The Kid

The film "the Kid" became the first feature film by Chaplin-Director. The actor in the main role of a Baby — five year old Jackie Coogan — Chaplin found at the scene where the child performed on an equal footing with adults. Jackie was a born actor and grasp everything on the fly. The film "the Kid" is the story of a child abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. After the chain of adventures of a foundling finds a resident of the slum poor Charlie, who teaches the child what he knows.

  • Charles Chaplin

Release Date: 1921-02-06
IMDb icon 8.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: None | English
  • Budget: $250,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $26,916
Stephine Crooks
05 June 2010 | 10:53

Brilliant film!

Why I think so? On this question there are many answers. But to get started is to pay tribute to Charlie Chaplin in each picture may in and amuse and to learn something smart. Chaplin is a genius, and almost every job as brilliant. Despite that the film "the Kid" was shot in 1921, it looks like and contemporary films. I looked it in one breath, and not have time to blink, as already I read the credits.

This film is about how the tramp, Chaplin finds on the street baby, don't even finds and throw. All attempts to get rid of the baby are inconclusive. Later, the Tramp and the Kid become good friends, but problem that child it and parents, sooner or later there will be. So happens. But, once tried will get rid of the Kid, the Tramp have not want him rastovatsya... So it easy to hold the baby? Yeah, maybe the plot of the film does not pull on the Oscar, but teaches a lot and at the end of the film in General I want to cry.

Only Chaplin could to keep the viewer from beginning to the end of the movie frozen at the screen, it not say words. It's talent. Such people are born once in a century. Let all of worship Pattinson and Depp, I will continue to admire the genius Chaplin. This movie are only 68 but that time to get to laugh and to cry and to learn something new for yourself, and have a good time. Many creators do not enough for all this three hours.

The acting is insanely good, Charlie, Chaplin, great, and especially here it in the usual himself the Tramp. Its the game I believe, and while watching the film, not even know who this person within the set? On this point, it — a vagrant, a desperate street person. The second main role in the movie, the kid takes the role of Jackie Coogan, who himself have not the kid, moreover, who has no us (rest in peace). But playing their role perfectly. Not to find fault, yeah I hochitsya not find fault with such a Masterpiece.

Conclusion: Here and say nothing. If you have not watched this movie — immediately correct the error, and otherwise, what are you a movie buff? This picture has long been a cult, and one of the best works Charlie. So what I advise you to skip this film by himself. Pleasant viewing!

of 10 10

Diann Fiden
03 July 2011 | 06:49

The first world war took a lot of the world and same left. People were killed, the corpses were left. The house has passed, the unsettled gray of the ruins. Splintered happiness, concentrated grief. The eve of the Second world war. Remote, but a loud alarm. Raided dark days. Regeneration after heavy war years was tight. The interval between two terrible wars was a time of respite, swedishes on high powers, giving them a break from a military "exercise". For this is the time on people have formed an emotional cyclone, mixing with joy, sadness, fear, and hope one substance, from that creates a strange atmosphere. The darkness of apathy and the inevitable approach prevailed in the society. Well, that by treating the bitterness means it was a movie...

.. . and saw the world Chaplin. If you rely on light mystery, then call it divine revelation of a great man, a living synonym for "cinema", a harmonious impersonation of the comic and feelings. On the years, ranging from the beginning of an eventful twentieth century, Charles Spencer Chaplin gave the public a smile. The audience who met with a talent Charlie, belonged to different circles and social strata. Young Charlie played on the stage shoulder to shoulder with Frank improvisation made money, took care of the mother, people admire the small miracle, promising him fame knowing that was telling the irrefutable truth. Prickly thorns and obstacles prevented Chaplin to get out of the ravine of difficulties. On the tray the young age of fate presented him with a service test, which he overpowered with the courageous will to goals. Initially the theatre and music halls, then — film. Before our hero opened the gates to US, a wonderful land of opportunity, how would corny not sounded. Still about us gave I know Chaplin, when his role flowed from ordinary role of "comedian" in calling "masters of cinema".

