The King and the Mockingbird

For many years the glorious Kingdom of Tachycardia is ruled by the tyrannical Charles V+III=VIII+VIII=XVI. Hate it all, but only a brave bird Mockingbird is not afraid to say that the king of stupid, funny and cross-eyed. No one knows what Carl is secretly in love with a charming Shepherdess whose picture he keeps in his chambers. Opposite a portrait of the hated chimney Sweep in love with a Shepherdess. One night, Shepherdess and the chimney Sweep come to life and escape from the Palace. Immediately comes to life and insidious portrait of Charles, who takes the place of the present king, and orders at any price to catch the fugitives. Saved a beloved of the king's spies and their huge iron robot? Their only hope — a wise Mockingbird, which will not leave their new friends are in trouble!

  • Paul Grimault

Release Date: 1980-03-19
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: FR
  • Language: French
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $167,451
Mariquilla Mano
11 June 2010 | 10:45

Lately, 3d animation has become as would be standard, so that cartoon already hardly will surprise the modern viewer.

Charming adaptation of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. A familiar story about the shepherdess and trubochista removed from simple a bit naive humor, which is the time from time futuristicheskih is complemented by paintings of the castle, speaking of the ancient statues and references to the paintings of Picasso.

Sometimes the action seems a bit lengthy, and fans of action, of course, this drawing have a good choice.

In my taste a nice European cartoon is very far from disney style and more like the work of Soyuzmultfilm. Add to this beautiful composer's work — and good evening to you are provided.

8 from 10

Jaymee Anny
25 July 2016 | 11:27

All somehow believe that if you do high art, it is necessary to do it the most tedious. Usually the authors of all have any conscience and in addition to nusta and, in fact, "high art" (TM), something the film put. Here have rejected any kinship with the mass culture and put beyond what is necessary for festivals highbrow critics nothing.

Disgusting drawn cartoon. Terrible not only negative is the king and the cops, but and positive shepherdess and the chimney sweep, and the narrator Mockingbird. They all terrible, vypasne of the Cabinet of curiosities. For some reason, again, it is believed that illustration in adults need to draw in the most repulsive manner. That children do not accidentally look what you?

So, we endure an hour and a half of terrible games, where the meaning half. The rest — all sorts of lengthy moments, here the king of long rides on the Elevator, so on the roofs for a long time wandering heroes. Tarkovsky-style. And any reference bordering plagiarism, for example, to ancient German silent "Metropolis". By the way, here is there an underground city — it was cool, because the film. And draw something can anyone of the same robot the size city.

Semantic content. Hmm. I Saw one article where quite convincingly, with arguments, came the idea that the main villain here — Mockingbird, he wily provocateur, especially izvergnulsya state in abyss spitting on human victims may — a foreign agent of influence. The cartoon also. his serve rather alludes to a more straightforward and familiar interpretation, who is a bad (king), who is a good (Mockingbird). What I wanted to say to the authors? On my opinion, they just wanted to get smart and show everyone how they are in your cinema guys. Standard stroke truck — you a lot of meanings and ideas that are contrary to each other, and themselves with it to understand. "I'm so I see." In any case, what about the new revolution? It causes, effects, pros and its cons have long known (which, of course, prevents people from constantly stepping on the same rake, is another question).

In fact, critics job to watch movies-not-for-all and something the subject to invent, they that get the money. See also free — enjoy below average.

4 of 10

Marlie Daryn
08 October 2016 | 04:04

"The king and the bird" — a true masterpiece of animated film. If not the best cartoon in the world, certainly the best in France.

The cartoon captures from the first minute. As accurately detailed images of the characters: a wise Bird, power-hungry King, a charming Cowgirl, a brave chimney Sweep and etc. the Kingdom of Tachycardia deserves special attention. With its beauty and monumentality not like nothing.

The cartoon deals with such philosophical things as power and freedom, love and hatred. It's also interesting that the picture is a little genres: satire, fairy tale, parable, and even the share of Comedy.

Wonderful cartoon Field Grimaud with a smart script by Jacques prévert and with amazing music of Wojciech Kilar.

How much has The King and the Mockingbird made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $167,451.
Who is the director of the movie The King and the Mockingbird?
This tv-show was directed by Paul Grimault.
What is the genre of The King and the Mockingbird?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Animation, Family, Best Animation Movies, Best Family Movies, Best Fantasy Movies.
Who starred in The King and the Mockingbird?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jean Martin, Pascal Mazzotti, Raymond Bussières, Agnès Viala, Renaud Marx.
What is The King and the Mockingbird IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was The King and the Mockingbird released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1980-03-19.