The End of the Tour

Shortly after the publication of the novel "Infinite jest" (later included in the list of the hundred best novels of the twentieth century according to Time), the writer David foster Wallace embarks on a road trip with Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky, preparing an article about it. For five days they had the kind of trusting relationship that allowed each of them to share their innermost thoughts and desires. Anyway, the interview was never published — the tapes went in the closet Lipsky, and the heroes never met.

  • James Ponsoldt

Release Date: 2015-11-12
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $3,072,991
Goldy Picker
24 November 2015 | 08:53

"I care about what I now virtually prostitution. I sell yourself for fame, which in turn will help me to sell more books..."

In my opinion, this dramatic picture — one of the best in this year it is a well-founded opinion.

At the beginning of the film we depressed wound environment, which is based on the whole drama. Perhaps it was done in order to more deeply convey the atmosphere that prevailed in the soul of the character appearing in this film — David foster of Walesa — the infamous author of the famous novel "Infinite jest", which, according to the magazine "Time" has entered the list of the hundred the best novels of the 20th century.

The whole story evolves around two people, between which was fastened a professional attitude — the relationship between journalists and man of the art. And so, throughout the picture, my opinion, the author gave preference to the illumination of this problem. Originally David Lipsky came to the town of Wallace, with only one purpose — take him an interview for writing good stories, but already for some time they start a friendship that allowed Lipsky to drain more information from their new friend.

Over time, they begin to share intimate thoughts and desires with each other of the breaks in between "kind" barrier. However, under the end of the tour, in a result of the conflict, the relations cooled. Already in the city, before leaving Lipsky, David asks for "exchange contacts", likely the cause of depression and lack of the communication, because the only what Walesa for the last time it was interesting to talk — was this journalist. On Lipsky agrees and then safely forget.

And now, after the death of Walesa, David reminisces and nostalgic for those moments spent in the tour author and understanding the consequences of this error, which he made, ceasing with him to communicate.

As one of the reasons why an article about Walasse not were released — it was not the most interesting material and anxiety Lipsky not to meet the expectations of the writer, because once before he asked him to let him to rewrite the article with his point of view, David is not agreed.

In conclusion, I want to say that this film left a mark somewhere in the depths of me, showing the inner world of the man who seemed to have gained popularity and large fees, but all was still unhappy...

Tomi Milla
28 September 2015 | 06:08

How many biographical films about writers you can you remember? Well, and as a lot of good biographical films about writers? Suppose first that comes in mind — "finding Neverland" with johnny Depp, "Bright star" Jane Campion or even slightly out of this list, but still biopic "Capote" Bennett Miller. But all of these films the emphasis was shifted slightly: in one was dominated by the theme of family, in another love, and in the third General psychology and the reasonableness of the murder. In the James Ponsoldt "End of tour" in the head angle to put direct the thinking of the author, his position in life and inner experiences. In other words, the film is a perfect example of story about life and the inner world of the writer, who was one of those men are born only once in a generation.

David foster Wallace — American writer, author of the thousand-page novel "Infinite jest" (Infinite Jest, 1996). To the Russian reader this book is virtually unknown, however, as myself author. However, the manuscript received numerous awards, and Time magazine included her in the list of the hundred the best English-language novels of the twentieth century. The following book by David was The Pale King. To unfortunately, the work remained unfinished because of the suicide of Wallace, however, 2011 was published in an incomplete form and was nominated for the Pulitzer prize. David Lipsky — the American journalist, honorary writer in Rolling Stone magazine, and also widely recognized as a writer. The only novel in career Lipsky was the book The Art Fair, produced in same 1996, and "Infinite jest" Wallace. Real success, he has achieved thanks to the documentary work Absolutely American: Four Years at West Point (2003) and Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace (2010). The latest and went to the basis of the film "End of tour", in it explains how sent Lipsky to interview "one of the original author of America of all time" Wallis, who recently released his book, and is now tour country support their work. And in order to combine useful with pleasant, and they are in the last destination of the tour — Minnesota to spend a five-day journey together.

