The Professor and the Madman

England the mid-nineteenth century. Oxford Professor James Murray working on the first ever dictionary of the English language, and its chief ally becomes an inmate of a psychiatric hospital for dangerous criminals — Dr. William minor.

  • Farhad Safinia

Release Date: 2019-05-10
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: IE
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $25,000,000
Meryl Fremont
27 April 2019 | 09:30

This is not games. The mind is illuminated by the light of one idea, the mind of another mosque in the darkness of insanity. The Union of two of the possessed will create a giant work — "Oxford English dictionary".

Mel Gibson took 16 years and about $25 million to film the events described in the novel Simon Winchester — "Professor and Madman". Writer turned prosaic lexicographical history in the heavy drama about an unusual friendship for a common cause. And the Director added to this atmosphere of insanity and the amazing game of Sean Penn.

The actor seemed to have become your character — Chester minor. Mad doctor, the past horrors of the civil war, appears in all the dark beauty of schizophrenia. Penn plays alone eyes. They convey all the shades of disease — confusion, glimpses of sanity, obsession, and complete absence of consciousness. Look at a desperate struggle of Chester shadows of the past in his room, and you get scared. Terribly scared from that you can control your mind.

In comparison with him, Mel Gibson — viewer the theater of one actor. It James Murray says about yourself literally in a couple of scenes. One of them touching conversation with a Minor. In the rest of the Murray "Shine" pretentious dialogue and heavy sighs over a dictionary. Even Natalie Dormer diverse in their roles. Wife killed in Chester is way from contempt to empathy.

Perhaps this is why the plot is uneven and like mnogogolovy performance. It that carries the story of a doctor, you tired of the problems of dictionary, surprising romance. a lot of events, some of which I want to quickly scroll. Sew the film in a single fabric two things: the camera and music. Latest changeable and fickle as the as minor. Music drives with mind mesmerizing. And cinematography brightens up live views of brown-grey pattern. The camera gently leads you according to the hospital and solemnly descends from the heights of Oxford University.

I liked the movie, even though he turned out weighty for content — 2 hours. Fans of dynamic scenes is likely to be boring and connoisseurs of strong acting or long professorial beard — pretty interesting.

8 from 10

Libbi Uund
04 May 2019 | 03:38

Zeal — constant, persistent attempts to achieve the impossible. Persistent efforts, hard and painful. Here key phrase patterns. It sounds of the mouth of the wife of James Murray, it sounds closer to the tape end to protection works. It was she, the essence for understanding what is happening.

Two men, by the will of the circumstances of life nailed to the same beach. Associates in the fanatical ecstasy case.

There are films that all your contents are one single thought. Approver. Love Lee is presented to the audience for General preparation of the debt if screened for the field service or some other human mission. Integrity, integrity in the consideration is taken for framework. Else is only the husk that serves as a Supplement. Character, like a guide, like a teacher, pantries reveal his secrets. An introduction to experience of wisdom and myself, become richer. Grow up, understanding what he saw.

"Game of minds" of the series of paintings, where the plot twists and turns a reflection of the human spirit. Titans in the greatest manifestation of himself in us. Here, life tricks gave of furnace furnace such two svetoci that people in the everyday hustle they for understanding, complex. Another flight, another reality, another universe in them. The processes occurring in the neurons of the brain over of understanding. The speed of information generation the results of the ideas on the level of the unique. Piece goods. No Assembly-line production. And scene decision-making quick, sharp stroke of precision. The vanity of existence, merely a distraction from the Ministry of the assigned mission, the waste. Not is the main idea of the picture? And the dryness of the character Mel Gibson's attempt maximum concentration on painstaking diligence, "on the altar bringing the case". And no need to splash on third party otherwise. Everything in it is subordinated to the main. Entertainment, for the excitement of the audience, at the very minimum. This is probably the Director's intention. So obviously intends to set the rhythm. So this role was supposed to sound. Happened? Convincing? Outside doubt.

If the character Mel Gibson is an informed life choices, Sean Penn& nbsp;— volunteer. And here the tragic, the dramatic fate of the person. The symptoms of schizophrenia, prison clinic and selflessness in sacrifice to the society. Monetary donations, baskets with food to the children, immediate medical attention, the response to announcement request, here's catwalk "madman". Abnormal if he — like asks the author — Yes, of course, war, upheavals, left an imprint on his psyche, but Muti his soul, no. Thoughts, talk about this better than words. The highest human skill before us. Converter. The engineer, in a broader sense. Well when doing this "engine" is. If in the cage a couple of fanatics, work in full swing sports. And scene bench Park, hardly not amorous cooing of these two. One says, the second with a pleasure echoed thoughts. Framing the stage, the decoration picture. Business — determines meaning. Business — responsibility to both. Business — pulsation of life.

