The Outsider

Japan after the Second world war. American Nick takes a prisoner from the noose of the hanged man, the Yakuza Kiyoshi. With the help of the Yakuza in the end, chosen from prison and later, using communication, free nick. As Kiyoshi believes that American, gives him a job, of course, associated with the dirty deeds of the Japanese OCG. Gaijin showed himself on the field than a matter of respect of the head of the clan, and officially accept it in the Yakuza.

  • Martin Zandvliet

Release Date: 2018-03-09
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: US
Elizabeth Mabelle
31 January 2020 | 08:41

Works on how the foreigner enters the plot a different culture, and trying to get used to with the laws the requirements of this layer already is not new and probably have managed to intrigue interested in similar to the viewer. Although there you need to understand that amaze the audience with the subtlety of twists is becoming harder and harder. But is certainly if the concept itself is on its own is really interesting. On a similar theme we decided to work with Director Martin Zandvliet that Netflix unleashed and allowed open discussion regarding bloodthirsty world of the Yakuza, Yes, their endless shootouts. Zandvliet seems to be made attempt to go into question, but somewhere in the way left for a threshold many components that are simply incredibly important.

Event "Outsider" start in right after the Second world war, and tell about American name, Nick, who managed to fall into a Japanese prison. Probably not it should be clear that nick there was pretty bad. But it obviously that hard times there was not only him, because its cellmate Kiyoshi, being in desperate, asked about the one service, which further decided all fate nick. After all, according to release of the prison, a young man under his wing picks up influential treasure, the Yakuza, since then, he immersed in their world, which is all the more addictive it down.

Almost obvious that fact that the creators of "Outsider" decided to show the world Japanese criminals as a little bit with side, are from the face of an American, albeit not quite ordinary. Yes, it occurs already again. And may it it could be really some success, but the problem that some of the components were simply thrown away somewhere on the dump. And then it is time to say something on the protagonist — nick, played by the talented Jared Leto. Not think abilities Summer I never doubt he has long established itself as a really decent actor. But the problem is a little in other and in that his character was just some completely limp, and corny, boring tree. Once again, Summer is good, but it is here his talents are reduced to some of the lows, and its main task is the need in fact the whole movie to go with the same serious face, to do some brutal things, and always silent. It is surprisingly, the most of the dialogue here say it Asians, and character Summer a mere observer. At this seems to be the creators of trying to make you feel if not by Nick, then least some Asian characters, but now I can't work, because characters brand standards. Yes, myself I'm absolutely just as tube, because the subsequent story moves you manage to guess on some orders forward. Probably need to just stop watching good movies with a quality story, for to somehow admire.

I with huge pleasure that I recall the same the "Brother of the Yakuza", but and even many movies with Takeshi Kitano. Here he always had shown real Yakuza — brutal, uncompromising and definitely impressive. The creators of "Outsider" seems to be really trying to study a lot of literature and other works about the Yakuza, but not enough to understand how all should work on screen, it should attract the audience. In the end, all local confrontation clan bosses revive this boredom that even the Summer is well not saves this sight. Although, actually, it the character is initially it is unable to so as a bit of a certain background, because the whole film it virtually no open. And probably the "Outsider" it is difficult to advise not only those who loves Asian works of the Yakuza, but even the fans of the Jared Leto.

5 out of 10

Shawnee Friedlander
10 March 2018 | 01:07

New the big premiere of the beloved company Netflix. At this time a fascinating story touched shootouts and the evil Japanese from clan of the Yakuza. Danish Director Martin Zandvliet, last year's nominee for the Oscar for the film "My land", showed us the brutal gangster Thriller about the confrontation between clans and conquering hero of the authority as in the eyes of the enemy, and among friends. In the main role is played by the incomparable and talented Jared Leto. And let this movie, he not really had to dive in their way he usually is able to deftly reincarnated, but here he looked really great. Each look, facial expressions and acting the way will delight the viewer in any way. And the story itself is pretty good, although, of course, is not new, but still is acceptable for this genre. But still the problem is, and it is absolutely boring statement. The Director does not has become a bottom-line approach to the style of the dynamic development of events and was just repeating his style, which he used "My land": a very effective, stylish and beautiful, but protracted plans, long monologues, paplaya music, excessive colorless (dark) in picture constantly brooding characters face. Despite that the film is only an hour and a half, he is seen as two and a half. Of course, "My land" was nominated for a prestigious award, and in the eyes of critics such statement has caused a flurry of admiration, but this is a movie for mere mortals, who clearly want to see the severe and stylish Thriller-a Thriller about mafia favorite actor in the lead role, but in the end we all get incredibly long hour and a half of boring movie.