In the film, we are familiar with David foster Wallace (Jason Segel) at the arrival of David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) to his home. Writer (actually, they both are writers, and both Davids, so that it was clear and not to be confused, then Wallis; I will call a writer and Lipsky — journalist) live's bachelor life in a small cozy house on the North of the country. Have two dogs, one's name is jinx, and the second drone. The latter, according to the words of Wallis, javlaetsa "spare" dog, so he wanted one dog, which was Bezdomny jinx, and then he was one of the beast without homeless couldn't go against themselves, leaving the poor animal without the owner. He Wallis in the moment he teaches at the local Institute where the first thing they Lipski sent. The journalist keeps on voice recorder, all more wondering inexpressible humor of his companion. At first, the theme of conversations are easy and ease, they're talking about the dog Wallace, then start to talk on the subject of male Masturbation or the conversation will go on the canadian singer Alanis Morissette, whose a poster hangs in wall by David foster Wallace. But they more and more understand each other, adjust to and, in fact, become real friends. Lipsky is getting harder to do my job — to ask the tough questions. He knows previously Wallis suffered profound depression for his sent to clinic long 7 years. He also known rumor on the heroin addiction of his companion. But like to find the right moment and approach to such a slippery and unpleasant question? After all, the price may be too high — the loss of all that these five days made two strangers two faithful friends.

Though the genre of the film — road-movie, and films of this genre are usually characterized by the extraverted character of the narrative, here the sight on the internal world. It is very personal movie. David Wallis appears not only a sincere person,, he is Frank a treasure trove of clever ideas. Once he said "the worst thing — it is to be alive and to be human." On first glance, completely empty phrase, not value, but if you think about it, it is much, much more sense than most famous aphorisms. Despite the universal recognition, he was refused to call themselves known. He alien "star disease", but the fact that he may have had and will have an impact on a generation frankly alarming. No, he did not lessen his merits, he was afraid it misunderstood, will be interpreted differently. As said the hero's in the film: "the Main lack of attention — bad attention." He believes that everyone needs to do their job carefully and with a soul. Speaking on what television more absorbs more people, forcing them to withdraw into yourself do not spend time in dealing with living friends, Wallis is not blame modern technology and the TV itself, it dripping deeper. The root of the problem that he believes that modern writers have forgotten how to do their job so that they read. After all, we it is easier to blame something abstract, beyond the chapels of the human control than to peek in itself to admit his failure.

This year there was a strange leap purely comedic actors of the films of the second grade in the big leagues. However, if the Floor is Rudd, starring in loud summer blockbuster, so remained in his usual comedic roles, it James Franco, Jonah hill and Jason Segel have moved in drama. And it is the latter of them stands out. Starring in your the best role for career, Jason paints a crystal-clear portrait of David Wallace. Since manner of speech and behavior (especially reactions to specific questions or actions, through which the viewer all noticeable opened the causes and consequences of the difficult period in the writer's life, held in the deepest depression) to the appearance. To achieve photographic similarity, Siegel grew long hair and made a ponytail on the nape. Characteristic multi-layered style in clothing bandana made Jason literally double for Wallis. At the words of the writer, this bandana is not is just it trick or a trademark for she something like a personal psychological armour, in which he feels comfortable, and which "does not allow its head to explode." Partner at Siegel film — Isenberg — just not have the right to spoil the benefit of a comrade, and shows such strong acting, not conceding that he demonstrated in  the"Social networking" or"Double".

8 from 10

Patty Cramer
14 January 2016 | 03:33

In the framework of its fourth full-length Director's work of the American intellectual James Ponsoldt accesses the history of the short-term, but is extremely busy and meaningful communication between two talented, but in different ways successful writers — David foster Wallace (Jason Segel) and David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg), which was to be brought before the reader on the pages of Rolling Stone magazine, but later, was released in the biographical book the second of the above-mentioned David, only after 12 years. The picture as ably and professionally executed in the best traditions of the spoken movie (with partial elements of the road movie), and quite possibly, some time later, will take its pride of place in the same row with similar the execution of the works of Richard Linklater and woody Allen.

