The Mission

The river that runs through the thick jungle, is a Jesuit priest tortured, tied to a roughly hewn cross. Crucifixion rushes through rocky rapids, and at one moment, full of horror and captivating beauty, falls down from the 70-meter height and disappears into the rumbling waterfall. This scene offers one of the most spectacular films in cinema history, about the man with the sword and a man in a hood, United to protect an Indian tribe from colonial empires of the 18th century...

  • Roland Joffé

Release Date: 1986-10-31
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: FR, GB
  • Language: English | Guarani | Spanish | Latin
  • Budget: $24,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $17,269,723
Kissie Halona
13 March 2019 | 01:35

This film is based on real events that not surprisingly, once again clearly proves that the religion is, in the first place, politics, and then this whole religious fuss. And only a few are willing to sincerely serve the Church in the good neighbor.

To become the epic historical canvas, the painting is clearly not enough scale. But audience interest is still provided, because provides a bright opportunity to enjoy an exotic identity. Look impressive, yeah and heard the Indians singing religious Psalms. Not understand how nice. the local priests over this is not really think about it, satisfying their good intentions such superficial admiration.

It is clear that whole Church music is just a smokescreen. Agenda — another genocide. The destruction of the indigenous population, crazy carve-up of territory by politicians and prosperity of the slave system. Church squinted hard, shrugged off their principles he wants a chance. Religion — it's only one of the levers of power. On this stage of world history, it were not have Affairs.

Vividly drawn characters. Irons, a sort of priest who is able with sincerity to ignite in the people a righteous fire. Under his influence gets the lost Slayer through participation, the offender finds in himself the strength to change your life, begin it with a clean slate. De Niro coped with her role and ably demonstrated all the moral metamorphosis of his character.

The film will recommend to viewing is the dramatic story not only will prove of human bloodlust, how the historical fact, but and show different ways of rapprochement with religion, faith, who is close friends with human consciousness and conscience.

I wish you all a pleasant viewing!!!

Staci Hiltner
02 March 2011 | 10:47

This beautiful, cruel and very concise film is striking not only entertainment nature of Colombia, wondrous music Morricone, master acting, but and succinct story, in which there is not a single superfluous scene. The main characters — a Jesuit priest Gabriel and hunter Indians Mendoza — in the beginning of the film is very contrasting to each other. The first attempts to create a Christian community of Indians, and second catches sells slavery. But in the course of the film is the moral and spiritual rebirth of Mendoza, his ways, and the priest are closely intertwined, and it becomes part of the community...

In the film a bit of dialogue, sometimes experience of the main characters and Indian their language not translated, what the movie is only useful, adds to the flavor and atmosphere. The story revealed a lot of human qualities, but of special note is the importance of self-sacrifice, human dignity (on the contrary — meanness), humility, and love God.

Gabriel with Mendoza and Bishop, warring with the mission be different sides of the barricades. Begins the struggle of morality and baseness...

The movie has a lot of deliberate repetition: twice a man meets the waterfall (the priest on the cross in the people in the boat end); twice hero of De Niro uses the knife, and in both cases we see it inner rebirth. There are two of the conflict: the internal struggle of the hero De Niro with himself conflict community and the Bishop, and two key scenes — the acceptance of the Indians, exhausted by the rite of repentance, Mendoza and the victim of Gabriel in the end of the tape. In the final we see children, sailing from shore unknown in-memory associative occurs the name of the famous paintings of Gauguin — "who are we, where are we, where are we going?" Cake with children, floats, and the viewer for a long time continues to ask these questions...

Acting Duo playing, a brilliant and true to detail, adorns this and the already beautiful film. De Niro as always inimitable and compelling irons he echoed.

8 from 10

Tanitansy Mercola
06 September 2014 | 05:39

The film "the Mission" is similar to the waterfall, with which starts at this gorgeous river in the jungle: same mighty powerfully addictive.

The budget of this epic is clearly small. The scale and depth he nature provides. Music. Actors. And, in fact, the story is told as simply and easy though, it would seem that there is necessary to write treatises.

While remaining an entertaining story, the film is both a parable of Christianity, presenting three of his face, three faces. This Christianity is the authentic and imaginary. Christianity is true — and Christianity of people who, according to the expression of Berdyaev, 2000 every day crucify Christ.

Three characters represent three the face of Faith.

Brother Gabriel. A Jesuit monk. The brother of the first Christians, Francis of Assisi, all the dreamers and devotees of Catholicism.

It seems that these people do not happen. But Jeremy Irons could play Gabriel with a degree of sincerity that it becomes real. It is not perfect, but are completely honest at all. All that seem unattainable to the ordinary person, — the naturalness of faith, deep humility, absolute self-denial without tear deceit, — this is brother Gabriel: this is his faith. Lean, large-eyed, brooding as the character El Greek, he probably would get mad if it began to talk about his Holiness. Of course, if such can angry.

Gabriel — this is Heaven.

