The Green Mile

Paul Edgecomb — the head of death row in prison "Cold mountain", each of the prisoners who once held the "green mile" on the way to the place of execution. Paul saw many prisoners and guards during the work. However, the giant John Coffey, accused of a terrible crime, has become one of the most unusual inhabitants of the block.

  • Frank Darabont

Release Date: 1999-12-10
IMDb icon 8.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | French
  • Budget: $60,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $286,801,374
Donnamarie Jun
24 January 2020 | 04:54

Another representative of the imperishable classics, the discussion of the merits of which it is considered bad manners. But what to do, one of the priorities of my Hobbies (writing reviews) is equanimity.

The narrative occurs in two time points: the old man of the nursing home sometimes appears in the frame to tell a story, like Forrest Gump. And for the most part the narrative flows in 1935 in the state prison. "The green mile" — the so-called corridor, who are prisoners on the death penalty. And here you think that Frank Darabont in two of his movies makes a clear contrast? "Shawshank" according to the judge, "the most terrible prison," had in your staff some bastards, but at the same time, except for a pair of mutilated prisoners, the horrors of prison not shown. But here is not just a prison, and prison electric chair, and the entire staff, from head to bull, extremely polite with prisoners. Well, except for one kid, at which all, as GOST — relatives of the "big shots", a disgusting character, and he went to work in jail, in order to satisfy sadistic tendencies.

The prisoners mixed — good populist Delacroix, insane small Wild bill and mysterious big guy in the name of John Coffey ("like the drink, only not spelt the different"). Coffey — a very odd subject. He can neither read nor to write, not give anyone problems, ingenuous and polite. The however, he has been sentenced on suspicion in rape and murder of two girls. Evidence there is against him, but the verdict is quite possible to justify a time period when blacks do not contain slaves, but I still didn't like.

Not only mild nature, remarkable John. For stay in prison, he shows mystical abilities to heal people from horrible diseases and resurrecting downtrodden mouse. For completeness of the image does not enough of a comment "And you noticed the name of John Сoffey contains the same initials as and Jesus Christ?".

But on the forefront is not an element of the supernatural abilities Coffey, and interaction with the warden Paul Edgcombe. At one side of the grill — a prisoner who behaves more than in peace, and on the other — the guard that never improves the tone. I'm not a fan particularly raspinatsa at acting, but in this respect, the work done is enormous, because each character memorable. Tom Hanks his calm voice and steady glance, earns our attention, Doug Hutchison and Sam Rockwell — the epitome of abomination, and Michael Clarke Duncan, God rest his in heaven, every action causing us the feeling of deep penetration to the character.

The film is three hours in this case, although the original is a full-fledged novel, but not a story of how in previous cases, does not lose the integrity of the narrative. Reduce the duration, and it's just a series of episodes without any meaning. At this followed a clear balance — humour, sadness, characters, disgusting things. And Yes, common joke about that "the Green mile" — is the which boys cry, in that time, as the girls shed tears at the "Titanic". Old joke. Or rather, not the above which laugh.

Gwendolin Kingsbury
18 May 2014 | 02:59

The third hour of the film: a huge, already times crying hysterically Negro gives monotonous the face of the Hanks that peace and people are cruel, there's pain everywhere, and that he is hypersensitive, you see, wants to be fried on the electric chair. And it is the culmination. If you nothing confusing the film will certainly enjoy you and are forced to "think". Think about good and evil, to experience the pleasant feeling of viewing good stories in cruel world. Shed a tear and... to choke on your own snot.

This is me I wanted to make. And you?

But, okay, let's talk seriously. Nice to criticize, but better do it objective. For the first half hour of the film you realize how good it is outdated. Outdated even at the date of its creation, even though the atmosphere of 1935. Dry manner of shooting the tires still in the beginning. The development of the plot the causes of emotions. The characters are not person, and just dummies for development, mediocre plot. The Negro wants to send with the mouse some kind of circus freak. Hanks like on the move recalls the replica. Only Percy and psycho-bill give the flavor of the green mile, which is more like a library cameras. The characters are totally illogical and forced. How would a bit the end of the picture is the phrase "long green mile". Indeed, long and tedious.

