The Miracle Season

The team of young players discouraged by the death of its star captain Carolina. Her best friend Callie needs to get the courage up to take the place of the captain and under the guidance of a stern but loving coach to break into the prestigious championship.

  • Sean McNamara

Release Date: 2018-04-06
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Modestia Humfrey
20 November 2019 | 11:02

Girly romance, but it once it was clear, on it tried to close my eyes. It was interesting to me personally, to watch a film about volleyball, too little paintings associated with this wonderful spectacular sport.

About show the history of me as too the world's tragedy at the death of a good young girl. Not know I children of American schools, but something does not look convincing distress the environment. For family, for close friends, a few very sentimental familiar may fall: for these people may and probably logical depressive behavior, but to everyone in this magical city, which is more than 2 seconds the screen was a party to the universal mission of the victory in memory lane was too cinematic. You'd think the rest of the grownups do it but this lane. All team, except the new girl (she's apparently not had time to feel love for the lane) is not could didn't want to play any more volleyball; as if they friend the volleyball court died or from volleyball. The maximum that it was possible to squeeze out this situation is the fear on the scooter to ride, with then suddenly their job to quit. Again team of girls 12-15 are shown as one common unit obzavidueshsya such unity, just as the main character Kelly is knocked out of this is because it in one camp with the team, and with Carolan, and the rest for some reason is not divided into groups neither one shown them or even the parents. Well and the tears tears tears tears pause, just for long monologues, every 2-3 minutes there will be tears. Although the chronicle credits more emotion than in the entire movie.

Volleyball which I began to view the primitive and unfortunately seems grossly substandard. No event gaming moments. The sound of the attack and throw if strikes of the Indian films, and the ball barely moves. It does the voice pumped up, you whether the American terms differ with ours, but most likely illiteracy of the authors is present in the statements prompts the coach, and the captain's who passes the ball. The Libero flow takes in both sides never pad not out, errors in alignment, as not all players have the playing position. But who knows sweeper the rest of the gaming positions can in American schools is and is permitted from the purpose of the General player development, only on the division of captain others.

Ridiculous situation, when the team is only one "captain" that raised a minimum of 3 years, probably still with grafting from injuries, illnesses, moving into another school, fatigue, mistakes, bad moods, withdrawal from sports, pregnancy and etc. and when it is very suddenly you want to replace the team are starting to look for an option to this role, because who remains of the number of "other" and lo and behold! the coach of the team makes a discovery in her team there is a girl who could effortlessly do top gear on a, it back, because it's what she is initially I wanted to put on the position of "captain" and do not care that when the camera shows not only the hands and green belt folds it from the breast, which is clearly difficult to do silently. Gave read the training manual and all, in a couple of games is technically faultless binder, TFU, it is captain.

4 of 10

Marchelle Kryska
09 August 2018 | 02:55

In the history of the "Season of miracles" at really have something. It fairly simple story about the team, the outsider that comes to the incredible success, especially when you consider the tragic death of a leading player and the superior forces of the opponent team. The star player, as follows from annotation, left this world, but the women's volleyball team has come together forces won the championship. "Season of miracles" shamelessly drawn with this sad story, uses real footage Chronicles at the time the final credits and despite that want to know more about inspired the creators of the event, not contain yourself even the slightest hint of sincerity. The event is similar to some of the film articles of Wikipedia: well in the dry and almost documented only in those moments when the crew wanted to focus on belletristiki their history, they had to overfill the script cliché and inadequate reactions.

So, in town Iowa, where everybody knows each other and genuinely appreciates good neighborly relations, live Kelly and Caroline. Online, how lovingly called latest, heads the local volleyball team, suffering from that the mother is ill with cancer, well, and generally behaves as an eternal optimist. Girl gets in accident with death it rattles the entire city. Volleyball team, which had hoped to win at this season, now on the verge of collapse.

A significant part of the story focuses on Kelly, Katie and other one-dimensional participating teams, with over outside of actual sporting events. Last taken from all possible epic: the Director enjoys slowing down time, sound effects, and etc., as if compensating for the fact that the film is not about volleyball at all. And here the problem, as the "Season of miracles" takes these points for outside of sports and great turns. Have in mind that it's much more cynical than you'd expect. The scenario is immersed in the grief of the characters to give them other emotions, such as anger or doubt, but all events seem to be sucked from the finger. Most of the film tries to explore the psyche of the characters, even directly stating that volleyball can detract from grief.... then he volleyball distracts from the personality of the characters! Bid on a distraction not worked it is unclear how "Season of miracles" to perceive.

"Season of miracles" so much relies on the romance that it devalues the story. It is almost impossible to Express sympathy for the film, which is so unrealistic: from the dialogs to bad taste like the wonderful country flashback scenes, landscapes and even some religious overtones. Manipulative mechanisms crank up their gears with each new scene. The cast is filled with virtually unknown personalities and their acting remains on the level of something mushy and toothless.

The only emotional resonance comes with the closing credits, so how relatives have kindly provided photos and videos of the real Caroline. It's really sad that the active the good girl left life in 17 years old, but a crappy story "Season of miracles" is not allows you to transfer her spark. Yeah and the final manipulation seems a bit nasty: judging by the everything it was added to give a documentary picture to save from fall in a morass.

The film, taken to the same abuse of product placement, instead of having to deal with the emotional seriousness of a devastating loss for families is deflected back to stories about American school and its inhabitants. Dancing on the bones around mourning not give to call the "Season of miracles" even quasiparticles film: it as if from the "Mighty ducks" sucked all the humor and nostalgia. Dive in a grief which, in fact, not was able to transfer only bore the audience.

3.5 10

Elke Potash
02 December 2019 | 10:45

Season of miracles, perhaps not the highest quality film if you treat it as a sports drama. Lot of logical flaws, weird scenes. Not to say that the film was captivated by a fascinating story — on the contrary, sometimes it feels kind of awkward, because of the constant time-jumps; the transitions in the film is far from perfect. Volleyball is definitely not enough entertainment.

It is therefore not recommend the film to persons not engaged in volleyball, not included ever in the whiter-the less serious the volleyball team. After all, volleyball — this may be the only kind of sports, which is strongly felt the Union with the team. Individual skills in the sport plays a minor role. Much more important is the team spirit, mutual understanding of the players, the cohesion of the team. Here the winner is team the moment, the better set up. Who is not played — to not understand.

And show the true essence of volleyball, the Director managed. Indeed, one of the problems of the film — the TEAM overcome the challenges of life — played very well. The death of captain — this event, which was to break up the team. No leader — no attitude, no integrity, no games. But the girl accomplished the feat when she managed to once again become a volleyball family. So that final success of the team is rather symbolic, as a happy result of its revival. It turns out, the meaning of the film is not in what well done girls, that won pleased their fans, and that which they are heroes that passed in this a difficult test of strength. The way, "Trojanac" from complete chaos to combat team are truly incredible, and makes you empathize with the team.

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Who is the director of the movie The Miracle Season?
This tv-show was directed by Sean McNamara.
What is the genre of The Miracle Season?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Sport, Best movies 2018, Best Sport Movies 2018.
Who starred in The Miracle Season?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Helen Hunt, Tiera Skovbye, Erin Moriarty, William Hurt, Danika Yarosh.
What is The Miracle Season IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was The Miracle Season released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-04-06.