The English Patient

The second world war is nearing an end. A young canadian nurse cares for an abandoned property for his "the English patient" which received terrible burns during a plane crash in the Sahara desert. Slowly extinguished, he recalls his passionate affair with a married woman, swept away by the hurricane of war and commonplace prejudice that eventually led to the tragic denouement.

  • Anthony Minghella

Release Date: 1996-12-06
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English | German | Italian | Arabic
  • Budget: $27,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $231,976,425
Rowena Ambrosius
24 June 2016 | 04:40

A very long time tried to watch this movie. But somehow delayed, the mood is right not was love the desert need special attitude. And once he came, again reviewing a list of actors, I decided that time. Of course, the primary reason for interest in this film was 9 Oscars Ralph Fiennes and Colin Firth. And then I saw is the Director Anthony Minghella, whose Narrator watched recently (made a lasting impression) and whose Mr. Ripley I love with all my heart, so that positive attitude came from.

I think one of the most important moments in the film, the first minute, they set the tone the entire narrative. There an example of almost ideal — am sand the desert, the plane, a pretty girl with my eyes closed, loving the man's eyes, well, just a fairy tale. Then you can endlessly describe all the beauty of the picture — a and camp desert Italian monastery and flat graph in Cairo cave, all the actors beautiful, and dressed perfectly. Generally look at all one a pleasure. When I wildly liked the contrast with the horrific burnt appearance of the graph. This straight-included in the Treasury almost imperceptible details, which is constructed from a film character.

But generally, the fact than the movie? Well, everything is banal — passion, love, betrayal, jealousy, death. BUT! For me, the biggest sign of mastery is the ability to present the commonplace in the light of history so that you couldn't tear off her eyes. Well, for example, to move all in the Sahara, where the internal fire of the love of heroes is heated more  & scorching sun. And the main thing is not to overdo it, you need to maintain the tension of hot desert sand and thick air, but not make it main operating entity. Mission accomplished, goal reached, the background worked 100. Another point — this is a parallel story, or even several. Here is not then I can say that was delighted. Line nurses and Indian, and all that occurred, say, in fact, I was not very clear, but because I wanted to get into them.

In General, really, the story is not so and banal. The standard story is inserted in very custom frame. Some kind of charm in it. And it all came together, all together looks great, but if you look at details, you can of course ask a lot of questions. But who want? The main thing is to have fun and emotions movie, all certainly will.

And now for the sore. Rafe, his mother Fiennes! How? Just as he could not to win an Oscar? I honestly was a little in shock. First, from what it handsome, not could admire. Second, from these views, which he metal Kristin Scott Thomas. It was magical. And in all the scene between them was so overwhelmed with emotion that even with a knife cut. And that Juliette Binoche does not like it at all. Well, some very cooked, there were attempts to add brightness to the image, but as it is not worked.

Final word: I cried, what happens to me rarely. More wish to say, but better to watch, because even though love is a hackneyed theme, but she can always open up and to address different

Of 9 10

Lucienne Erinn
07 September 2014 | 10:36

Today I, the modern man, it is very difficult to force myself to watch a movie. The human soul always wants food. But today, starting a movie, sometimes not even want watch — spend your precious time. Although it rather go to something useful. But the at least, there are movies that make you sit for screen start to the end. And I think these words apply to this piece of cinema.

The war in the movie is always portrayed as a struggle between two parties with a lot of blood and violence. In America added to this pseudo-patriotism and their exaltation of nation over all in the moment. Of course Steal a World war was won by the Americans. About this is known by any expert on the history studied in U.S. schools.

In General, in this film shows the love story that develops on the eve of great battles. War destroys many families, kills people and breaks the hearts of those who loved them. Here it is this situation. The war killed and it and her. It is destroyed love.

Of course, life is supposed to be. For all you have to pay. For those moments that they spent together they are paid. For that he she lied to loved ones. For what did it hurt very much to one person.

The main characters — the intellectuals of 20 century, located in Africa, Egypt, places, which that age not known to mankind. They are between the hot sun and passion of the Sands, where they will die. He died there. The rest of the time he existed. Corny. But it's touching.

Beautiful film. Great acting.

8 from 10

Claudina Evangelina
14 April 2016 | 12:08

Films about the war, shown through the prism of love, filmed by many. But none did as by Anthony Minghella. I want very badly to show the destructiveness of all-consuming passion, depriving the will and common sense; clearly convey how the internal beliefs and external reality can destroy the lives of those who loves; and at the same time admire the power of love, not knowing barriers.

The picture gradually tighten, quietly intriguing and unexpectedly captures so that stops the heart. Impossible to resist. The film covers and doesn't let go. The American Academy was right when he gave his victory this picture in nine categories.

The second world war. The Sahara Desert. The Germans with earth shot down a biplane, on Board of which a man and a woman. The plane lights up and falling off. Local residents stumble upon the wreckage of the biplane and victims. The local healer rescues a badly burned, barely a live pilot. Survivor man is mutilated: it very remotely resembles a human. In barely a glimmer of life, its transience is evident. The pilot did not remember. For the personnel of the sanitary train he "the English patient".

