The Orphanage

The happiest years Laura spent in an orphanage on the coast. Favorite teachers have replaced her parents and friends — brothers and sisters. Thirty years later Laura returns to his childhood home with her husband and seven-year-old son Simon. She wants to restore it and open for new little visitors. However, on the opening day of the shelter found that Simon had disappeared. Laura it seems that the case of Thomas, a fictional friend of the son, with whose Ghost she encountered the day she disappeared.

  • J.A. Bayona

Release Date: 2008-01-11
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: ES
  • Language: Spanish
  • Budget: EUR3,400,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $78,638,987
Barry Joung
02 September 2008 | 06:17

Yesterday saw the "Shelter" — was on there very much like this mystical genre, and the last time good films on a given topic, very few Directors are increasingly taking the viewer "ketchup and meat" — by the blood, shocking torture, cries... that is what, in my opinion, it is not it means a horror movie. So I not counted the film will be different.

Lucky for me the film was a classic horror-Thriller, in the best traditions of the genre, yeah and I looked film the original, in a movie theater, and therefore I have experienced all stages propagating along the hall of horror... but no, not horror... and so cold the horror...

All children's homes, orphanages, hospitals-priori are something unpleasant, but the film began with quite different ideas: Laura was happy there, and so returned to the house already in the age of fledging desire to be "mom" and close friend for the other kids, it like her once... But not destined apparently.

Maybe I'm not so sophisticated audience, but I expected half of the plot twists... the Film touches... not to reality... but quite a likely development of events in real life...

The end of a very very logical.

Put the 9 points... Because all the same it was replayed a few moments, clichés...

The less than a great movie. I advise all fans of horror.

Of 9 10

Olivia Creigh
09 December 2011 | 02:47

Sometimes I reviewing the film... Not as a horror movie, and as a starting point. Then stand up and go to the nursery to see how in bed sleeping my daughter to make me feel better. Relief from that it now sleeping I any moment can be Pat znakomoy warm hand...

The anyone watched this film, after passing through certain stages of motherhood-you will understand from what are some things just piercingly painful. And I see already "cardboard" some episodes in the beginning of the film. The accents, you swallow the hook and enjoy how it is painful spivaetsya in your consciousness.

Belen Rueda and Fernando Cayo, made it impossible for the stated genre - they are played characters. They were able to become heroes. In what is the actual difference between the heroes from the characters?That character more than actor scenario declared a role model. The hero is a Central active character whose actions emotional transfer build the storyline. In this case, a bunch of Rueda-Cayo led... That is particularly impressive on the background of the breeding method of budding horror with not game characters... From something to remember this term of computer games, when this term refers to communicating with the glavgeroyah characters, regardless of their relationship to the player. They can be friendly, neutral and hostile to their features simple — they are managed by a program algorithm. Just non-fiction filled a world of modern horror, imperceptibly surpassing heroes. They did not. For the same type "zaprogramirovan" character's of film the film demonstrate the skills of screams and wrong maratovskogo running your stupid algorithm...

Not just looking at the familiar scenes and dialogues. Their no.. Here, only the tragedy of two mothers, children's naivety bordering cruel and losses. The loss, becomes the Central idea of the story. Fear of loss, the pain of them the ability to make. Pass this one differently. Not think "Shelter" will meet the expectations of those who is looking for the essence of fear in the classic sense of the stated genre. The film is more deeply psychological than scary.

"Shelter" is a case where the film is better to look twice, which to understand their attitude to episodes characters. First impressions of it is deceptive. It much deeper than it seems. For me, "Shelter" became a very personal film. I whom are not recommend it to view the deliberately of his friends, he not in common videoteka is therapy. General medicine, reminder that life is moments this moment of the filling.

Of 10 10

P. S. the conclusion reminded of a quote -"most Likely to lose that kept my hands." Erich Maria Remarque "arc de Triomphe"...

And after all, it is true!

Flss Jehovah
10 April 2012 | 02:38

At the time to include this film in your list to view, I expected to receive only good-quality horror. In I pointed to itself that the narrative is divided into three areas.

First, of course, to scare the viewer. In the bad horror movies we afraid of broken glass, a liter of blood, zombies, and pop-up creatures, and we are somehow not afraid. In bad — the frame is slowly creeping into the hedgehog. And to swell up can. So here in our case acceptable to the second characteristic. The pressure is rising slowly and evenly. Of course, there is a couple of Boo moments, but the emphasis is on air.

Second, the mother and child — the theme is as old as the world, but do not lose its relevance, as, for example, sex. Yes, the "Orphanage" — not a serious movie that explores the ins and outs of maternal love, philosophy, feelings and all like that. It shows that the mother was ready on all for the sake of your child, Aki, Margarita, able to participate in any ball of Satan.

And third, the camera focuses on the phenomenon of child abuse. Do children are they doing on really? Maybe they deliberately hide behind their age, knowing that adults will blame it on a prank and no clue? What drives them, when they are in the role of the executioner for their peers, unlike the most? Special emotional coloring of the events adds that even the camp of the flawed and wronged by life, everything is an outsider.

In many ways, the picture is cut from the ready-made templates, but after all, the main performance as in cooking, where the ingredients are often similar. The only what I want to complain about absolutely without conscience — this is the scenario. In it has several notable gaps, more precisely, flaws. If I will talk to — put on the surface a good half of the raisins in this cake. Surprisingly, the story is good lures, on the inconsistencies, I think after viewing, so that just take a couple of points with final grades — and the end.

How much has The Orphanage made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $78,638,987.
How much did it cost to make The Orphanage?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least EUR3,400,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Orphanage?
This tv-show was directed by J.A. Bayona.
What is the genre of The Orphanage?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Horror, Mystery.
Who starred in The Orphanage?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Belén Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Príncep, Mabel Rivera, Montserrat Carulla.
What is The Orphanage IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was The Orphanage released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-01-11.