It would seem what's the film about? Dictionary of language generalization. And as versatile as the versatile. And a series of characters memorable images. Even the secondary, partly static figures, sound its note. The guard, for example. Or the poor widow. "The black man" James Murray or his wife. The characters, the texture, the refreshing portrayal.

7 of 10

Rey Mazurek
26 June 2019 | 03:36

Is to say thank you to world cinema for that it gives the viewer to know about things about which he didn't know where he not to thought he even thought there was lighting for the subject or another. From each has their own interests and the idea is to sit in front of the monitor and score Google "Who designed the Oxford dictionary of the English language" will not come to everyone. Thanks to the movie can fill in the blank spots in their knowledge and to allow such annoying mistakes.

The film "Game of minds", literally translated as "the Professor and the madman", was put Mel Gibson and given his ability of the Director, I think the film would not worse. But and Farhad Safinia it turned out very well. Given that the Iranian Director had previously worked with Gibson over  the"Apocalypse" and"the Passion of the Christ", I am sure that Mel Gibson helped the Director with advice and business and on the set of "the Professor and the madman".

The film deals with that part of the history of compiling the dictionary, when James Murray (Gibson) began on it when join in as a volunteer was William Chester minor (Sean Penn) who as an assistant on Murray distance. Theme dictionary is secondary after Maynor connects to work as the Director drew attention to this person focuses on contact with others on his mental state, otraslyam it exist.

Work on the dictionary goes on the background of the constantly deteriorating condition of the minor, which however, finds support in the person of Murray, wardens and even women whose husband he killed. It merit the compilation of a dictionary is significant and even enormous, but because the same James Murray sees the Minor is not killer crazy, but in the intellectual, possessing an inexhaustible knowledge. The widow of performed by Natalie Dormer sees it is not the killer, poor man, descended from crazy experienced war... you Can say that in "the Professor and the madman" Mel Lisbon along with Farhad Safinia talks about humanity. And we are talking about humanity when the punishment for the crimes were extremely harsh, when I was a completely different order and rules.

Take that the attitude of women. Just look at how measured the views of Mary of Oxford, wife of Murray performed by Jennifer ale! Only men have the true knowledge, the women — other responsibilities. Their confusion/mistrust and even contempt Shine through in looks very clearly give a characterization of the inequality. And the same time as the wise and devotees appear here female characters — what Elise Merritt (Dormer) that Mrs. Murray (El) — they are much smarter and more worldly than many men, that appears on the screen. Wife of Murray for account word gives strength in the spouse give him to understand that his work is not in vain, she ready to follow it everywhere, ready to support him in any matter. It is not a manifestation of female power and love?!

And the film is well displayed the relationship between people and their respectful views on each other ability to go to sacrifice. Here and defend Murray behalf of pomoshnika before the infamous Sirs and willingness Frederica James Furnivall (Steve Coogan) to help his friend with his own post.

If you compare the acting of Gibson and Penn, of course, the second was a unique and has been overshadowed by Mel. Sean Penn is brilliant in the performance of its role and I will not doubt nor the second professionalism. In addition, I note Eddie Marsan, who played the role of one of the guards. He, being often the hero of the second plan, amazing in its ability as a chameleon to adapt to different characters and different personalities. Here he noble smart guard, in"the Disappearance of Alice creed," he despotic and violent maniac, in"Hancock," he silly the evil culprit...

The film "the Professor and the madman" turned under become aristocrats — noble. Despite the seeming boring — there can make a dictionary?! — it is interesting from beginning to end.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

8 from 10

How much did it cost to make The Professor and the Madman?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $25,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Professor and the Madman?
This tv-show was directed by Farhad Safinia.
What is the genre of The Professor and the Madman?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Mystery, Biography, Best Drama Movies 2019, Best Mystery Movies 2019, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in The Professor and the Madman?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Natalie Dormer, Mel Gibson, Steve Coogan, Sean Penn, Jennifer Ehle.
What is The Professor and the Madman IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was The Professor and the Madman released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-05-10.