The Lost Boys

Sam and his older brother, Michael — American teenagers with their typical American interests. But after they moved in with his mother in the quiet town of Santa Carla, California, everything suddenly begins to change the most mysterious way. With Michael, strange changes, and his mother is very afraid of such a sudden transformation of his son.

  • Joel Schumacher

Release Date: 1987-07-31
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $32,302,949
Beatrisa Alvina
27 October 2010 | 12:16

How many people — so many opinions. And views how look like real vampires. Thus, the "Lost boys".

Here about would be the perfect horror movie of the 80 years. The atmosphere of merriment, bordering with a deadly secret hidden under all this light-heartedness and joy. In some as a film I was reminded of "Vampire in Brooklyn". Same setting, making the picture not just a passing, invisible horror, and the masterpiece of your style. The city — as one big decoration, decorated with lights of advertisements of various kinds of lamps and other light sources, people — like dancing troupe, not giving the viewer the bored, and the main characters, as the soloists of the troupe. Add Opera parties and straight into the musicals.

Despite all attempts to make it a movie-horror, still got family in some kind, picture. Not too bloody and erotic scenes, yeah and summarizes the transfusion of the empty empty. The film forces you to admire you and adults and children. Humor funny, a bit ridiculous and really good, so what is not enough in our time. Absolutely all characters, positive negative only cause sympathy to the person. It was interesting to see quite yet the young Sutherland (it should be noted, for many years. it is not very much changed).

It is strange that this picture does not received a special distribution, because it in principle, not so much different from "fright Night" (for which she is starting to look like closer to the middle — and that is why it is like it is much less) and "Vampire in Brooklyn". It is just a pity. Although the front and Shine two continue I have vague doubts about their genius.

7 of 10

Lynda Beeck
01 May 2011 | 07:07

If you make the "hit parade" of the films dedicated to the vampire theme, then there just is not fell twilight, and "the Lost boys" definitely would have taken place, and in the first five. Joel Schumacher took really stylish and interesting picture. RAID time as dust a good bottle of wine, now it gives the film more charm. Gang young and "fashion hooligans", under the leadership and charismatic without block biker in the performance of Kiefer Sutherland, having received immortality vampire, terrorizing the population of a coastal town. And just visiting the guys of the city, two brother confronted face to face with a supernatural evil trying to resist them. 

Despite this wonderful job, I want to forget about outrage at the Batman firmly state that Schumacher is a great Director and that fear to catch up, he knows. Fast bikes, music, Doors, pale-faced young Sutherland, stylish costumes, bloody battles and certainly love line — all makes the "Lost boys" one of the reference pictures of the horror genre, dedicated to vampires.

Interesting fact — years later, rock band "69 eyes", inspired by the painting, write a song with the name in the video clip will be played with the scenes of the film — racing bikes extreme game of vampires — hover under the bridge, at the time of passing on him on the train.

Cymbre Artima
07 June 2014 | 05:39

Vampire removed so many things that not follow. Without exaggeration, ghouls — most popular kinometry. No zombies, werewolves or Ghost compares to them number of appearances on the screen. Alas, the increase in the number of significantly reduced level of quality. The traditional way was compromised with many openly fuflyzhnaya ... projects, so we are forced to turn to the classics of the genre, and restore honest vampire name.

In the mid-80s in the hands of the famous American producer and Director Richard Donner, author of the acclaimed films "Superman" and"the omen", I got the script of children's horror stories about the vampires. Well, you know, those poison night fire in summer camps. Donner, just finished work on a children's adventure film "the Goonies", found that twice the bomb in one funnel does not falls switched to shooting his future smash hit "Lethal weapon". But the text reasonably buried. The story, written by three writers, was transferred to the hands of a novice Director Joel Schumacher, who also not smitten with the desire to make a film for students. In the end, the age of the characters, and followed them and rating pulled up, realizing that with a teenage generation, you can not only the vampires to play, but and love-carrot. The result we known — a fun mix of Comedy, horror and mystical melodrama under the name "Lost boys".

... Have a middle-aged woman with two older children after a bad divorce forced to move to his eccentric dad in Chechelnik coastal town of Santa Carla. The place is pretty, but eerily quiet. In Santa Carla the highest percentage of missing lead to state and choice single mothers no special.

