The Place

Nine people come to the same place to meet the mysterious Stranger in the hope that he will fulfill their deepest desires. The mystery man could put into practice all that they want. But for a price... In exchange for the dream, every guest is invited to perform unusual tasks. The more difficult the fulfillment of that dream, the higher the price. Each of the heroes must make a choice — how far is he willing to go to get what you want. And it is random the fate of the visitors to this meeting place?

  • Paolo Genovese

Release Date: 2017-11-09
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: IT
  • Language: Italian
Terrye Gyatt
17 May 2018 | 04:01

In Paolo Genovese's new film came out, and we not know! Why that we are they hiding?! All secret always becomes obvious. Is "Perfect strangers" nothing has taught?!?

Anyway, in 2017 else single chamber pearl talented Italian Director saw the light. "The meeting place" — drama movie that tells about human vices; the borders that anyone can cross for the sake of personal goals.

On the meeting place you can always see a man having Breakfast, dinner, supper over one same table with cafe. Anyone can refer to him request. The man patiently listen and making a few notes in his book will give the job after which your desire will be fulfilled. Sounds good. But catch that the job is not will always live up to your moral principles. And now ask yourself the question, what are your principles?

All in the best traditions of the style of the Genovese. World film not out the limits of the table in the cafe. Almost no action, only its discussion. Because, in this case, act on the second plan. Much more important is the mechanism of understanding a person, he is ready or not to do so. In this picture, every visitor to the cafe looking for a solution itself and, in the end, understand who is really, while "Wishmaster" so and remains of Mr. X. Who is he? The personification of conscience? Just a mortal who wants to help everyone? The devil? Or God loves salad with tuna, tomatoes and rucola?

Mr. Hyde is an integral part of each of us, but Dr. Jekyll have to stand at the wheel.

"With me, something happened also, what happens the overwhelming majority of my neighbors: I chose your best half, but I have not enough will power to remain faithful to their choice."

Shanon Twyla
28 March 2018 | 06:59

Devil fatigue. The task of the hero to show how you need to consider your desires. We often ask higher forces a miracle don't always get what I, each of us must understand why the moment, all so, there are many choices and tracks and magic is not this time -- If in life is not is so we want reconsider the situation, maybe it that you not occurred, what you wanted — is your happiness, for the consequences are unpredictable. We want a goldfish, all by magic, and at what price we want to pay. In the picture is clearly changing plans, the mood of the people — our true faces, our personal selfishness. What is winning, and as win always common sense and humanity, in the end, if you can recognize that you a good man will seem like the truth.

Beautiful picture, wonderful actors... the Only purpose for me was to understand who still this mysterious Wishmaster. Gave I understand not good and not evil, I are on your side, watch How much evil in the world... Not know many or no, but such thoughts often visit people, I really hope that the film brings together millions of people. It is not just a film - it is not a performance, it picture of the world. Then what you live, our happiness, our desires, aspirations, fears. First time might say that the film reflects the realities of life, those which are silent, there is no nothing but the will of God, it is the most powerful force. It is the time when only man and God, no governments, no interventions. Here clearly given to understand that we live in foreign games, we are governed, but we always make choices, we are giving yourself the right to manipulate you and mind I am not about the bearded man writing in his beautiful journal. More once again wonderful images and cozy picture. Pleasant viewing!

Aeriela Fineman
01 December 2018 | 03:58

This would good finish, but can't boiling... they again took half an hour of my precious time. First time in life writing a review on something. Apparently, it was the last straw. To still silent, because they understand that the filmmakers tried, worked, but I just assume the bile under the evening shot...

But sorry, no you didn't make it to do.

Yes, Confucius, Yes, Buddha, Yes, the fulfillment of desires — it is a punishment, Yes, and the very — already the punishment, and what's the point? I need this half hour to RUB, poking my face in this truth as puppy a "creativity" is not where necessary?!

You are all about the message that is heard? Hey, writers?! If the scripting was limited to that this same copy-paste truths, then the whole school of writers would fit in the brochure in the load would be distributed at the box office in Auchan! And this, sorry, taught in WOO your mother, Zechariah, and "message", which I fed almost two hours of this obschepitovskih pots, had born from me as a sense of wonder, and not as a clear forecast of the ending already in the first quarter of the film. But I unfortunately, I watched as Italians at least attractive. Hollywood muzzle involved in the original series, with which copied this "masterpiece", probably made me shut it all down at the beginning. However, it would be good.

But what I've I the fifth decade-the grumble? Would I am 20 years, would be with young Koala and Bach. But don't You, gentlemen, that it's time to write an open letter to organizations that are glue on movie genres to this put a marker CNC (see the title) so people knew in advance, on what a waste of time?. It's funny that this abbreviation mean more "Numeric control". All fits. If the audience is willing to be this machine CNC, then let him look to similar to the Burton Alice in the country of political correctness to Express with the podium, "how much he got it today".

And if anyone is interested in the real message, then let look "Coffee and cigarettes". Also because the dialogues, and what?..

In General, in this evening was otpaivala "pulp fiction", was treated Here... when Butch saves Marsellesa and you can shed a tear, here is a message, and not that it's all...

Who is the director of the movie The Place?
This tv-show was directed by Paolo Genovese.
What is the genre of The Place?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2017.
Who starred in The Place?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Valerio Mastandrea, Marco Giallini, Alessandro Borghi, Silvio Muccino, Alba Rohrwacher.
What is The Place IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was The Place released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-09.