But, of course, such a film is the most important idea. But strange some. Smeared. Two and a half hours to do a good history to in the end come to what life sucks in any case. In the case of John, who chose death in spite of your gift "of life". In the case of Sex, which is not have chosen death, but not want to live. Life for them both became a curse. Anguish in one word.

"Next" — the rating of calls. Not right?

Daniele Rolan
14 March 2016 | 04:28

the Green mile — this is an extremely emotional and disturbing picture, not able to leave anyone indifferent. What is its main message, each viewer decides for himself. Someone just sympathize with the black big fellow is sentenced to death, but man of generous spirit. Someone to tears pricked the Frenchman Eduard Delacroix with domesticated mouse. Someone will think about the blasphemy of killing in the name of Justice. Someone all the above will impress in equal measure. In any case, the film gives food for the mind. Encourages people to reconsider their views and priorities. To think, "what is good and what is bad." And solve this age-old question, if not in a global sense, then at least for yourself.

We can agree with that the line between good and evil held in the film too clearly, unequivocally, without tones. As in the Victorian novel, where Hero — itself honour, and his Antagonist, of course, — rare villain.

Yes, hardly the guards in the death row belong to condemned as to children, require attention and participation. But, damn it, film have enough of cruelty. And Yes, I want to believe that people, the fate of which has long been resolved, spend the last days a little better than perhaps it deserves. Let the humanity of the jailers and it looks sometimes too naive. It is no detract from the dignity of the picture. So that Tom Hanks and the rest of the company — just Bravo.

The overseer Percy, in performance Doug Hutchison represents the most vile of anti-heroes, which I have seen in the movies. Hutchison with incredible skill played the bastard that relishes someone else's death. And if the rest of the captors very kind and understand the Percy is like a sponge, has absorbed in itself the vilest vices. Or, if we draw a parallel with the by film — Aki John Coffey take the dirt the rest of the heroes. Accepting the fate of a notorious villain on himself. Becoming disgusting for yourself for the guy. Surprised Percy S. Wetmore not is 50 greatest cinematic villains of the American film Institute. For this "evil, cowardly, stupid man" will give a 100 points intelligent Hannibal Lecter, and traveled to Norman Bates from chicagoscala "Psycho." And the Nurse Ratched of"one Flew over the cuckoo's nest" — angel on a than the hero of Hutchison.

As the infamous spectacle are the spectators, when they came to take a look at another penalty. Yes, some of them there relatives of the dead wanting retribution. But there are simple townsfolk. Gawker, for which the penalty — no more than "a ball", the spectacle, almost no cultural leisure... Questionable speed.

The film with a mystical storyline hardly claims giperrealisticheskie. It is, rather, another parable from king Darabont. A kind of reinterpretation of the Bible. Indeed, as already mentioned several times, the initials of John Coffey coincide with the initials of Jesus Christ (J. C.). But, he image of a big man with a pure soul, healing of people, good and without the biblical allusions. All also not says forgiveness. Its simple philosophy is not a burden to views of Gandhi or L. N. Tolstoy. It is not only protects the innocent, but and punishes the guilty. But, all the same Michael Clarke Duncan in the image of John is the most sincere emotions. This coastie compassion. This is a pain. This tears. This is an alert to the shivers.

By the end of the film are in for a real spiritual cleansing. Despite the gravity and emotional turmoil, which he brings the film worth it to watch. Worth considering, and perhaps become a bit tolerant to others...

9 of the 10

Minus points for only what I hardly decide someday to review "Green mile".

How much has The Green Mile made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $286,801,374.
How much did it cost to make The Green Mile?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $60,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Green Mile?
This tv-show was directed by Frank Darabont.
What is the genre of The Green Mile?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Fantasy, Drama, Best Crime Movies, Best Fantasy Movies, Best Mystery Movies.
Who starred in The Green Mile?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Clarke Duncan, James Cromwell.
What is The Green Mile IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
When was The Green Mile released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1999-12-10.