The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Mikael Blomqvist — a talented journalist who has faithfully and seeking justice in the most scandalous cases — suddenly comes to grief in their activities, resulting in forced to serve time in prison. At the same time influential person Henrik Vanger instructs him the case of his missing niece, who disappeared mysteriously from the estate of wanger and which for many years no news. And attempts need to track down the cousin also did not lead to positive results. Being a skeptic at first, Michael doesn't believe in luck, but soon discovers an intricate and chilling story associated with the family, the Vangers. In this, the journalist helps the informal person Lisbeth Salander, is reputed to be not only a brilliant mind, a photographic memory, but also excellent hacking skills.

  • Niels Arden Oplev

Release Date: 2010-04-30
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: DK, DE, NO, SE
  • Language: Swedish | English
  • Budget: $13,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $104,414,200
Kelcy Bordiuk
21 November 2010 | 02:04

The book is not read and it's not going to read.. . Although, maybe the book is good, and problem that it wanted to show us Swedish Director, who has already had to move to the States.

The main character — the girl-punk-hacker-gay — of course, a striking character (in certain extent save the film). Even ugly punk outfit shows that she's cute (in the end of the film and generally beautiful). But the destiny her ill -  — a difficult childhood with a bastard father (in the next parts of the trilogy seems to be it turns out that he's Russian), the mother in the psych ward, she there is also has been guardian — the sadist, well, and in General a life that I want to pierce your nostril, to only go in black, hate men and love only your computer (by the way, after watching the movie I wanted to immediately buy an Apple computer, a very smart advertising or how's it — product placement?). To talk with people, no desire, and when it lights (and it happens every five minutes), then to face — life sucks, but power is she will fight and that shit it inspire the use of his remarkable talent — it has a photographic memory and an analytical mind. The only thing she wants to do, using the experience in a detective Agency, so this is justice, especially when it comes to "men who hate women" (the original title of the film, my opinion, it is a failed — the entire film is focused on the girl times hates men). When it not those rings police — with offenders understands itself. In General, a sort of Supergirl, from which the head mounted-imaging scanner and the computer. It connects to investigate the search of a girl who went missing 36 years ago, although it this one does not requested.

The other character — the reporter, who, in fact, instructed strange and almost meaningless for years investigation. Looks like this character is in the movie too very absurd (the film was shot for the feminists that confirmed the Director himself). It like on the cool hunter sensations and the klutz. Landed in jail due to the fact that believe planted fake documents.

Itself the detective part of the movie not cause all pretty standard and more muddled — the original anti-Semitic line with coded biblical scenes ends abruptly and leads to usual sexual maniac. The internal logic of inquiry is described sketchy. In General, if not Supergirl, nothing would be turned and as she does on the basis of what comes to his conclusions on the creators of the film decided forces and the time is not to spend. Any deep reflection on the violence the film found I failed. Although such thoughts arise and themselves himself — why so much violence in a country where such a beautiful nature, and such a comfortable life (even in prison). I read that in Sweden, a very high suicide rate. The mystery.. .

To understand what also wanted to say a film Director, had to read his interview. He believes that".. . this story should appeal to women, because the main character — a very unusual girl, a strong girl who could inspire by example. It nature inspires." And further -".. . yet women feel themselves to be victims, men are easier to manipulate and to impose the position of the slave. But if a woman feels in himself the strength to fight for your right, it is invincible. So Lisbeth is a very important character, she is an example for others to follow." So that's why the film such a strange name.

It makes you wonder — what they're a Swedish woman? Or just the Director's specific vision them? Hardly a normal woman would want to be like Lisbeth. Heroine not just of capital lucky childhood, it tries that to live is worthy of respect, but why an example of something with her to take? Because it is not quite a woman, if it frankly. Maybe the Director doesn't know what normal women don't feel victimized, staying at this feminine? With such views the Director really straight road in the States.

Read the interview on. "We just lived to be the point where women are treated as an equal. But still alive some stereotypes, from which, it's time to get rid of. For example, children: boys forced to play with cars guns and girls — with dolls." Are children Sweden is also a problem? Normal boys and girls choose their own toys and games, and this happens for many thousands of years. Try to get the child in something to play if it is not him like it!

