The Pit and the Pendulum

The end of the 15th century. The Holy Inquisition, led by the sinister Torquemada, with God's name on his lips trying to install in the Catholic world the dictatorship of violence and horror. Evil in white robes everywhere. It knows not compassion and pity. Witches, bonfires, mysterious rituals — awful carousel...

  • Stuart Gordon

Release Date: 1991-06-27
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: IT, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $2,000,000
Rayna Maxfield
28 July 2009 | 09:54

"Inquisitor: Pit and the Pendulum" is a little-known remake of the tape of 1961 with unsurpassed stars of the horror genre: the brilliant Vincent price and the charming Barbara Steele in the lead roles.

In the courtyard of the late 15th century. The heyday of science, art and social consciousness. And the time of the decline of faith. On the faltering faith has had a huge impact the Black death, swept across Europe and cost the lives of millions of the righteous. Otherwise how Forgiving could do this with their favorite children? The situation was exacerbated by Rome, because there the cardinals and the Pope were not the righteous, but rather an idle and dissolute life.

In such a situation it is not surprising the emergence of the individual, leading akatski lifestyle and hate looking at Rome, who firmly believes in the Almighty with a great desire to restore the Word of God in the hearts of the citizens. This person became the Grand Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada, who, with the support of the Queen, decided to establish a private and extremely cruel orders of the revival of faith in Spain...

Surprisingly, however, Stuart Gordon, decided in his work focus on, in fact, torture, and on the psychology of personality of Torquemada. In the opinion of the Director, infinite faith in God's only the outer shell, and a true cause of the brutal atrocities... is suppressed sexual desire. Because once Torquemada woke up to the evil temptation, torture became more horrible, the execution, uncompromising, not forget the Grand Inquisitor to torture and myself, praying the Lord to deliver him even thought about the devil's sin. Then we have you can see a simplified interpretation of psychological concepts of Freud. That, too, the perspective.

In addition to the main storyline in the film, interwoven: a love that wants to show that real, sincere love is not afraid of any Torquemada instruments of torture; fantasy, claiming that the witches also have the right to live.

Thanks to the beautifully executed sets and designed costumes, good lighting, very precisely conveys the atmosphere of the late middle ages and also dark halls and dungeons of the Inquisition. Actor lance Henriksen has played a very unusual villain Torquemada, was in all the gestures, facial expressions rather something diabolical. And he skillfully passed the temptation to face! To the rest of the actors, no complaints really, maybe slightly over the top. Ron De Richie in Maria — divine beauty. And all of this is ably led by Stuart Gordon, creating a very good historical romance.

Perhaps a lot of the film seem boring, but fans of alternative history, medieval history, and just the personalities of the romantic nature, it is without doubt, like it.

6 from 10

Melamie Hauge
14 June 2019 | 06:24

In the original story Edgar Allan PoE at the time of the Napoleonic wars. An unnamed character, which we know only that he was placed in the prison of the Inquisition, a long time lying in the dark. And here ceiling it hangs a pendulum, the blade, and slowly begins to sway, gradually descending lower and lower... to support the timing for adaptations of this unforgettable work, you need to come up with a whole background of a single scene, so often the pendulum is a completely different context.

In this version, in the midst of a medieval hunting on witches, the young couple of wealthy commoners falls in the hands of a sadistic monk who begins to have to the wife of the Baker's feelings, similar to those drove the mind of the priest in"Notre Dame de Paris". A scene in the pendulum is not even the culmination, but just another torture horror attraction. It lasts about 5 minutes, but time is quite accurate for history. And surprisingly and the original, there is a relatively happy ending, although the heroes helped, of course, not General Lassalle. Not without the naive intervention of supernatural forces, and all because the tradition of old-school horror so oblige.

Prudi Ashleigh
22 July 2013 | 07:23

Who are the heroes that protect going to suffering and hardship for the sake of others? This those who the pain of another person is your own pain, personality with a keen sense of search for truth and human morality. Than vaguely historical period, the cleaner sincere at times, there are people-nuggets. But when it comes to saving a loved one, then the rage of justice loses all connotation of nobility...

The government always checks the man on the weaknesses and if someone appeared weak, that not able to govern themselves under the influence of this temptation, then the era will find a pure heart that will finally establish justice and harmony...

Well, while the court on the probable witches and other "enemies" of the Church is a farce and fun to close protected by the cloak of the Church's henchmen.

Because if you do not will be enemies, then the Inquisition, kind of like is not needed, it will lose power, fear and respect in the eyes of ordinary folk.

Depraved impunity for ongoing torture, drunk spilled rivers of hot blood of victims, their opinions full of fear of the mad, wild cries of unbearable pain, the heart of the Inquisitor does not know suffering. He have not believe a what, just enjoys the power and that's why trembles as autumn leaf on the wind when he suddenly bursts into a feeling of love. The "servant" of the Church takes the love for the feeling of lust and lashing themselves with a whip trying to eradicate lust to the beautiful captive girl.

Despite all crimes Inquisitor it give the soul the opportunity to be cleansed through love, but it is not accept this, and trying to control the feeling as usually controls forcing their captives to submit to their whims.

Give everyone a chance to change, to cleanse the soul, but if this divine assistance is not or see just to reject, then there comes a violent cleansing.

After all, when a person becomes a cancer cell for the body of the universe, then it works for sure and just cut a foreign, dangerous body sharp scalpel, or...

... honed, not knowing no mercy, the steel blade of the pendulum of justice...

How much did it cost to make The Pit and the Pendulum?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $2,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Pit and the Pendulum?
This tv-show was directed by Stuart Gordon.
What is the genre of The Pit and the Pendulum?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror, Romance.
Who starred in The Pit and the Pendulum?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lance Henriksen, Stephen Lee, William Norris, Mark Margolis, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon.
What is The Pit and the Pendulum IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was The Pit and the Pendulum released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1991-06-27.