The Marine 3: Homefront

Marine must do everything possible to save his kidnapped younger sister and stop the attack of radical armed group of terrorists...

  • Scott Wiper

Release Date: 2013-03-05
IMDb icon 4.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Ninnetta Peale
25 March 2013 | 10:54

"You are not able to turn or to honk properly, you can't keep up the speed, you can't Park! Why do you going for the steering wheel?! I don't know how to swim, well so what? I'm not put the pool your black ass!"

From the movie Gone in 60 seconds.

Friends! Lovers and fans of the wrestling meet! The new Thriller from WWE Studios!

First of all, let me say, if you 're reading this review, you know that is wrestling, you know that is WWE and who is Mike Mizanin.

Well, if you just got bored, and found that page by accident, then I now let me explain: There is a sports show — Wrestling: huge men for weighing 100kg, circling on the ring, trying to effectively put the opponent on the scapula, or to force to surrender, if the enemy is not Sam falls, you can help him a chair, a hammer, a chain, you can drop in the from ladders(you can standing on a ladder to whack it with a chair so that he fell table). Fun show, have them there for abroad enjoys a great love: dozens of federations, hundreds of actors, thousands of employees. Biggest and rich Federation — WWE, the office is so cool, its shares are traded on the new York stock exchange(I now make informative note in your opinion).

Wrestler of WWE so popular people of sooner or later is starting to take off in movie, for example, grandpa Hulk Hogan and Dwayne the Rock Johnson —  - known to any self-respecting fan of fighters, there are to the movie guys, but also had time to Shine: Glenn Jacobs, John Cena, and dozens of others.

the Plot, he also booking speaking researchi terminology:

This film is, in fact, third of the series, I don't know why to stand in the name prefix Homefront, for, from the previous installments it you'll be the only — set actors. The usual recipe Marine from WWE: the hero came on leave from the army, here to relax, to rest, but no — in the civilian world are waiting for some problems, it is not, it is not that way. As an evil, terrorists take the hostages someone from family. Cops like usually, help not in power, they only donuts with coffee to eat! Who would another desperate, would go in the corner cry, but our then the Marines just need! And all of your aggression that has accumulated on the citizen, it throws in the unfortunate terrorists.

In fact, the whole story, by the way, after reading this description you can be assured that the subjects of the first and second parts you also have know.

To say that the plot is weak, it little to say I looked at the list of works of writers and even serednjachkov movies there are not seen, quite frankly they have where to grow professionally. The abundance of unnecessary details, which do not treat the story, the facilitation of dialogue prior to level works of 5 class "I spent summer", completely wild and not believable actions and motives of the characters, and of course, pseudophilosophical note in the actions of the main baddie.

Actors, they same Card in the language of wrestling:

As previously, in addition to the main star — wrestler Mike Mizanin on the other roles are invited actors either unknown at all or are on the decline of the career. Among friends I individuals marked nil McDonough — the person was shot in several quite famous movies, but always remained the background, the Marines played not bad, perhaps the only one who claimed seriously role.

Was still Steve Bacic — too many where played in mainly series, where he was even the main role. In Marines from Bacich a small role, the commander of the Taskforce capture all of yourself self-confident, no one listening, and the lazy, a basic question for Steve Bacica — why it has agreed to play this role? Concrete example — a group of special forces outright shot the terrorists, they are asking the radio to them had recalled (also a normal story, right?), and the commander sitting with a walkie-talkie in hand, looking thoughtfully into the space in front of him.

Ashley bell — starred in the Last exorcism 1 and 2. Frankly, looking at her play, I wanted to whack something hard, with an impartial expression she could quarrel with brother in a second with the same expression to cuddle my boyfriend.

Well, and of course, our main star — Mike Mizanin aka The Miz, in the main role of a tough guy. Of the year year WWE trying to repeat the success of the promotion of Dwayne Johnson, trying everything a new person in all new movies, sometimes it does not bad, sometimes is not good. In this case, does not clear that happened, because the bulk of our time hero ran, jumped, tumbled, beat face brutally killed people in General, to catch him a philosophical conversation was extremely difficult and therefore a flair for the dramatic to assess, I couldn't. With the other hand, in the rare moments the dialogues with other characters, like a rule, attention was switched to their wretched game, but not Mike Mizanin, it might not success, could be worse.

Music, photography and special effects, I don't know how they reslavsky call

Audio series pass absolutely, you included ever news while preparing Breakfast and then I caught myself that any news in the head does not is deposited? Then you understand me, although we are not for the music for the film was going? Not interfere okay.

But shot well, there was a professional, the picture is beautiful, not gorgeous, but impression of spoils, the camera will not turns, arrivals-departures, close-UPS, all things. Maybe if I I would something of that sort-bad found, but my meager knowledge allows to divide the survey into three types: "this is Yes!" "that's standards" "this well what for!", so here, Marine: Rear — it rules.

Awesome, but fact.

Is not at WWE with movies, times after time one and the same a rake.

I can write that the film is uninteresting, what except for the case in play no one does the music is boring, and the script is poor, here is only the film's budget of 10 million dollars, and you know how much he has earned a bourgeois rental? 20 million! How — you ask — film a score of 4+ out of 10 off twice? All it's army of WWE fans who buy any product of the company is not looking at quality.

Movies from WWE watched, watching and will watch, and nothing well.

4 of 10

Who is the director of the movie The Marine 3: Homefront?
This tv-show was directed by Scott Wiper.
What is the genre of The Marine 3: Homefront?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller.
Who starred in The Marine 3: Homefront?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, Neal McDonough, Ashley Bell, Camille Sullivan, Michael Eklund.
What is The Marine 3: Homefront IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.9.
When was The Marine 3: Homefront released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-03-05.