The Meyerowitz Stories

Danny is the eldest son of the quarrelsome and once known sculptor, Howard Mirovica, shiftless and lame songwriter. Danny came to new York to the father, brought his daughter and their problems. Howard, in addition to Danny, have a daughter Jean and a son from another marriage, a successful accountant Matthew, who lives in Los Angeles. Issues Howard is also there, for example, his fourth wife had recently quit drinking, why it got corrupted in nature. Soon, at Howard's exhibition of works at MOMA. Children help with preparing it, old sculptor recalls stories from his life.

  • Noah Baumbach

Release Date: 2017-10-13
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:52m
Gerladina Ann-Marie
04 February 2018 | 11:42

The history of painting is quite simple and clear. She talks about the normal daily, which are found in the lives of many people, and not trying to surprise the viewer. But the beauty of it is not so much what that occurs on the screen, as in that it happens. The relationship of all family members look natural and, most importantly, vital. When you view any never doubt the veracity of the reactions and behavior of characters in those or other situation they encounter. Of course, something and it may seem strange, for example, the controversial work of the daughter of Danny and against him and the other characters, but not looks phony and contrived.

Acting deserve special praise. Watch of Sandler and Stiller in unusual for them dramatic roles a pleasure. Yeah and Hoffman is good, he gives your character a unique charisma, brings the image of some lively thing that the movie is only use.

Will not leave unnoticed and easy humor, which fills the film. The picture is not aims to amuse the audience, and the source of humor is not sparkling jokes characters, and the characters themselves, their random replica actions. With side is not looks like something intentionally funny, but it seems so familiar and close, as if from their own lives, and therefore fun for all of this watch.

Dialogues occupy a special place in film, as they first reveal the images of the characters and create the atmosphere of the entire piece, which is not only the characters, the music of Randy Newman and installation. In the dialogues lies all the vitality of the film.

Now a little about mounting operator. Every time blissed out, when the frame ended at the middle and switched a completely different scene, very much liked it. The application of this technique gives the narrative a distinctive style, and stronger also drew attention to the story behind its like of incompleteness. At this sense of the unsaid sentence is not is lost, the main idea and mood remain at the location and emotional effect is only strengthened. In General, simple, stylish, beautiful. Good and operator. Not say that he has done an outstanding job, but definitely high-quality and good quality: nice picture, the eyes do not cut the light color all too well — more here is not necessary.

Plot dynamic and organic, divide it into chapters to better structure the story, maintaining the momentum of this tape. Although closer to the final, as it seemed to me, the picture is slightly loses its harmony, as if losing balance last 15-20 minutes. The finale, in contrast the main part of the film, less concrete and perhaps a little vague. But is not bad, but even good, after all, in fact, the "family History of Mirovic" are a reflection of real life with all its joys and sorrows. However, it is not forget it just history telling about one life span family Meirowitz, so they are not required to have accurate start and end. Except in real life it ends with something specific? I'm not so I think. The authors bring the piece to a dot, giving the viewer the opportunity to reflect on what might happen next, and what fate is prepared for characters.

It's nice that the story, full as the heavy, dramatic moments, so good and cheerful, ends on a positive note, leaving a pleasant "aftertaste" and giving a good mood. In"the story of Mirovic" is the life and soul that is one of its most important advantages. It is seen that the guys tried working on project, not just created a disposable product.

So I would recommend to view! A great film about human relationships and family values.

7.6 out of 10

Tana Boris
13 November 2018 | 08:23

Well that tell about this film? Several short stories-sketches, telling us about the life of one family, so to say representing the creative intelligentsia. The modern art museums, receptions, exhibitions and performances. All kind of decorum and is far from "mean streets". Poverty they are not threatened. They can afford to focus on personal relationships, dissolving some as the luscious stability and the sublime verbiage.

The intrigue of the ribbon, adds a star actors — Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Emma Thompson. All in one movie. Yes still Sigourney weaver appears briefly playing herself. Of course, even if they all together, is nothing new to offer — playing with have all the old dies, they certainly draw to itself attention. The Dustin will run at night city, the scandal suit Ben Stiller.

However, the film after all, much akin to "Square" Estlund, the winner of the Cannes film festival. In both films, discussing the interplay between contemporary art and issues of today. And if the opinion touches on the most acute questions, here us a picture if focused on the creators. They are not was just spitballin ' here, just enjoying the free life.

