The Farewell

Aspiring 30-year-old writer of Chinese descent living in Brooklyn, but very much tied to the rest at home grandma. Suddenly it turns out that grandma is sick, her life is short, but upset her and do not want about the imminent death decided to keep silent. And to all the members of the family had to say goodbye to dying, she will say that all gather for the wedding of his grandson, who is actually married not torn.

  • Lulu Wang

Release Date: 2019-08-09
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: Mandarin | English | Japanese | Italian
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $22,459,201
Eadith Trauner
20 January 2020 | 02:07

"Farewell" Lulu Wang — autobiographical story, answering questions: is there a lies salvation? from what is identity? where to take forces to survive the death of a loved one?Billy — young (not always successful) writer of the family emigrated to the States Chinese. Once in the everyday rhythm of life breaks the terrible news that her beloved grandmother is terminally ill and live there are only a couple of months. In China, it is fear that kills the patient, and not the disease itself, so Nai Nai nothing know about his diagnosis. And under the pretext of the marriage of her only grandchild all relatives will gather to say goodbye to a dying grandmother.

Pretense — do not skate Billy, so her gloomy facial expression family when my grandmother explained dzhetlaga. For her Nai Nai not just relative, and synonymous with childhood, carefree and unconditional love. And what the grandmother? Despite the fits of coughing (she has cancer light 4. degree), it is busily taken for organization of the wedding, in parallel, carefully looking for a suitable groom for Billy every morning doing Tibetan breathing exercises. Moreover, in her youth she fought was seriously injured. Now memories of the wound only cause laughter.

Sister, sons and their families suffer instead of her.

But gradually, death, in addition to sad feelings, gradually becoming the subject of jokes, when the graveyard of his grandfather, the family rituals that seem curious to the modern man: they call for the mourning women, on the stake in front of the monument burned toy set of gadgets to grandfather used it on the light, or asking for blessings, worship so much of stiff neck. And here the center of gravity of the film shifts with themes of farewell to close to the topic of the difference of cultures, of the old-fashioned traditions, and finally self-identity. For gatherings of relatives begin to discuss the eternal question, where all the same better: there, in the West, or here East. The difference is felt in built up alike the socket areas of China, in the interiors of the restaurant in the style of "expensive-rich", in a series of unnecessary events, all (neglected or not) relatives. Sometimes the differences are too emphasized, especially for the Russian audience, for whom all this is not too alien.

Than this drive Billy the most? In addition to family reunification, return to the historic Home — this is an attempt to reunite itself of fragments from the past, childhood spent in China and the American present. It is here that she realized that life unresolved the question of self-determination the whole life is deprived of strength and confidence. Ascetic game Aquafina awarded the Golden Globe, and frequent delayed frames allow the viewer to the question: Who I? And tragic music by Alex Weston, reminiscent of the works of Bach, emphasizes the loneliness of a young writer.

And even back home in the States, Billy is not forget health Tibetan breathing Nai Nai, which courage overcomes cancer in the fourth degree.

Lulu Wang is not paying "Goodbye" in tearful drama, leaving room for humor and life.

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Karyn Puiia
05 November 2019 | 12:38

Overall impression: recently, on the screens of our country could be contemplated comical, but touching the tape, Lulu Wang "Farewell". The topic covered in the picture in the public eye, moves correct steps to final becomes a strong drama filled with a sense of life and death, the indifference of relatives and traditions of China.

The main character, around which all the fuss, grandmother Nai Nai (Zhao Shugen) to the impossibility of Mila as soon she appears the frame immediately fall in love with this sweet old woman before it captivates their attention. Suddenly it turns out that my grandmother is sick, her life long, but to upset her not want about the imminent death silent. Not taken in China to talk about cancer because then the person can absorb fear. And a huge family holding in the secret of the secret, try to spend the time and remember my grandmother, for what it is it lies good. And to the members of the family had to say goodbye to dying, she say that everyone's moving on the wedding of the grandson, who really married eager (there is also enough funny). Among relatives, is the granddaughter of Billy (Akvafina) — aspiring writer of Chinese descent living in Brooklyn, but very attached to remaining home grandmother. Coming to my grandma, she is not can control their emotions, but the less silent about bad news, honoring the traditions.

