The Gold Rush

The story is about the misadventures of the eternal darling of the public, the little tramp, who this time is sent to the gold fields of Alaska and as always will delight you with the endless kaleidoscope of tricks and comic situations.

  • Charles Chaplin

Release Date: 1925-10-09
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: None | English
  • Budget: $923,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $26,916
Sharon Odette
20 July 2014 | 09:18

The era of "gold rush" in still the Wild West, familiar to many in the most of the works of Jack London, and rare westerns that dealt with this subject. But and Charles Chaplin not surprisingly the party time dedicated to this period of naive and often tragic attempts of people to accidentally find your own initial capital feed "gold rush". Here and the Tramp is on the cold unfriendly in Alaska, where people are dying for the metal, becoming involved in fun a sad accident.

While shooting movies was probably one of the most difficult Chaplin. Except that it has been tried several types of substitutes of snow, and also the snow is real, the main problem lies in the final installation. It is known that only drafts of the film was 27. But even after the premiere of Chaplin not was satisfied. The result of this was the issue in 1942, dubbed, re-made, but most importantly, little changed story version of the film. At this new variation to the Director liked more, but the audience and critics preference is still at the version 1925.

Jasmina Carolynne
14 May 2009 | 12:54

In a time when the minds of people filled the desire, the thirst to get rich quick on an empty place when gold rush has blinded the people, not was a place of reason and care — every person who has built in the imagination of castles in the air about the imminent wealth, sought to Alaska — in a brutal region, where, despite the cold, inhuman conditions for life, you can find yourself and become a multimillionaire, or... to sign his own death warrant and otpravytsya on suicide — cold, exhausted and isoladas.

That our hero, a slender, but bold brave the Little tramp sent to the gold mines, in order to become someone, but not to be constantly in the shade, the rejection and exile of the powerful. Towards violent winds and brutal hunger, calmly striding hero, Charlie Chaplin, a little recklessly and carelessly referring to his possible death and an eternal stay in the edges of Alaska. However, there are pros — the possibility of finding the companions, companions and true friends, who could help, pass those days and nights of suffering in hell no crumbs of bread in mouth of wandering, a long and fruitless search of gold bullion.

Absolutely not noticing the Little tramp suddenly napadaet at half of snow storms shack black Larsen  — a dangerous criminal, wanted by law enforcement. Don't realize the safety and trust this man, without the demand is part of it into the shack and immediately grabs polyobjects piece of chicken — because hunger is not my aunt! But the owner does not a fool, dismisses the latter-day, and the unexpected guest of the their shelter. However, all is not just — towards the wide open door breaks the strong wind that throws the tramp back in the shack, not allowing to step and over the threshold of that into the hands of our hero. But here and Big Jim literally blows in house for fighting — such a fat giant, who also wishes to qualify for shelter storm this place.

Somehow having gone through a difficult time in your journey, friends go who-where — Jim your way, tramp — in its own way. A Little tramp, in the time napadaet at the settlement — with built houses, cultural paths and light Windows. Attracted by fun, music and dancing coming from the club, Chaplin's hero enters the threshold of the institution, and rolls in luxury, warmth and beauty of the house where the meets Her. Having received love, unrequited yet, but such a sweet, gentle and beautiful love, without empty pocket only dreaming, building castles in the air, the Little tramp stumbles upon your friend. Choosing between helping a friend and your love, character, Charlie Chaplin, promising to come back a millionaire and a rich man, leaves his girlfriend, going to the familiar shack for where are buried gold bullion.

The scene on the ship, happily and joyfully ends with this picture, so interesting and deep, — in short, the Chaplin picture that says it all.

Easy run on the story, now I would like to mention describe favorite moments, not need not without laugh — first, is a hunger that turned Jim in a real maniac — Little tramp then seemed like chicken, such a huge and lush which would at once put a dagger and quick to cook. another not less comical moment — it's a memorable scene of "blowing" a strong wind shack friends and the vis over the cliff, including rescuing themselves from the threat emergency house of the tramp and Big Jim. This and many other things that no tears fun to watch is simply impossible, in fact, make up, lie in the basis of this talented and truly worthy of the picture Chaplin.

Actually, Council: "gold rush" — picture of Charlie Chaplin, which reveals the brutal realities of the past, but in a comical and humorous way possible the key describes and presents the viewer's attention all events. On my opinion, the picture should appeal to all viewers, not otherwise. so look?..

Kippie Heidt
04 August 2018 | 11:06

Dozens of takes of each scene. Hundreds of times redraw installation. Pass the nerves of the crew. Here is the recipe for one of the best films of the twentieth century.

In the story, Providence throws the hero on "bit of land Alyasochku" (C) where in the midst of gold mining. Here he finds adventure on his bony ninety (a bit of a stretch), new friends and only love. Not matter how leaky your well-worn jacket, the main thing is to remain human in any situation. After all the money — not important. Banal truth that we somehow forget all the time, reminds us great movie.

The pictures in memory. Little man, dying from hunger snowbound cabin in the mountains, cooking in water and eating their own shoes. Comes in dance club and casually drinking a glass of something intoxicating, gripping her with the passing of the tray while the waiter turned away. Pretending to die on the street in winter to get into a warm house and have Breakfast. In the new year's eve, covered with a chic table with gifts, who worked the last few weeks, waiting for the promised guests who forgot to come. In an instant, losing everything, becoming a multimillionaire, but out of habit picks up to finish the butts thrown from the cigars.

Albert Einstein after watching the film, sent a letter to Chaplin: "Your film "gold rush" is clear to all in the world, You will surely become a great man. Einstein." In response, the Chaplin original: "I admire You even more. Your theory of relativity nobody in the world understand; despite that you still become a great man."

I really do not have a good movie. It also important as water, delicious food, exciting books, travelling, meeting with close the spirit of the people. It encourages, gives strength, desire to work on him. The value of it is determined by multiple views, understanding, time. The film Charlie Chaplin soon a hundred years, ion it's not relevant fascinating as a new movie, but is the classic that bothers. Honestly, I watched it for five days. Constantly distracted then on the news, to find what the Chinese new serial world. But not able to throw inspected, because this tape is deep respect for its creators, all of which a long time ago watching another interesting movie while we are unavailable.

How much has The Gold Rush made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $26,916.
How much did it cost to make The Gold Rush?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $923,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Gold Rush?
This tv-show was directed by Charles Chaplin.
What is the genre of The Gold Rush?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Best Adventure Movies, Best Comedy Movies, Best Western Movies, Best Family Movies, Best Romance Movies.
Who starred in The Gold Rush?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Charles Chaplin, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Henry Bergman, Malcolm Waite.
What is The Gold Rush IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was The Gold Rush released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1925-10-09.