The secret of this picture is simple — heroes, when you closer examination, are completely unremarkable, mediocre personalities. Even mundane. And just in the superficiality dissolves. Alas. Instead of irony we have a continuous rattle of empty conversations, empty time spending. Even hooked not what — no highlights. Because you do not need to be surprised by such a low estimation -

2 of 10

Tawsha Belford
13 September 2019 | 07:24

"Family history of Mirovic" — clearly not a good picture of Baumbach in part because of struggling aims to be a Comedy, although through its lies the dramatic material. At first it seems that the Director decided to breed Stiller and American horror story, we have to remove them so they met with the frame. But the highlight of the tape — is as if they psychological physical confrontation (which is also predictable). In General, "family History of Mirovic" — a kind of meeting of the "new Hollywood" (which in the picture represents Dustin Hoffman) and woody Allen's not the best shape (ribbon type "Something else" with Jason Biggs, star of American pie, nauseating nightmare of my high school adolescence), it is not always skillful balancing on the verge of kitsch.

In fairness it should be noted that Hoffman plays one of his best later roles (the star of "the Graduate" and"Tootsie" watches Sandler old picture with Redford than also refers to the cinematic roots of the film by Baumbach with the"new Hollywood"), creating an image of the sculptor-loser whose time has passed. The attempt of the Director to incorporate your feed in the context of ridicule modern art, erecting on the throne of mediocrity, it is unclear conceptually able to speak and powder moneybags brains, not quite possible. It is not "Square" Ankunda, but the Baumbach don't care cultural and small tasks what we want?!

Gracefully so connecting first episode, She suggests to the attentive audience at the main feature of his directing — ability to tell simple stories through complex-built drama, carefully crafted suggestive effects on the viewer. But She — not a Trier, he is not manipulating emotions and reactions, it problem — difficult to identify in a simple, to show the diversity and richness of everyday life even when the characters bezkryla antiromantic.

"Family history of Mirovic" — almost satire at least it is completely absent lyrics to "dear Francis" and"Mistress America," but no cutter the pathologist in the bergmanson the spirit of the than marked "Margot at the wedding" "we are young", this tape closest to "Greenberg" and"the Squid and the whale," about we will talk, this ernicheski, sarcastic sneer, soft enough to ensure that heroes don't looked like a spiritual freak, but it was strongly revealing their deficiencies.

The role of Sandler and Stiller were as in time: but the first plays exclusively inside it, it is a traditional the role of a simpleton-the neurotic, and Stiller (compared to "Greenberg" "we are young") expands the boundaries of the images, demonstrating the ability to fulfill the tragicomic role in this event — the businessman of an outcast in a creative family. Baumbach achieves an unusual effect: heroes and not sorry, so they are absurd, and grotesque in its desire to be intellectuals (completely devoid of searching for the meaning of existence, marking a gifted personality, they wallow in life and dig in him as pigs), and at the same time they sorry — so they nadolinny and unhappy. In row good men acting depressing tarnishing of the female characters (except — Emma Thompson, with which She creates a disgusting image of artistic misery, but not just amateurism, portrait Ivanovo generation that rhymes with the General intent and the finale "While we are young").

The question arises, why Baumbach was to make a film, not adds nothing new to his filmography? Think we studied the Director works in three dimensions, for the queue alternating between them: it is a lyrical and elegiac sketches ("Frances ha", "Miss America"), drama, vitrasius of myself front viewer any elements of Comedy ("Margot at the wedding" and "Greenberg", "While we are young") and sarcastic tragicomedies ("the Squid and the whale", "the history of the family of Mirovic"). Baumbach shoots the one, another, third, don allowing itself, nor the audience get tired of the monotony of themes and motifs that again says its great creative potential, open still not completely, for not all its a good tape.

How long is The Meyerowitz Stories?
2h 32m
Who is the director of the movie The Meyerowitz Stories?
This tv-show was directed by Noah Baumbach.
What is the genre of The Meyerowitz Stories?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best Comedy Movies 2017.
Who starred in The Meyerowitz Stories?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Adam Sandler, Grace Van Patten, Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Marvel, Emma Thompson.
What is The Meyerowitz Stories IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was The Meyerowitz Stories released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-13.