The Prestige

Robert and Alfred — magicians-illusionists, who at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries vied with each other in London. Over the years their friendly competition on professional soil grows into a real war. They will do anything to find out each other's secrets of fantastic tricks and disrupt their execution. Feud that erupted between them begins to threaten the lives of people around them...

  • Christopher Nolan

Release Date: 2006-10-20
IMDb icon 8.5/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $40,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $109,676,311
Jannel Gerrilee
06 February 2020 | 05:53

In the beginning of the film the bearded Michael Caine says that each focus contains three phase, the main of which — the final, under the code name of "prestige". It is the most difficult part of the trick, so by the public comes in delight. Here's the important question, "do you see?", because of the correct view of what is happening builds up an interesting picture. So I not surprised movie the idea came from to direct Christopher Nolan, then not strongly recognized the genius of Hollywood, but has already struck many of his film "Remember".

Not only the inherent idea captivating "Prestige," and even the quality of performances. Christopher Nolan took to yourself the writers his brother Jonathan, and they took a script-based novel by Christopher priest. With only one small remark — took out the modern line and made the main characters friends to how they became enemies. The narrative only 20% consists of events present tense. But gathering, like pieces of a puzzle, the events, the picture that emerges, captivating style and excellent camera work.

The plot is the story of the confrontation between two magicians — Alfred Borden and Robert Angier. They become fanatics in their field and deploy a real war with sabotage, agents and espionage.

Of the cast turned out a hodgepodge with key word "team". But on taste. The main roles are played Hugh Jackman and Christian bale. It is impossible to give preference to anyone of them, they both are fine, and the spirit, Shrouding them characters, only fanning the flames of interest in the film. On the second plan it is best remembered by three of the actor. Brilliant Michael Caine — the wise mentor of the main characters. To measure the cutest Scarlett Johansson. And David Bowie. "The man who sold the world" played a scientist, who is considered the real magician — Nikola Tesla. I could apart to paint the influence of the potential of Tesla to change the world, but let say — here he delivers the character Jackman the device that will be the highlight of his program the ultimate weapon in combat hero Bale.

I liked that the stunts in this film are shown as the engine of the plot, but not as a way to entertain the audience. Held almost ten years, and will be released film "Expat" where, apparently, inspired by the magic tricks of the Prestige and tried to create their own "show". But "the Illusion of deception" — not "Prestige". In the picture of Nolan we do not load abstruse phrases "How they did it." Established mechanisms are shown in the same stage shows that the picture is screwed steampunk. Work on the scenery with the camera has been nominated on"Oscar", but not received one figurine. The soundtrack does not bass of Hans Zimmer, but in terms of atmosphere is also suitable.

And how in good focus, the denouement here to as surprising and even shocking. It is bound to plot does not violate the laws of the film. There is undoubtedly ground for thinking, if you build a chain, you can find inaccuracies. But what's wrong that do you to start the process of thinking? Here in this key to do plot twists. Here you need to catch every action, memorize each scene, to understand what not all so simple how it seems. Again, ask the question, which was in the beginning, "You watching closely?".

Filippa Marlie
05 October 2012 | 08:44

I am very sorry that not watched this movie on the big screen. The feeling would be much sharper. Yeah and the inability to rewind the tape back to clear up a small confusion with the names in the beginning, supplied by the situation additional degree of tension. When you view totally forgot about time. Lost in the chaos of conjecture, which essentially boils down to one — what the characters will be decided on how far they will go? Although it would seem the answer, and more than obvious, occurs with the first frame. But it is much more complicated...

Illusionists — people aspiring to amaze the audience, to capture, to subdue. In brief moment to make it forget the reality is explainable and logical, but it can do almost miracle — beautifully designed, skillfully shaded, in the right places underlined and very, very careful. No matter what happens after submission, what price it is created. The light goes out and behind the scenes immersed in shadow: it is not the public. "Prestige" shows behind-the-scenes work of illusionists, where risk violence, sometimes bordering with insanity, are intertwined too closely. For to keep this profession itself as a man, sometimes you have to decide what is important — save "auxiliary material" in safe or give for the explosion of applause and deafening, but a brief triumph? After all, the audience, not able to solve with a simple trick, sooner or later gets tired of the monotonous spectacle. She only interested in the effect. It you need to feed the new and new miracles. It is very difficult, especially if you got next heels, warily watching you opponent.

At some point I realized no less illusory and my attitude to the main characters. The only question is, I and failed to myself, — who quit the node? Not even know how important response for understanding of the personalities of the two main characters, but the still not gives me peace. In any case, for producing a miracle always have to pay, and the payback is tragic for all — for the magician and for those who depends on him. The beauty that it is impossible to fully rehabilitate one of heroes, another way to give all the dark paint. And Alfred, and Robert did very cruel things, trying to fame competition, brought each of his victims. And still, the final shot of the film was set for me dot the "and". It is difficult to measure the degree of guilt of a number of human destinies, but one of the opponents were a real monster, and brought them for the sake of furor and excitement of sacrifice — beyond human comprehension.

Another important teachable moment — the obsession to destroy those who possess. Obsession — same the illusion that man creates himself for themselves. For her he same sacrifices for her sake gradually losing human shape and in the end catches in the trap. The lock is triggered. Blame no one...

Wonderful, continuously tense atmosphere, beautiful scenery, a good cast. It is difficult to highlight specific actors, because everything was perceived to be almost not as real people. I want to emphasize the poignancy, the beauty and the drama of the female characters of the film. Aesthetically pleasing was night meadow with thousands of lighted lamps near the house Nikolo Tesla that creates the feeling of real magic. Sorry, but the Creator, wise and experienced man, has also been forced to pay for direct involvement in the relentless illusion.

A smart, rich film that should reconsider not once each time not affected less than in the first.

Jelene Abdel
26 June 2009 | 07:31

I think it is impossible to compare the two completely different movie, but both about magicians, but that's all. And I definitely Prestige. Yes, maybe the Illusionist a beautiful love story and all. Film once, well or two within a couple of years. And that's the Prestige I watched two times, read the book and again watched a movie, but already in the original he still one of my favorite, every time discover something new, and probably watch more than time.

In this film these emotions: Hatred, Enmity, Rivalry, Jealousy, Revenge and uncontrollable Love for their work, tricks, and all in order to make the audience believe in magic, saw you are a wizard, and you the whole saw their face. To sacrifice everything to become a great magician, best go for all, to learn the secret, although that he in front of you, but you want to see this because he still believe in magic, to live your life only halfway, to find in themselves the courage to kill himself, so in the end no what, to suffer the whole life, die. All that the price of success, which both know. Here about the film (the book, incidentally, is still deeper). So there is, something to think about...

How much has The Prestige made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $109,676,311.
How much did it cost to make The Prestige?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $40,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Prestige?
This tv-show was directed by Christopher Nolan.
What is the genre of The Prestige?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Best Thriller Movies, Best Mystery Movies.
Who starred in The Prestige?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Piper Perabo, Rebecca Hall.
What is The Prestige IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.5.
When was The Prestige released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2006-10-20.