The Endless

Children brothers Justin and Aaron fled from the sect. After 10 years they get a video message from members of the cult and decides to visit his former "family". But when he returned, the brothers realize that the tape they were never sent, and there is definitely something wrong. Something supernatural, they believe the sect, actually exists.

  • Justin Benson
  • Aaron Moorhead

Release Date: 2018-04-06
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:51m
  • Budget: $1,000,000
Dru Gram
25 June 2018 | 10:37

Words can not will give, how much I was waiting for a new project of Benson and Murchada. These two geniuses well versed in metaphysics, philosophy and psychology, and also, I love the cinema. As in his time the brethren and now the Wachowski sisters made a revolution in the field of cinema through the "Matrix", so this the newly-minted Duo is trying to break the patterns, to show the world something new, original, and through nevidannoy early prism. And here in "The Endless" it becomes clear that this wedge is no other than the sincere message out of time, woven of every fiber of the lives of these two guys. Benson has repeatedly said that the subject is incredibly important film for them and road to him led through the whole life and two feature films, events which occur in one universe.

Yes, as and appeared in the result — "The Endless" is almost a direct continuation of the "Resolution" but taken from different angle. It like two sides of the same coin for the first person who sees it and he has are about to discover what is a thin face. The first side is an abstract of the unknown shows on the outside, a random external factor, acting in the framework of the worldview of the heroes of "Resolution". The second side — an inside look through the eyes of direct participants of a mysterious process related to "unknown" invisible thread. "Fear — the oldest and strongest of human feelings, and the oldest and strongest fear — fear." — quote of Lovecraft authors in the beginning of the film is probably the main inspiration in their work, and it is worth noting that throughout the film, reminiscent of many of his stories, and with the horrors of, for example, "the Music of Erich Canna" (scenes from the phonograph a hut). Few people may "in Lovecraft", but the guys partly manages to convey something with what is not handle other Directors. Yes, perhaps the fear shown here is not as it used to portray in horror, but it is present in the characters is passed to including through acting. He passed on specific existential or abstract level, causing an "Infinite" (sorry, but exactly the film is called in the original), rather perceived as well-written pattern with a double bottom, or a competent autobiographical story, in which the author conveys a sense of the surreal through images. However, notice — the theme of fear here is buried much deeper than it may seem on first glance looking at the Preface. Personal drama — main core, constantly conducting Parallels with reality the global scale, considering the essence of those or other aspects of life through past, present and perhaps the future of the main characters. Of course, in order to convey the desired emotions in the most authentic way, the filmmakers themselves played the role of two brothers, and played a decent level. Sometimes it seems that the film is a pseudo-documentary, and the actors play themselves (and this is true).

Though the story not the most fun, but virtually all the scene is impregnated with a kind of irony, and places in General, slips funny home humor, as close as possible to real life. Closer to the middle of the jokes also appear fantastic using the existing Foundation, which was more than enough excess "Resolution". The music for the film was written pretty well known ambient project "The Album Leaf" and it sounds like a more minimalistic ost to some silent hill. Dark and psychedelic surge, a couple of shamanic motifs, neoclassical sketches and trip-hop interludes. Apart from the film is not particularly listen to, but the soundtrack creates an amazing mood at the time of viewing.

The picture is completely filmed in a contemplative manner with the bias meditation; but typical Directors style. Almost immediately the impression to watch "Resolution" from visual beauty and panorama "Spring". Then Yes, the subject is the arithmetic mean between the first two works, this plus. Events like those are not a lot, but take the emotion and intrinsic Directors of a constant feeling of uncertainty in the understanding of what is happening. It as if Lynch filmed the puzzle, but for her clue not had to put a film like a puzzle after viewing. But think will have a lot of metaphors and allegories do not visible the first time, but after the second viewing, everything will fall into place. The reason lies in the many details of point phrases sometimes thrown from the mouth random characters, paintings on walls, book titles, dates, figures, and other — all perfectly placed on a shelf story and quietly complements and the already well written script. To the the word, attention ENT has always been the key to success.

The visual side is hypnotic and impressive. Despite the small budget here is atmospheric picture, and spot the special effects, and stunning camera work. Latest it is a separate issue, because so nice to make simple things it should be able to. Something similar could be seen, for example, in "Upstream Color" Shane Carrot or "The Tree of Life" Mallika, but with a bunch of his original chips. Feeling as if the events removed by an unknown force on the tape is passed as shipping and part of the idea.

The semantic side of the film is multifaceted and not limited to the simple truths cleverly hidden for a clever plot. Of course, everyone will see there something different (and it is fine) but I personally considered "Endless" finished part of the philosophy, which began in "Breaking". We are talking about some of the energy that continuously directing people to need to them channel, while people exposed to the external stimuli give up and break down, reaching at the boiling point, after which there is no turning back. It we, those who grabs the comfort zone and thus remains in the past, ignoring reality. The energy is akin to an ancient deity, existing simultaneously on religious a scientific level that sends signs, vision and if necessary, deprives us of the most valuable in world — life in its true manifestation, is unique to each of us. But the subject is not death is the worst way of punishment, and the solution lies in the original title of the film. "Endless" this is a metaphor that refers to everything in land, the beginning and the end simultaneously.

On the negative side of the film, I would like to thank the universality inherent in how the overall structure and its individual components. Everyone here will see that wants to see and something that is capable. Accordingly, the cons and the pros for each are different, or not at all.

"The Endless" — some experimental, with the point of view of cinema, collapse, shake-up of the genre and a very specific fabric for lovers rare unique shape that is in space amid the tons of dull, formulaic asteroids and other lunar dust. Tsilas, again, to Lovecraft, I would like to call the creation of Benson and Murchada special "Color of the other worlds" and thank for the incredible feeling of this unusual kinopya.

