film, all in greater extent. In the center is idea, but unlike his last work here is revealed the main character, and others can be combined into two groups with two completely different, opposite set of qualities. So what is the new project?

The story begins with the show us protagonist — Dan Jones, who after graduation trying to find a job in Congress in 2003. But finally gets it later on 2-3 years. Then he give the job — to investigate the program of questioning detainees, which was after 2001 year. And next came the development of...

Karina shows with what diligence and perseverance, the Senate attempted to publish the truth. How much effort and time spent on this is a large, high-profile case. And, of course, show and with some fear the CIA tries to interfere, under the guise of law and good intentions.

Scott burns showed everything so realistic most likely that I hated everything about the CIA and system such. His position this issue can be seen from me, she is similar. On my subjective opinion — this is the only reasonable position, which is supported by facts and evidence.

Well, ... after ending her hopes for justice, system of government there no. The only thing worth believing, so it is the TRUTH that you checked it myself. And only she will have a value!

What to the account of the heroes? Our attention is just a lot of characters with different names, which are simply impossible to remember. From the force after watching remember the name 3-4. And this time is the problem of the film. It tries to tell the story, relying on some of the characters, but and us to give their characteristics. That's why the film will sink into the moments when their names will be mentioned in the dialogues. This was you can avoid putting in the role of famous actors. Yes, it is not will save the problem in a script, but but the audience at least will be remembered a hero.

Revealed to us only Dan Jones and, perhaps, Senator Feinstein Dien.

Daniel seems to be hardworking, fair, patient and reasonable person, who is on the limit of their capabilities. He did the entire report on which took more than 5 years. It is the person who tries to do everything to see that justice is all so were a few. It is seen that he would like position system. He is trying to make people know the real truth and made conclusions. He I want to empathize. Everyone wants it when he see what Johns has tried to make all possible lawful ways. Such a person I want to meet and shake hands.

Senator Feinstein is shown as a goodie. It tries to help Dan in the publication of the report, it is interested in this, trying to achieve this by extreme measures. Also everything that people saw, "where they live".


2. Actors

Much rested on them. This item was not less important than the script itself. If there was the charismatic actor on the foreground, the film would have lost much. How would have been elaborated dialogues, without a good game of actors they won't work on the viewer.

Adam Driver — so cool! A great actor that his game keeps all the attention on yourself. Without the picture would have lost at least confined the audience's interest in viewing.

Annette Bening also plays perfectly. Have not saw her great movies. Character brush up discreet, understanding and determined. Vivid emotions Bening as right here helped.

Well, also thanks to John Hammu I remember Denis McDonough. When the work is Hamm, everything will be the highest level. At him, though not much, but the game is great.

I think no further it is unnecessary to describe the actor's work here is good.

3. Atmosphere + Soundtrack

Rather grim surroundings with an incredible soundtrack. Surprisingly, David Wingo was able to do all of this to the audience felt the tension. Motives to remember and watch become more and more interesting.

Scott burns made a movie so that the audience experienced the different emotions at the time of viewing. First surprise, then hatred, then thoughtfulness. And is only a small part.

Nothing more to add...

The result:

"REPORT OF TORTURE" — this is a full tour of the theme of abuse of power. Incredibly atmospheric, interesting, deep, honest and exciting tape. In the movie has great actors and the excellent soundtrack. We have me added to the list of favorite Directors. Do I need to add anything else?

Many may wonder why I so long to talk about politics is a completely different country and still worried about her. Yes, because the policy of countries is interconnected. And so the policy of leading world powers the more. And if this is happening in a huge country, who knows what can do it on a larger scale. But does anyone know whether this in our country surely? Very doubt it.

I would like to believe the film is an exaggeration, and considerable. But doesn't work.

And remember... TRUTH MATTERS.

Of 9 10

How much has The Report made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $232,305.
Who is the director of the movie The Report?
This tv-show was directed by Scott Z. Burns.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Biography.
Who starred in The Report?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, Evander Duck Jr., Jon Hamm, Linda Powell.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was The Report released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-11-15.