Mendoza. Inveterate sinner in the beginning of the story, a hunter on the Indians, selling them into slavery; the murderer's brother. And brother Gabriel, brother and the defender of the same with the Indians in the final.

Through the history of Mendoza's "the Mission" meets on one of the most difficult and sensitive issues of Christianity: the question of forgiveness. At this issue is breaking many people's faith with conscience and heart. It is impossible to accept the idea of forgiveness which may be granted to a person with a black, blind soul. This idea seems almost sacrilegious.

But Robert de Niro plays Mendoza, able to respond to this question as easy as Irons — play Holiness: seeing the depth of remorse that we all feel this broken strong man, the sincerity of repentance and readiness for any punishment, you understand: Hell is inevitable. Opposite: unforgiveness is impossible.

You're looking at Mendoza, exhausted, covered with mud internal and external — and comprehend the essence of the concept of "mercy".

It's not a question of mind, not matter of theology, — it is a question of feeling: the simple, yet have not accepted Christianity to the Indians, whom Mendoza had caused so much evil, I answer question — to forgive? Not to forgive? — heart.

The human soul is a Christian like said Tertullian, — and the Indians feel sorry and forgive Mendoza, seeing its remorse.

Meeting as in Christ, Gabriel and Mendoza, two man, so different and something so close, — become like the two faces of the same blade. They both now serve Christ, but how different. Both have the passion, courage and bravery, but one is the bravery of a Martyr, from other — warrior. They live a life and die, going in one direction, but one dies in battle, another — the head of religious processions. One — with a sword in hand, with the other — with the Holy Gifts.

Monk and Crusader, philosopher and warrior — they cannot live, real, sometimes even a little funny, but in the same time, each of them — symbol.

Mendoza — of course, also a symbol of Purgatory.

But there are three: senior priest. He is one face of Christianity — the line in the field where God confused with the Devil, in which, distorting to the opposites of the words of Christ become bishops and Popes. The priest is a force that spawned the Inquisition, bigotry, intolerance and all the savage crimes against God, who made the Christian civilization that was born a message of Good.

It is strange to use the word "force", speaking about cardinal Altamirano: actually, forces it is deprived. He didn't recognize any of the courage, nor sacrifice — but it has power. In contrast Gabriel Mendoza — typecasting of the past, — this, of course, our contemporary: the person is weak, small, with a round weak-willed person who is not able to believe or to repent. He, like most people of our age not devoid of conscience, doubt, the ability to compassion — but, when it comes time to choose between the victim and prosperity, he torment a little bit, selects, of course, comfort. He does not want evil, just follow instructions. He would betray his faith, not completely knowing; it is killing of Christ, ordering him to shoot in the praying of believers: not the worst, in fact, people.

But he — one of those turns the God-given world of Hell.

But before to condemn to the destruction of the world in he was he they will enjoy — and admire sincerely.

This in fact, the divine peace that is born of a South American beauty nature and beauty of the ideals of early Christianity. Gentle soul "savages", similar to the heroes of Rousseau and Voltaire, with their hands erecting exquisite temples of the pink stone and singin their vaults Ave Maria. Gold Indian bodies and tropical foliage; the splendor of the Church reliefs, and scattering of candles in twilight divine the thousand choirs. Regal sunsets overshadow the lives of ordinary, happy, peaceful, an island of purity, established by missionaries in the jungles of the New world. In Christian missions the Indians had briefly gained freedom and security leaving the customs of their ancestors. Work on the land, hunting, an innocent game of the river; a life similar to the legend of Paradise.

There will be many episodes of the tragic and terrible, a lot of pain and heroism; priest, an Indian silently withdraw from the clothing itself, and will simply be a slave, — a small episode on the middle ground, covered by a veil of tropical rain, — Christian soldiers busily killed several Indian babies, unfit for slavery, under the same rain

The mission Gabriel's will to resist. But the purity of the faith of Gabriel, walking calmly on a gun, the bravery of Mendoza will be powerless against the "professional Christianity" cardinal Altamirani with soft chin.

When all will be over, when will be the last act of the tragedy, several survivors of Indian children, leaving in the jungle, will take a violin — memory of lost Paradise, a musician Gabriele and his friend Mendoza. The terrain in the jungles of Paraguay up to the present day retain the name Les Missiones: about the origin of the word, few people will remember. The mighty waterfall, engulfed once righteous and murderers, will remain the same. A man-made hell Paradise of tropical nature will merge into the unity of our new bhoothalingam the world.

But one day, the old legends and vague memories of faith battles of yore will cast a magical parable "Mission". And this film is no one can remain indifferent.

10 of 10

How much has The Mission made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $17,269,723.
How much did it cost to make The Mission?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $24,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Mission?
This tv-show was directed by Roland Joffé.
What is the genre of The Mission?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Drama, History, Palme d’Or winners Movies.
Who starred in The Mission?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Ray McAnally, Aidan Quinn, Cherie Lunghi.
What is The Mission IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was The Mission released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1986-10-31.