The wounded are transported in Italy. The war on the end. For the charred pilot caring young canadian nurse the name of Hanna (Juliette Binoche). Not recovering from the loss of a loved one, it is looking for privacy. Hannah stays with dying an abandoned Italian monastery. And promises the authorities to catch the hospital train after the death of the pilot. Very soon to the company nurse and the English patient are joined working at British intelligence former thief David Caravaggio (Willem Dafoe), and also the sapper Kip, the Indian (Naveen Andrews).

The dying pilot is a Hungarian aristocrat, count Laszlo Almasy (Ralph Fiennes). He Explorer the cartographer. Ward Hannah tells her a thrilling story of his love for a married woman.

"The English patient" Director Anthony Minghella — this is a picture of revival. Europe is freed from fascism and the hardships of war. Spring fills the world with the breath of life. Even transformed a crumbling Italian monastery, where Hannah tries to create comfort where living out their days the dying Almasy.

And the fading of the graph and Hannah pursues evil rock: those whom they value and whom I love, always die. Fellowship one with another enriches them both. A mysterious patient brings to the memories of the story of his forbidden love to another man's wife, re-experiencing painful obsession with a married woman. And at the same time, confess before the end of life's journey. A young canadian woman learning to live your life loss and to go further.

War is not accidentally becomes the backdrop for development in the film. War — this is an emergency situation where what is happening is escalating, and heating up to limit. War breaks with people mask and reinforces the desire to live. The war opens in the people new hand, forcing you to break the arms toward each other and experience seems to still feeling.

A powerful statement by Anthony Minghella. The Director uses the principle of nesting dolls, concluding drama of one man in another drama. The relationship of the nurse and the dying pilot's dramatic, but a history of fragments of memories fading count even more dramatic. Such form of paintings, drama in the drama, adds more depth and feeling.

The picture is mesmerizing in its atmosphere. In reality, Hannah spring, renewal of nature, succulent young foliage is flooded with light. Now the dying patient in the dim room. Only his memories of scorching hot sun of the desert; sandstorm, cover everything on the way; sand hair the eyes; the saving coolness of the rooms.

The Director draws Parallels between Hannah and resurgent nature. It like about that the misadventures the girls come to an end. Compares the dying Laszlo Almasy with in the shadow of the room, where it is not comes the light. Hungarian count living in the past, remembering the story of his burning passion that was born among hot desert.

Laszlo Almasy and Katherine Clifton (Kristin Scott Thomas), with the appearance of her in the film, are attracted to one friend. Their attraction rapidly turns into a passion. The stress associated with the carnal desire is felt on the whole picture. Since the first frame where on paper, reminiscent of human skin, is applied to the image. Biplane flying over the rounded hills of the Sahara. The glances exchanged between lovers. And ending with the tragic ending.

"The English patient" tells the story love the betrayal. Along with the it turns out to moralize on the theme of betrayal, because in the picture there is no division on black and white. And because Minghella loved and understand their characters, forgive them errors of weakness. And the most important are convinced that same attitude heroes of the viewer. The picture gives rise to many different emotions, makes you empathize, analyze, and to meditate.

Despite the lack of a happy ending, the film turned out bright, because the main message of the picture in that life is stronger than everything. And she continues, despite the tragedies, deaths and wars.

In addition to the good and thoughtful direction it is impossible not to mention convincing acting. Ralph Fiennes has managed to create a vivid, memorable character. The actor masterfully conveyed passion, love, obsession. It Laszlo Almasy educated, sophisticated, daring, seductive and sarcastic hermit. He entire life spent finding, he not knowing what. Until one day, as the little Prince Exupery not have found my rose — Kathryn Clifton. Because experienced, leaving her one hurry to the place where she waited for him, fearing to be late. For the sake of his beloved, he would all, therefore, without hesitation took the side of the enemy.

Katherine Clifton — beloved Hungarian count, an aristocrat, intelligent, well educated, knows his worth. Although Laszlo has become for her whole world, she could not leave her husband and to publicize them with Almasy's relationship.

Nurse Hannah — young cheerful girl, who lost on the war lover. Becomes the accidental witness to others ' pain and suffering. Despite the loss, trying not to despair and waiting for a new love.

Another character in the film, and as background silent witness nascent feelings Katherine and Laszlo is the African desert. With its mountainous landscapes, sandy hills and storms, breathing in hot air, the scorching sun and changing mood.

Cinematography John Force and the music of Gabriel Jared definitely deserved his Oscar statuette. Their efforts storytelling became three-dimensional: visible, audible, tangible. Thanks to them the audience with experience in the story, become a party to what is happening, to feel the mood of the film.

"The English patient" — this is a poignant, deeply emotional, strong and visually flawless picture of love. Anthony Minghella offers to live the life of the main characters, experiencing with them their inner quest, challenges, and joy, love, which are led by the border and frame...

10 of 10

How much has The English Patient made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $231,976,425.
How much did it cost to make The English Patient?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $27,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The English Patient?
This tv-show was directed by Anthony Minghella.
What is the genre of The English Patient?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance, War, Oscar Winners Movies.
Who starred in The English Patient?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ralph Fiennes, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Kristin Scott Thomas, Naveen Andrews.
What is The English Patient IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was The English Patient released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1996-12-06.