The Hurricane

The film is based on real facts from the life of boxer Rubin Carter, nicknamed "Hurricane" — the main applicant for a champion title in the Middleweight division in June 1966. After the murder of three people in one of the bars of new Jersey, he was accused of this horrible crime and sentenced to three life prison terms.

  • Norman Jewison

Release Date: 2000-01-14
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $50,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $73,956,241
Darline Cohlier
27 February 2014 | 08:47

The film is so multi-faceted that unlikely will leave someone indifferent. He about the power of the spirit, which affects his steadiness, about a true friendship, able to incredible things about a loyalty to each other, about love (not erotic, as the vast majority of films, and love dear person, to other), about the incredible faith and perseverance in achieving their goal, about true Identity.

In some points even not believe the story is based on real events, and in my head spinning questions: "How?! Why??!! Yes it's impossible, so to hate a person not because of what! Do they really moved in USA for him?! ..." And even now, realizing that it is a reality that it was really up to still as it is not hard to believe...

"Hurricane" — brilliant movie in the sense that without much moralization, without any pressure he teaches so much! It is such a rarity to have in one movie combined so many different topics. It would be cool to see him in adolescence, when the world, the personality is forming, as many benchmarks and examples follow could be found.

You do not want to write much about this movie need to watch! Believe me, you you will not regret! It's hard not found in "Hurricane" is something actual for itself, it will touch your soul, give unforgettable emotions and interesting reflections.

10 of 10

Antonia Jurgen
02 May 2011 | 05:28

How can still imperfect our world. It applies to almost everything that we surrounds you. Sometimes, this the imperfection affects our existence, and in some cases the influence is pernicious. Such detrimental effect has occurred with boxer Rubin Carter, who due to legal missteps and police collusion was forced to spend twenty years behind bars, away from loved ones. To twenty years. he tried to fight, tried to resist, but his attempts were in vain. He was looking for myself, studied my case, reading "smart" books, trying to survive in this harsh and sometimes unfair world, and ultimately, it work not in vain.

When I hear about stories like this, frankly, in them with the first time is extremely difficult to believe, because just the head does not understand how by mistake it is possible to serve two decades. However, this history was, and had to regret not so little.

Honestly, before watching this movie, I thought the majority will see a movie about a boxer, not Boxing, and about the boxer; in the result it was much more attractive. Yeah, Carter — a boxer, you have to give him to take away, but still the motion picture tells us history of a man who for too long tried to get out of places "not so remote", tried to turn my life around in the right direction, let them in he did.

This picture of me very strongly reminded of the tape from Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role under the name "In the name of the father." And in "Hurricane" and a "Father" in fact one is hidden and the same message a few different versions, but these paintings brings together that both are taken in the basis of real events.

The basis of this picture lay the Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, in which he described their to the conclusion and some some have being in places of deprivation of liberty. And on this happy occasion, this book is in the hands of one boy, whose story of a once famous boxer raised saimoe. He wrote to him letters which admired his book. After some time came the reply. Then another one letter, then another, until the case is reached a personal meeting. In later, this care about the boy, whose name to the word Letra attracted to this story of his friends, who after fifteen years of decide to help Ruben.

Movie visible on one breath. Although there is no stunning Boxing matches, no here any spectacular action scenes, is quite a different movie entirely dialogue and likely them sense. "Hurricane" — the movie is instructive. The picture teaches us believe, it demonstrates the clearest fact is the fetus human belief, in which people in the end found myself. On the a half hours the viewer has the opportunity to see a picture of the spirit of honor that hero for over two decades, not just not lost it. made it and yourself much stronger.

"Hurricane" in the most — the picture is the acting, most of it beauty is built around one person, around one person — two-time winner of the Oscar Denzel Washington. For its long career, the professional who don't have time to visit: good COP and bad COP, and African American at the time of the civil war, and time he moved, the gangster was, and a preacher even we saw him, and among these glorious heroes wormed his record still one character, perhaps, one of the strongest over the entire acting career. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter — the hero is extremely interesting. Similar in career Washington is that was not. For me personally, it best part — Alonzo of  Training day, followed by Carter. How restrained it;character, how he externally and internally strong, how much it a hidden energy as well it interesting ideas and ideas — and it's Washington. He take it balance. The actor never gives to doubt the reality of what is happening, really keeping the viewer from screens. In again  Bravo to Denzel, great master. The rest of the actors are remembered less, and games like them to not wait necessary. The canadian foursome looked quite convincing, but no more. Was a good Clancy brown — eternal minor actor to its minute presence in the acharne nothing special has brought, but were remembered. Roda staygera I on the screen was waiting for almost not every second, there was the same he frame with the end of the movie — the legendary actor played the role of judge, making this as usually a very good.

In the Director's chair in this painting was highly acclaimed master — Norman Jewison, author of such films as "moonstruck", "Justice for all" and of course "midnight heat", for which of the aforementioned Steiger at once received the "Oscar". With the point of view of directing the picture is not stored, removed it pretty standard, as saying, all the canons, but in sediment is not go, because not directing this film is glorious.

I unfortunately, the source is not familiar, heard about it, to be honest, recently, but after watching this great tape, that I think it is inevitable (unless, of course, I will be able to find memory Carter). "Hurricane" — one of those few movies that after watching them I want to get acquainted with the material included in the basis of the picture.

This picture is from the category of "must see". First, it very exciting, well and secondly, it is a comparative young (only 12 years), and modern cinema, as far as I memory change, not more of this, on this subject, so quality is not allowed.

9 of the 10

Sharlene Buchalter
24 March 2010 | 02:31

And it is true. I myself didn't know who like this Rubin Carter, not yet watched this movie. True and learn that was nowhere, so as a boxer spent the whole life in prison of the state of new Jersey, and the book "the 16th round" is unlikely to find on sale books that 20 years ago, now (I mean at us).

The story of a boxer in the middle weight category Rubin Carter is very different from others. It does not give the viewer to break away from the screen or a second not surprising. Contender for the title Boxing Middleweight blamed for a triple murder that he did not commit, and sentenced to three life sentences (and in total he served 29 years). Then he already struggling not law, and with itself. As live as do not break, as in the end to get out, but because the time he was already 50! Well and the price in 25 cents, of course, a turning point in the fate of the protagonist.

To describe the game Denzel Washington is not want as this one of his best roles, along with Malcolm X, a Gangster and Training day.

Good camera work of Roger Dikins, great music by Christopher young, cool script, and finally, the song of Bob Dylan's "Hurricane", written in the 1975!

Now the cons. Along with inexpressive installation (some of the shots are frankly fall out), very pumped up directed by Norman Jewison. Because of this, the film in some places looks a bit unfinished. But with content more than all right. And as a consequence well-deserved nomination for the main male role.

The film, of course, not very well known, but the fans of the biopic, yeah and all the lovers of good cinema, it will taste.

How much has The Hurricane made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $73,956,241.
How much did it cost to make The Hurricane?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $50,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Hurricane?
This tv-show was directed by Norman Jewison.
What is the genre of The Hurricane?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Sport, Best Sport Movies.
Who starred in The Hurricane?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Denzel Washington, Vicellous Shannon, Deborah Kara Unger, Liev Schreiber, John Hannah.
What is The Hurricane IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was The Hurricane released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2000-01-14.