Sooner or later one of the filmmakers had contact the personality cult and brilliant American escapist, the hermit of hypertextuality, metasternite and moralist, whose the most ambitious work "Infinite jest", although reminiscent of some of the literary works of Tolstoy and Hemingway, rather, is comparable to multi-page epics over modern masters virtual pen — Thomas Pynchon, and Paul Murray, in a similar attempt to illuminate the survival of ordinary in its uniqueness of human beings in dense multi-layered information and media the social structure characteristic of the current multicultural universe, trying to escape from all this hyperbolism in the nooks of his and without that deep inner peace, but not be the abyss of disgrace and creative nothingness. The task is not simple but that is why Ponsoldt chose the only correct option — addressed ready an autobiographical script of a man who personally had the opportunity to come into contact with GREAT. "If you put into your job is just reading you equivalent to meet you", — determines yourself David Lipsky it seems to a personal meeting with Wallace, and despite all events in the framework of everyday communication, not departs from the schema for the large-scale interview or in the bachelor life of a genius, nor in countless road trips and flights, nor on the writers ' press conferences, nor at the tables in warm evening "the diner", sometimes being content with their position, sometimes discomfort and blaming myself for the judges, but always very sincere and convincing, thanks to the magnificent acting of Jesse Eisenberg. The main idea of the film, the main idea is both subtle builds and builds, but it also disproves another one statement Lipski about Wallace: "writers Such as Salinger or Fitzgerald create an unbreakable bond with the reader. In his books we were not looking story or a information and a special experience, a sense that for some time we ourselves become the writer David foster Wallace". He also David foster good-natured grins, straightens hippie headbands, and increasingly inherent ironic jokes — "you Can stay and write an article about my dogs. It will be more interesting, I assure you." Wallace is trying to once again not to look out of invoice antics of a provincial Illinois simpleton, and does not want no need to demonstrate a huge store of intelligence, long-suffering life experience, numerous empirical experiences, perhaps for the reason that in this period of its existence it myself does not know what these masks are more true, so does the choice in the direction preferred for yourself though the routine of its members is not leave their demonstrative attempt to disrupt this inconspicuous cover. The efforts of talented game Jason Siegel and his zealous entry into the image, Maestro gipersexualnosti narration and master the art of semiotics is very harmonious and looks nice on the screen, giving the impression of slightly scattered lone silly intellectual with a latent devilry in the look, gently alluding to the inexhaustible spiritual resources characteristic for this person. So I should look like a real national writer, who understands the impossibility of expressing truth existing linguistic tools, but the less attempting to bring her available means. About his success, Wallace says: "When you are in serious literature, which sold poorly, then how selfish you explain that the following formula — if something sells well, it means shit. But ironic that if your thing starts to sell well, then the old formula, which kept you on the lights no longer works".

Formula Ponsoldt and company — timinutny cinematic voiced thoughts flow, affecting the variety of topics and categories, which are taking place in the modern world. The monologues and conversations between the two Davids and the other characters who had the temerity to get under their hot tongues, turn into quotes, aphorisms and sayings, reminding the best "maxims" of La Rochefoucauld, simple form, but filled with deep meaning. Conversations are rife with lots of expressive means of the language, sometimes prose, often poetic, filled with numerous metaphors, digressions and links links, cynicism, feelings, interpretation, wit, sadness and admiration, irony and an unusual sense of humor, challenging but it is available as well as and the "Infinite jest". Of course, every viewer of a painting (book reader) make your own conclusion about what they saw and certainly comprehend what he saw in his own way as and the whole millennial creative experience of mankind, which in the end is reflected in our perception in all its individual intricate features characteristic of  the"internal books", "inner movie" and other "internal..." peculiar to each of us. Perhaps it is about this says the title of a book by David Lipsky — "Although, of course, in the end, you be yourself."

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $3,072,991.
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This tv-show was directed by James Ponsoldt.
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