The Finest Hours

The film is based on real events that occurred in 1952, when members of the coast guard in the midst of a storm, using a wooden motor boat tried to rescue the crew of two oil tankers.

  • Craig Gillespie

Release Date: 2016-01-29
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $80,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $52,099,090
Addia Jasper
06 February 2016 | 10:26

Will try to be brief.

Before going on the movie "sound of storm", I admit, I thought that it will not very interesting and boring (this is thanks to the trailer I thought so). But still going from forces bought a ticket for the row in 3D...

The film pleased me very much. I not so admired the huge waves, flood tanker and a rescue boat. It is there was something, after 30 I totally immersed in this sea were worried about Bernie Uebera when he my boat has crossed the bars one by others.

Also, I was surprised that I showed just two main characters (in my view) — named the captain of the tanker, and rather that he left and Bernie. Not many movies can reveal the personalities of several characters, for me, the film was split into 2 parts: the first — control of the coast guard, and second — attempts to command the tankers to survive in a severe storm.

In General the film is very good, when you consider that it is based on real events and not much FIB. I went out from the hall with a good mood, and is the most important thing in the film. Pleasant viewing!

8 from 10

Celia Milford
05 March 2016 | 09:53

Going to cinema the movie "sound of storm", I knew that he received quite positive reviews and from the audience and from critics. I was expecting just a good movie, and it not only lived up to my but and surpassed their seats.

The story tells of the group of members of the coast guard who rescued the crew of an oil tanker on a small motor boat. Himself the plot is divided into three lines.

The first tells us about those rescuers who dared to go on such a desperate act. This line is not is the most interesting, in spite of that she's in charge. Perhaps because the main character, played by Chris Pinom, which is known for the film "the farther into the forest...", not causes a lot of sympathy. It looks normal good guy that we have seen many times.

The second storyline is dedicated to the crew of the tanker, is perhaps the best of all three. Despite that the characters of the crew members are not more than just labeled you they empathize with and want to unable to get out of this difficult situation. This line keeps the audience in suspense for the entire film.

The third line tells of the girl main character, which is waiting for its return, staying on shore feedback it only of rare posts on radio, causes no emotion. To the final scene was felt that if this story, I do not been in the ribbon, none of this would not changed.

Overall, despite the predictability and the simplicity of the plot, he came out good.

A very strong side tape "sound storm" is its visual component. From the giant waves passed the chill in the body; they looked very realistic and impressive. Over the special effects were done really great job.

If you want to watch a movie, in any way connected with the subject of salvation, and choose between the recent films "Everest", "In the heart of the sea" and this band, I would advise it, so as she left the greatest impression.

8 from 10

Mari Gussi
07 February 2016 | 01:53

Mark "based on real events" in modern cinema, especially in the predominance of the West, on today the phenomenon is quite frequent and that's what the creators attract some viewers at the same time Recalling the events that can become a good example of courage and selflessness, as with band Director Craig Gillespie "The finest hour", if literary-literally or as it turned out in the Russian hire "sound of storm". The events described in 1952 the most famous to the local population and the residents of the state, rather than to our audience, and taking the attention of the ubiquitous Disney, who took on this unusual cinematic project we can wait a special tin or a terribly tragic story from the movie-disaster on the Atlantic ocean, because at all the inevitable human losses, a positive outcome it was not chosen by accident. Ribbon Gillespie talks about the coast guard rescue of Cape cod that near Boston, responded on signals using two sinking tankers, one of which was perelomili in half Pendleton. Adapted for the big screen documentary book by Michael Togas and Casey Sherman describes one of the most courageous and amazing feats of the sailors in the rescue of drowning, in the resulting scenarios conveyed the simplicity and straightness of the tape itself.

The uniqueness of the incident is the almost complete uselessness of the order of the captain of the coast guard Daniel Clough that sent four people on a motor boat through the strongest storm to distress Pendleton. Knowing about the unconditional impossibility of the operation, the boatswain Bernard Webber in command Richard Livesey, Andy Fitzgerald and Erwin Musk, have shown incredible perseverance, even when hope in search of the tanker was exhausted. Describing the characters of the rescuers, the tape is not trying to delve into the main character, creating between them a kind of emotional stress, referring to the immediate past, in which Webber had the reputation of unprofessional weakling in an unsuccessful rescue operations. It meekness, follow the rules and even sunk in summer traditions, excessive uncertainty in relations with sweetheart Miriam, makes the others look at him a grin that emphasizes the coming feat demure and his assistants. Romantic line in the movie is one of the weakest elements, as able to impress only the most sentimental of viewers who restraint in waiting for Miriam to shore short emotional range on-screen Webber will be at the soul. In addition, the episodes, which tells about people in the Peninsula is clearly churning rhythm and voltage who does not only the struggle of a small boat with waves, through which Webber is masterful, occasionally dipping into the sea completely, but and scenes from team tanker fighting for life aft.

Large-scale episodes with the Pendleton, along with great sound and sound effects are really impressive, offering up the team, which is not matter losses, managed to find a way you can stay longer at going on the working of the engine and of electricity. Here the leading character acts extremely calm and even-tempered that happy to throughout the tape, mechanic ray Seibert, very similar in their behavior to Webber. It cool in the calculations helped to give the others a chance, and believe success, on the Seibert never trust, preferring to work with his head and hands. Episodes with a tanker in the movie was the most interesting because not only elaborated visual effects, fully reveal the theme of an ocean storm with his possessed by the wind and killer waves, but and team insights with the driving the engine of the tanker in the engine room filled with sensors, pipes and all sorts of dangerous fittings. True-whether that feed Pendleton manageable jumped stranded, but for the sake of visual beauty and art of storytelling, these points technogenic character turned out to be more exciting than the General surroundings of the fifties, looking very artificial, in spite of the details elements of life of the residents of the windy Cape cod.

Managed to blend in the schedule of high-profile premieres, collecting cash blockbusters, "The Finest Hours" Craig Gillespie at the part of the fun for big screen is inferior to an approximate analogue of "San Andreas", differing from the last common sense and the authenticity of the events described, through the imposing cast, depicting a real feat. Attracting Chris Pinom, Eric Bana, Ben foster and Casey Affleck, the tape tried to open the characters, only the first and last, leaving everyone else to play the role as a plain for the movie itself, so for actors. Pine in compared to his character in "the Driver on the night", here is so pale that even the expressionless Affleck manages to create an incredibly peaceful character, with all my calm, confidently stepping over the raging ocean abyss to the rescue. Romance and the psychology does not yielded to the Director but story of heroes-the saviors and the saved, without the use of national star-spangled totems and lofty speeches in the name of the country and its worthy inhabitants, is definitely a success. With the informative and entertaining task of film Gillespie job, clearly showing the danger of the elements and thin face on which is not without huge success, balanced the main characters was left in a consequence of history as an example of the courage.

7 of the 10

"I am also afraid of death, but not see the point now about to talk..."

How much has The Finest Hours made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $52,099,090.
How much did it cost to make The Finest Hours?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $80,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Finest Hours?
This tv-show was directed by Craig Gillespie.
What is the genre of The Finest Hours?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama, History.
Who starred in The Finest Hours?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Eric Bana, Holliday Grainger.
What is The Finest Hours IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was The Finest Hours released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-01-29.