The Queen

Contractovy behind the scenes of the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair, developing on the background of numerous problems arising in connection with the tragic death of Princess Diana. August 1997. The United Kingdom's favorite Princess Diana died in a car accident. Queen Elizabeth II, in spite of all expectations of British society, secluded at Balmoral castle, where he tries to realize the full extent comprehended the Kingdom of loss. However, newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair understands that the situation may turn ordinary Britons from the throne. So on his shoulders rests the whole burden of responsibility to find a compromise between the deeply personal tragedy of the Royal house and the public desire to see its public manifestations.

  • Stephen Frears

Release Date: 2006-11-17
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: FR, IT, GB, US
  • Language: English | German | French
  • Budget: GBP9,800,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $123,384,128
Charo Blumenthal
06 January 2009 | 06:46

I never was interested in politics. When there were the events described in film, I was too small to assess what is happening.

I want to see from since this movie was in my library for a long time. And all time no desire to see not has arisen. This is probably because of my prejudice. Because the royals have power, influence, money, it would seem that still need. And indeed, hardly a simple person of average means would ever understand that means — to be Queen.

This film changed all my idea. A woman of such force of will I do not necessary. Actress on the main role chosen is just perfect. Not in vain the Queen herself approved of her game. This awesome, each would be able to make such open insults from his people, the benefit of which served the whole life.

Happy moment when the little girl gives bouquet to Queen. It says that haven't all is lost. People still remembers and honors his Queen. It's just new time. And we all have to change.

Becca Adele
16 February 2013 | 03:15

It should be noted that many viewers, this film is not like it. And seems that it has features of "documentary" and soon in the position of Queen Elizabeth II, which throughout the film, she takes with respect to lady Diana: the cold, cowardice, cool. Many say that it's "cheating issued for the truth."

But let's think about the following. Touching so delicate a subject of the Royal family and trying to create in the first place, a biographical film about life-like country and members of the monarchy, after the tragic death of Diana, could be Director Stephen Frears to deceive us, not tell that was really, to demonstrate a different picture, and not picture of events 1997 — 1998?.. I think that no!!!

Many people do not like the film because of the behaviour of Elizabeth II. But impossible to forget that she had the throne 25 years, were brought up in strict laws of the Royal dynasty, so young learned to show weakness and to show strong and persistent character to the events, no matter how sad they were not. Has the death of Diana the Queen? Yes, changed! And we see how many: Elizabeth II confused. With one hand she all the rules of the Royal court of great Britain, not can organise the state funeral of lady Diana, because Diana is not belongs to the Royal family. You have to admit the Queen and she does not want it, moreover, it hides a personal insult. With the other hand, to recognize Diana a member of the Royal family and to bury with honors requires the nation! Tens of thousands of people gather outside Buckingham Palace to lay flowers and to honor the memory of people's favorite!

The Queen does not easy to their choice. Knowing that needs to follow the will of the people, for this is it power is decided to bury Princess Diana in all the rules of the Royal family, to organize a state funeral and personally participate in the ceremony. This is heavy, but a wise decision, it back the trust of the people.

The film teaches you how for the highest good, you have to sacrifice your principles and beliefs, so it will be interesting and useful for those who took the posts of Executive.

Incredibly talented role the Queen played in the film by Helen Mirren. Also liked the insertion of real footage of the events of 1997 — 1998, which the Director uses in the film: all combines very well. The film deserves a perfect score.

10 of 10

Hyacinth Wenn
09 April 2008 | 06:42

In the history of England again there were periods of terrible turmoil. But, it would seem like could happen something similar in our time? In 1997. we convinced that can, and with ease. The most self-possessed, unflappable, calm and decent people, with such care to protect their tradition, suddenly was ready reject the long history of the benefit of a single person. And name — Diana. Princess Diana. The "people's Princess".

My attitude to Diana was always different from the common. For some reason this the woman seemed to me to false , created as a good stage image. Maybe I'm too skeptical, cynical, Yes. besides conservative but only one phrase of Diana, which became known to the whole world, once irrevocably ruined my against her: "I wanted to become Queen of people's hearts...". To be honest, it jarred me from this statement is up to date. With a similar look to the events of the late XX century. I was particularly interesting to see the Queen.

Initially, I thought the famous story in"Queen" (and in most of works devoted to the events of those years of age) highlighted a few one-sided. But soon I realized look and feeling Frears ' coincides with mine. To be honest, it is bribed.

Of course, "the Queen" — truly English highly artistic film, not daring to qualify for the documentary... probably in the objective. However, in the Queen, created by Mirzam, Morgan and Mirren, I believe. Believe that the monarch, "the messenger of God", a living symbol can love, suffer, hate, cry... feel. Believe know  the Almighty, the sovereign is not can let the blind, gullible crowd. And believe that "fresh breath", the Prime Minister of the labour party can stand on the defense of the monarchy. Believe that  the"people's Princess" on this not really was. In General, the "Queen" I believe.

Oscar-winner Helen Mirren — too. And let a born English restraint prevents full judge acting, but the acrid, barely noticeable smile on his thin lips and irritated, puffy eyes captivated me, as the viewer. No wonder, the Golden globe and the Oscar went to her.

Unfortunately, I can't call "the Queen" film, which amused me. However, two stage, some internal, unknowable level, was struck. This episode talking about the funeral of "Tay bridge" and meeting with a deer. In first we must pay tribute to Sylvia Sims, who perfectly portrayed the old man's fright when an elderly person is deprived of hope for a good send-off. In second — the most Mirren. That the English restraint suddenly turned into a comprehensive, boundless, a huge emotional explosion that with an effort to control the status of the frame. It was inimitable. Here we did not the monarch, not the Queen, and human woman, the whole life is fought for the happiness of others.

It was then, with the moment we and begin to talk about the person has to transcend themselves, through their honor and dignity, to preserve their faith. Begin to talk about the humiliation and suffering. However, all this is negligible when the little man child, pure and honest, to acknowledge you. It is the most expensive reward.

Perhaps it is the aforesaid valuable film "the Queen". The film reflects the deep, inner, hidden feelings "prisoner" of his Royal fate, carried out the task — it still times forced to bow to "our mother".

Of 9 10

How much has The Queen made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $123,384,128.
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According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least GBP9,800,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Queen?
This tv-show was directed by Stephen Frears.
What is the genre of The Queen?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography.
Who starred in The Queen?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Helen Mirren, James Cromwell, Alex Jennings, Roger Allam, Sylvia Syms.
What is The Queen IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was The Queen released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2006-11-17.