The audience loved to look at Charlie Chaplin, speaking in the short films. Rather, he didn't love him, the image. Blown pants, clown shoes, bowler hat, faithful to the hand of the master of the cane and, of course, micro-mustache. Formula of the classic Hobo, which became untouchable sample komiko-lyrical character of all time, peoples and measurements. The tramp from nowhere appeared. He was inside Chaplin. The actor went into question, further it awoke a rare, instinctive inspiration, standing for vulgaris, but in total, bright and eccentric things. Why pants and shoes? They do Vagrant clumsy. Why the bowler hat and the cane? With them creates the character of a gentleman. Finally, why the mustache? They"round" the face of the hero, make it for kids, adults, unnaturally important and at the same time ordinary. With the Tramp Charlie Chaplin made their way to the spaces of production and scenaristic. Ambition flared in it every year to set, now he can implement all their ideas, to explore the delights of using film cameras, and are already finished film. Undoubtedly, in the day when Charlie was given a chance of expression, it was incredibly happy.

Malysh — the first work of the Maestro. The most moving. The most insightful. The most soulful. Although here you need to hold visokointensivne expressions, because the soul divided into large small pieces can not. This one and any on our discretion Chaplinsky masterpiece is a virtuoso pantomime of the soul. Charlie began not with jokes, but with the heart, through which endeared the film a reasonable expectation smart, and not funny "on time". It is the warmth and the warmth of humanity precedes the picture in that belongs to the absolute, which is adorned with the mark of "great cinema" and receives prestigious cult. Than "Baby" baby is beautiful and neravnodushnyh, the it is deeper, the bespodobna napoliroma it axiom. The alliteration of the lyrical scenes Chaplin recites to us the tale of the father and the son. Simple acrostic poem, story placement Chaplin is for us, unknown, in secret, encrypted under the asterisks. Everyone will see in it a personal sense, everyone will understand the word differently, but the core of this meaning is one. And founded in this movie.

They embrace strong grip of mutual fear and love. we understand between them stands a cement bridge that can't be destroyed, not allowed. Under a nice poster Comedy appearance hides a strong drama with a planetarium, feelings and experiences. Family romance of optimism wrapped in a clef drama, and dense melancholy ringed capital circumstance. Charlie Chaplin wrote a Eulogy of his father's heroism and motherly love, sung it in the chord-over orchestra and expressive performers. "Baby," destroys the stereotype of the performance, and the Tramp becomes a father, prone, in addition to the chronic habit to get into all sorts of trouble to the philanthropic activity. He found an abandoned baby and sheltered to yourself. He made good to which is not a dare. Good reward for which is not required. The son became our hero motive of life, an essential plaque, reflecting the truisms of happiness. Compassion awakens with the first frame, black-and-white painted contrast drama and carefully polished unobtrusive Comedy that is minor decoration. You believe any act of the characters, their stupidity feat. You smiling, when Jackie Cogag laughs, and reserved frown when he is crying. Chaplin avoids stereotyped characters with their uneven. The tramp stops being a charming jerk, and becomes the ideal of all wives and mothers. The son mimics of the smart bully in the Golden child. No, the characters do not change — they bloom in front of us.

Father takes over the hand your child, and from growing up on the back wings, they gracefully soar like angels we understand it's a magical acrobatic stunt artistry. The Director beautifully uses metaphors, when not flying with them too far and high, keeping a clear focus. Sometimes you want to admire the Duo's compositional techniques and visual experiences to which, of course, Charlie is biased. In the time it could be special cut, transitions, invisible rope, props, costumes... However the main effect remains a Drifter. Those same pants, shoes, bowler hat, cane, mustache enormously gratifying for us. Not only need to forget about one required element — the Charlie Chaplin.

10 of 10

"Life — it is a tragedy when you see it closeup, and Comedy, when you look on it from afar. "© Charles Spencer Chaplin

Wren Timi
06 January 2011 | 12:28

In our day increasingly often focuses primarily entertainment movie (or cartoon). Less emphasis is on good acting; on quality. Yeah and why? Special effects will do the trick.

"The kid" — this is the clearest example of how can, despite the lack of color and dialogue, to convey the depth of experiences and feelings.

It's peace and a good movie that makes it timeless.

Black-and-white classics:

10 of 10

How much has The Kid made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $26,916.
How much did it cost to make The Kid?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $250,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Kid?
This tv-show was directed by Charles Chaplin.
What is the genre of The Kid?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Family, Best Comedy Movies, Best Family Movies.
Who starred in The Kid?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Carl Miller, Edna Purviance, Jackie Coogan, Charles Chaplin,
What is The Kid IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.3.
When was The Kid released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1921-02-06.