Summing up, I can only say one thing, if you admirers of the actor Jared Leto, it nice view, because he is indeed worthy of respect and did all the possible to the admiration of its talent. And all the other viewers do not dare to recommend and won't do it because the film itself is ambiguous, controversial and he will enjoy. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

Danny Ivetts
29 March 2018 | 08:18

I think not make sense to argue about what a huge boost for development only the TV, but and the format of the movies made famous and the popular streaming service Netflix. Almost becoming one of the main suppliers of various content that appears with great speed, frequency and quantity. However, wanting to win a number of, Netflix not always takes quality. However, despite harsh criticism, the film Director Martin Zandvliet can definitely be called a pleasant exception to the rules.

The events of this tape developed in postwar Japan. Focusing around the American prisoner of war nick Lowell, who was "lucky" to be in the right time and in the right place. For this is not only having the opportunity to get out of prison, but and rapidly rise through the criminal ladder one of the respected crime families of Japan.

If you take a whole, nothing fundamentally new history of the itself is not is. Something similar is already has been played out in a huge number of different patterns. Moreover, the picture has obvious roughness that is on the level of history. In the first, the complete lack of background of the protagonist, not allows only to better understand the main character of the strip, but and feel how much he has changed as a Yakuza. In second, the secondary seems a bit love line of this tape, which is not only develops parallel to the main story on her background, but and actually brings no tangible motivation and impact on the Central story. In including in the final. Leaving the movie with open a few questionable events.

However, it is not looking at this, the picture impresses with the overall picture of the narrative and its form. On my opinion, very subtle, deep and adequately presenting the picture of culture, tradition, mentality and traditions only Japanese people, but and members of the Yakuza in particular. Allowing not just watch and feel it all basics the subtleties of the "brotherhood" in the clan of the Yakuza. What certainly can be called one of the main advantages of the picture. Especially considering the fact that despite the abundance of paintings, "nature" and the heart of Japanese life, culture, traditions, and other subtleties of the Japanese people to still seem exotic and not fully understood.

Important decoration of the picture was a tight symbiosis of strong directing Martin Zandvliet watchful eye Camilla Elmo and very authentic soundtrack. On my opinion is for the expense of this creative Union and giving the impression is very atmospheric, relaxing, smooth and restrained in terms of emotion of the film. The picture has turned gray, dark and heavy, but no variation expressive of emotion like adjusts to the same restraint of the Japanese people and its strong point in features. Moreover, the picture is not speculates on the subject of brutal and bloody violence, which in the picture is exactly what you need for the crime drama, but not mindless action movie.

A little ambiguous impression of the main character of the tape in performance Jared Leto. Experience Summer in as the frontman of the rock band 30 Seconds To Mars certainly helped him on the screen, and also the experience of the visionary and the main participant in their video clips. For this way, great pulling way solely appearance and powerful charisma that turns reticence and avarice of the protagonist tape on emotions even in the dignity. However, the complete lack of background of the protagonist and a tangible demonstration of the transformation of the main character of the tape in a new image of the Yakuza, made the character more superficial and boring than he could be another scenario.

The same impression was made by the United Tadanobu Asano, who wonderfully played the character and almost completely immersed in his screen. However, the naked eye can see that acting Asano is closely in its more superficial character. Loved the game Kippee Sina and Mina Tanaka, which attracted attention at his every appearance on the screen. Like siori of Kutsuna that is not only for its attractive appearance, but and a decent game pulled, which seemed unnecessary and not required love story, making it more interesting.

7 out of 10

Outsider — is not the sole example of how a tough and lowered criticism is a more than worthy and interesting product. Very atmospheric, authentic, intriguing and decent crime drama, which is not uses all available hand capacity (as with the majority of films streaming service Netflix). However, is a more than decent product, in the viewing of which does not mind spending your precious time.

Who is the director of the movie The Outsider?
This tv-show was directed by Martin Zandvliet.
What is the genre of The Outsider?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in The Outsider?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano, Kippei Shîna, Shioli Kutsuna, Emile Hirsch.
What is The Outsider IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was The Outsider released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-09.