"Based on real lies" — the slogan of the tape. And as the more the viewer is immersed in the atmosphere of the Chinese cycle, the captures a stronger movie. I do not hesitate to say that is the best independent film that I watched the last time. And one for best 2019!

Music composed of classical music touches the strings of the soul, touching the heart, the sound simultaneously deliver and the pain of the experience as if the shock wave of bitterness from heroes, peace. So exactly matched the original music, it wants to listen, let it and mercilessly pours salt on the wound.

While juggling two genres as drama/Comedy, helps the viewer and focus on mighty drama, and also delivering a dose of humor, sometimes black. And really, sometimes it's laughter through tears! the Thin, intellectual!

In addition to the main theme — death, the Director of the film is not forgotten the characters, placing the party as on the chessboard, draws for each role replicas through the dialogs. The viewer begins to understand the character as not only a lively grandmother, but and a large family. Let for some little allotted screen time, all harmoniously arranged, have an understanding of why some Chinese are eager to leave the country, why follow tradition, and so there is a markup from the old generation to the young. Again, the atmosphere is one of important components of the film.

Want to consider this movie, frame by frame, grinning, where something worrying from the mental anguish, but want closer better acquainted with this family. Blurring the boundaries of the screen by an invisible eraser, sit at the table together with Nai Nai, because there is, for a table such delicious pies...

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Libby Gilchrist
09 November 2019 | 11:37

As the tagline reads, "Farewell" is based on"real lies". In many ways, the film is autobiographical: the writer and Director Lulu Wang was born in China, moved with family USA. In 2013 year, the woman reported that her grandmother, still living in China, became very ill and she left to live only a few months. Vang and her family quickly went in China in last to see my grandma. The catch is that Nai Nai (that is, the grandmother in Mandarin) no one said on the disease. Family decided best elderly woman left in peace and thus, to protect from the truth, to give to enjoy the last days. The reason for visiting grandma is still a large Chinese family was the wedding.

Vang wrote the script, telling about their experiences. Interestingly, the Director has long denied: some studios wanted to turn it from dramedy to clean Comedy, well, that with the romantic interests and a couple openly slezovydelenii scenes. Wang defended his directorial vision; in 2019 "Farewell" has received rave reviews to "Sundance", and then A24 bought distribution of films in the world.

"Farewell" — a very beautifully written film. The script alternates situational melancholy and strange comedic observations that helps to devote much time to the weigh-in action — the deception of a family member. When that interestingly, the film never puts the state of mind Nai Nai in the main topic though seems to be a film about this.

What would not universal was the basic premise, "good-bye" is a window into a different culture. It is the film did not seem to self-explanatory to the narrative, which is understandable intuitively. Probably every family has had similar feelings that have the characters in the film. The impression of "Farewell" in a lot varies from personal guidance of the viewer.

In fact as the film is littered with funny and sad interludes, he reaches impressive heights in the demonstration of acting range Aquafina. Her character — a very complex personality. The family has it has a strong impact; take my father, who adopted the Western way of thinking. It's not can experience a sense of cultural stratification, especially to the time I returned Home.

Developing potential confrontation between the generations, "Goodbye" threatens to drown in sentimentalism, but Wang avoids the obvious narrative techniques. In General, the scenario comes to a very correct decision. The Director portrays the details of the lives of ordinary Chinese and, let here shows a mediocre life, and the Parting never sags in part of the plot.

"Farewell" is that say — least a few truthful words about that love means in the family. Even away from the relatives, you can still stay closely connected with them. Watching the impact on the Central character had a grandmother, you can achieve the powerful experience of viewing. Love is beyond the framework of language and location.

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $22,459,201.
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This tv-show was directed by Lulu Wang.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best movies 2019.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Shuzhen Zhao, Awkwafina, X Mayo, Hong Lu, Hong Lin.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-08-09.