Senior Michael and the younger Sam first the evening go to explore the local "sights" and fall in a beach concert, where the young man falls for hottie a beautiful name Star. However, she has already "parked" and hanging out with David, the leader of a gang of hoodlums on motorcycles, whose defiant behavior pretty annoying as not only visitors but and local residents. Alas, uteruses, Michael parses the Ford, still not knowing that his love threatens to turn into big trouble.

The thing that David his guys — the neither there are vampires, at night, terrorizing a sleepy town. But David, obviously not have thrown him take the call seriously. Moreover, he is invited Michael to drink on the brotherhood, and then the boy and he turned to vampire. Sam, alarmed by dramatic changes in the brother, appealed for help two kids the same age, holding a small comic book store. Given that relative more adequate people rush, Sam doesn't want to put stake in the heart. Instead, young hunters vampires are loaded on the capture of the leader, whose death at the idea is to release all novolazarevskya adherents of curses.

Real vampires don't Shine on the sun Aki fresh dog excrement. They sleep all day in coffins or cosy, in the authors "the Lost boys", hang upside down like bats, clinging ugly claws over the perch. True vampires don't feel pity for his victim because they want to eat, and hunger — bad ally of sentimentality. They just not good, but funny, it ought not to hang out with sour, because to mourn no reason — they are immortal, charismatic and possess superhuman strength. Such — cheerful, rowdy guys — Donner Schumacher decided to portray his blood-sucking monsters. What is consistent with classics the work of competitors (think of at least cheerful and loving, but the deadly vampire of the "Night of fear").

What scares the average vampire?According to the authors of the film — just directly. Sharpened pieces of wood, garlic in solid liquid form, Holy water, sunlight, crucifixes and other everyday items. The main fact is not the murder weapon, and the belief that even the garlic essence of the water released from water gun is able to inflict nightmarish monster damage, incompatible with life. And who can to believe in the Holy shit like not the boys, having read themed comic?

I think Schumacher made a big mistake when decided to expand the audience tapes for by raising the age rating and connection the story of the adult characters. Donner their "Boobies" proved that the genre of children's adventure film has all the chances success and no sex scenes, no lyrical episodes and other husk. At least, the part of the picture that tells us about the ordeals adult tank top, a lot less interesting and fun than episodes military boys — hunters vampires.

The main role here went to the Hame namesakes Corey and Corey Feldman. Hame managed to light up in the film adaptation kingovskoy "Silver bullet", and Feldman on the time is considered one of the most promising young actors after participating in"the Gremlins", a pair of sequels to "Friday the 13th" and the aforementioned "the Goonies". This a couple so fond of the audience that it doesn't of to Corey starred in apart from the other. In the end, the boys have seven times met set in including the unofficial sequel to "the Lost boys", which was released in 2008. And in 2010, when he was released last film of this series, "Lost boys 3: the Thirst", the Hame, alas, was not live — actor, whom the early glory has been taught the harmful excesses, died in 38 years of overdose of medicines.

Next "the Goonies" turned a noble, feels steady hand Donner. That for the adult part of the cast, then there have not all so simple. "Golden boy" Jason Patrick, for which it was the third account, project and all kind shows that it nature rested. Besides a pretty face to boast of it. nothing. All of his subsequent career, despite a decent fees — one big drop down, the apotheosis of which became the second "Speed", the failed at rentals including due to the fact that Patrick managed to replace Keanu Reeves. Starlet Jamie Gertz, the object of desire of the main character, is also a blatant miscasting. Pretty girl, but where to the roles of fatal beauties? And doing here, Diann Uist, one of the favorite Actresses woody Allen, I do not understand. Judging by the whole, solves a financial issue.

The only "adult", with whom to be reckoned with — it's a great Kiefer Sutherland, a worthy son of his famous father. It film villain turned out bright and memorable.

It was rumored that "the Lost boys" was going to continue, and even with the final scene is not finished the main guy, then to effectively install it in the sequel. However, further conversations business does not go. Already at the end of the first decade zero about the picture I remembered and hastily rigged a few commercial tapes, released immediately on the video. Despite the participation of Corey Feldman, these pseudocontinuations watch is strictly not recommended, because, why spoil your impression of the original?

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How much has The Lost Boys made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $32,302,949.
Who is the director of the movie The Lost Boys?
This tv-show was directed by Joel Schumacher.
What is the genre of The Lost Boys?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Horror.
Who starred in The Lost Boys?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Dianne Wiest, Barnard Hughes, Edward Herrmann.
What is The Lost Boys IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was The Lost Boys released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1987-07-31.