The film can put 4 out of 10. Although the next part of the trilogy, where the girl is playing with fire and blows up castles in the air, probably will look — the Director there is another.

Shandy Slayton
05 September 2010 | 11:14

Maybe the Director just told the story of Lisbeth and Mikael. Or him not like the book.

I write from name of my bride.

The plot is trimmed and modified. Changed the most important part detective story, which makes this film different from other similar. A brilliant psychological, intricate Thriller turned into compressed not an interesting film. All brilliant, thoughtful details the investigation and the story of Lisbeth cut. Spectator just put before the fact of revealed mysteries not tell how the hero came to one or a different conclusion.

The atmosphere of the book completely absent. On our opinion is the worst adaptation movies at the world's bestseller.

The only score in the plus the actress who plays Lisbeth.

Not recommended view and offer to wait for Fincher's version.

1 of 10

Idalina Alcine
16 February 2011 | 07:31

In order for your perception of this tape is not has been subject to prejudices, it is advisable not read the original book, and film empty Luggage scenes, which for you are key in the novel, because it often happens that controversies arise in such cases the film, which is not meant to delight the concrete, becomes a subject of utter disgust. This was and is for book, full volume, hardly receives a film adaptation. Except that not a and series not twenty-hour film. Apparently, that's why the book trilogy Stieg Larsson came to us imperceptibly, and interest it has increased just in time for three consecutive premiers of movies. Here and it turns out that movie, in fact, the "PR" books. Funny...

What can we expect from the detective? Intense story, a prologue that tries it can be to captivate the reader/viewer and, of course, stroke: ideas, concepts and ways out of seemingly hopeless situation. All these components Hollywood movies are very often made "copy", almost no different from other. In"kinetic" European you can see the obvious progress and a very successful attempt to turn a banal story in a certain kind of sentimental drama about the relationships, understanding and difficult to hide feelings. With one hand, "Män som hatar kvinnor" is often too long develops into something stingy, boring and slow, but sensual and insightful. No, this is no coy as not harming the basic concept of the film and considered a kind of deviation from the main topics, although some places are pretty bored with their inaction. With the other hand, the movie only and benefit from that the detective start of the tape not the most powerful and unusual. All a bit predictable and linear, but, of course, not in the beginning, and is closer to the end, when the degree of intensity, not out something obviously high and need. Picture of how would need these slow, quiet, inert scenes. In the scenery, aimless walks, in normal persons in these meetings. These, on first glance, unnecessary moments and is that the essence, the flavor, the hell something original. It is something like and lacks many modern detectives. The film teeters on the brink of great drama and a little secondary, background investigation, but in this case, is obviously a clear and the very position of the author — to show life is not outside inside.

Just for need this rape, vypadki the main heroine, her progressive action, the flashbacks and the same best nature photographs. Generally, in the European cinema, you can see all these features are almost any tape. The recent "Let me in" (original tape) surprisingly deep and just the on the bloody scene, and a quiet meeting on the Playground, which time and has been key. The same here. We slowly becomes a matter of who and why killed. On the forefront of relationships, characters, lines, actions. "Män som hatar kvinnor" would have lost your charm without these situations.

In General, the movie is not even built on the story and not that we want to see and what we expect the main characters. "Män som hatar kvinnor" — tape consisting entirely and full of characters their mutual influence. Sometimes these intricate tangles seem too difficult to our your understanding of what is happening. Sometimes they are too obvious. Sometimes it and are not free. The movie is — a storehouse of colorful images and destinies. Panamasta an awful lot, but it is "a lot", in General, fit into the protagonist the majority of people secondary. What is the image-obsessed stepfather pervert or his victims — the heroine noomi Rapace. Yes, unfortunately, the image of the Nyquist to name some infinitely complex impossible, but at the same time Rapes, conducting more than half the time in company this, the writer pulls on his half of the film. The tape is nice and that all these images are expressed in the remarkable, sometimes stunning, even brilliant actors.

A strange combination of rather managed than not. "Eats, pardon", but still put a row with good European films, previously mentioning about great music, of nesobrannosti and actors of the highest level.

How much has The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $104,414,200.
How much did it cost to make The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $13,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
This tv-show was directed by Niels Arden Oplev.
What is the genre of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace, Lena Endre, Sven-Bertil Taube, Peter Haber.
What is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-04-30.