9 of the 10

Beret Lewanna
15 July 2018 | 07:44

The teenage brothers Aaron and Justin was in the sect of the end of the world, but decided to fall down from there. 10 years of independent, does not a remarkable life they suddenly get a message from former brothers-sectarian and tries to visit their camp, since they there is not suicides, as expected. In the settlement of the same everything is more or less the same, only here wonders anomalies became an unprecedented number. Maybe the ideology of the cult is still not so nonsense?

I along the way notice that the cult of "Back to the future" and"Quantum jumps" not been in vain, and the younger generation of authors are seriously interested in the ideas of nonlinear time quantum loops and other breaks the space-time continuum. How would race with each other ("Looper", "the Detonator", "Continuum", "Ghoul", "Move", "Sticky fingers of time", "Arrival"), the authors compete in attempts to load the viewer. Have someone it turns out that someone very. Here Aaron Benson and Justin Morehead years five years ago certainly did in the movie "endgame" (also known as "break-up"), about how the man Mike was going to go heal the man from the drug, but everything went as it is not so. With a meager budget, the authors gave an excellent mystical mumblecore, leaving a lot of mysteries, the answers to which you could look in the power of imagination.

New movie Benson and Morehead from afar brings everything to the story, but already the positions of the members of the cult of death, which Mike randomly met in the film "Isolation". To disclose details of the plot is still considered a crime, despite that in the "Infinite" Morehead Benson (by the way, they themselves played the main role), in some measure, actively engaged, effectively breaking the buzz. Not say that a lot of cards will be posted on table looks like if Lynch filmed a sequel to "Highway in anywhere".

However, not only this doing here. For the no less strange, off-putting the sense of mystical events in the same leisurely conversational tone, to which were added now developed over the years the skill of the filmmakers (many became picturesque episodes with cooling using slow-mo), can be traced back to the same problems of patronage and control people who do not want. The difference is that in the development of thought. If "Endgame" at as the main subjects of the hero more and more brought in sense involved in the mundane, the tangible collapsing the boundaries of the usual reality, then the new film Aaron under the tutelage of older brother Justin too decade as crossed this threshold, and clear that failed. Yes both drowned this routine life. Just here, they get the chance again to get involved in a vivid world of Nibylandia, fueled by teenage experiences. But if it is just one of the variations of a routine. Life — routine death — same routine.

Despite that "Infinite" leaves less room for imagination, there are also original interviews and throw up interesting questions and attention of science fiction fans, it in every way worthy.

7 of 10

Wanda Sherilyn
17 July 2018 | 08:19

Always good when you manage to find something unusual and even some extent original. Especially if you are starting to look like a mediocre horror. And Yes, maybe the movie "Endless", the name of which Russian localization politely translated as  Paranormal not a brilliant picture, but at least she makes over something to think about and stretch your gyrus. After all, it is so rarely do in principle, mention about the movie. And generally compared to most other films that come out this summer, this is more than a attractive and original.

Most interesting is that "Paranormal" many have called horror film of the year and he positioned as the horror. Although not not once is. The Directors do not used either one standard pugalki. There is only Lavrovsky fear of the unknown, to which is actually sells quote the beginning of the film. In other words, some tin on the screen wait. Scared you can only be, if you get a feeling for the atmosphere of the film and enter into his story.

Speaking of the atmosphere. Apparently, she is one of the main advantages of tape. No, seriously, not every professional Director, with myself such a small budget is able so skillfully apply visual and sound effects to simple with mind history began to be perceived as a frightening journey through uncharted corners of consciousness and time (something like that). By the way, when its tiny budget film and are quite modest and minimalistic. But but what he has the psychological sweep! Not huh?

The story itself appears a bit of a mystery, which the viewer is invited to unravel. And, of course, 10 people will come to different conclusions, so is this picture. I am sure that many even interpretation of the genre will vary. You know, this film is very similar to the pictures psychologist, where you show a silhouette and I must say that you see it. Of course, all I see different. It is not that the thing you enjoy watching, not thinking about details. In otherwise you run the risk to be disappointed in high degree arthoplasty and very slow and quiet pace of the narrative, which of course not suitable for all, many think and scare off. With the other hand, "Paranormal" is clearly and not to aim at a broad audience, and intended, probably, only those with the Directors on the same wavelength.

The movie is really a bit of cons. Well, besides the fact that the film is difficult to perceive and go not everyone else was confused too rough behavior of some characters. Not know, like it was intended, but still decisions of the main characters are not always looked good. Also, the denouement seemed a little nedokruchennym, after all, what was in the film had to something greater. Although, frankly, all this detail, so as non-trivial pattern, in which such things are not paramount.

But it's I expect this is good acting. Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead themselves and here he performed the main role. Very well played, I must say. From Justin so and in General see the potential to do more in terms of acting, very much looked good. And they may not reach the level of professional Hollywood actors, but is one when they don't we need to play the best to look convincing.

In General, the film does not even I would like someone to advise. It is quite an unusual picture, which is even difficult to attribute to any particular direction. Sure know interested people will see this film and do all for itself will decide.

7,5 of 10

How long is The Endless?
2h 31m
How much did it cost to make The Endless?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $1,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Endless?
This tv-show was directed by Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead.
What is the genre of The Endless?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Best movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best Horror Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2018.
Who starred in The Endless?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Callie Hernandez, Emily Montague, James Jordan, Tate Ellington, Lew Temple.
What is The Endless IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was The Endless released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-04-06.