The Do-Over

Two losers decide to mimic his own death to start life with a clean slate. However, their new life is not better than before.

  • Steven Brill

Release Date: 2016-05-27
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Laryssa Udela
01 June 2016 | 11:31

"What the hell happened to my life?"

After "the Ridiculous six, have demonstrated on Netflix impressive results at the number of hits, remaining unnoticed by the General public and the press, Adam Sandler continues the cooperation with the media Corporation. From a parody of the genre Western, based on the eccentric Comedy, a classic of modern humor, is moved to a parody of the same action elements of road movie, in what he assist the Director of "Little Nicky" and screenwriter of "Celibate week".

The plot of "The Do-Over" contains semantic parallel with duologue "Classmates". But if  the"Classmates" comparison of expectations and dreams of teenagers and followed them prosaic reality to be dealt with in a major key — heroes nostalgically recalled the days of his youth, becoming respectable citizens, but without losing the friendly relations and the spirit of friendly fun. Then the story of buddies, Charlie McMillan and max Kessler of the "The Do-Over" uses a minor key, encouraging those who passed 40something not make routine and mediocrity humdrum life as a given.

Charlie (David Spade) works as a Manager in a Bank branch located in a supermarket, and share with the unfaithful wife, her and former their two arrogant children lived. area. About that life can also be full of adventures and vivid impressions, if only to give yourself a bit of work, our Charlie remembers meeting max's (Adam Sandler) on the reunion. Although the moment of farewell point it's been several decades, but how to tell Charlie: "Basically everything is the same." And the film goes from Comedy to position of continuous action. The plot of this tale about the need to grow up, izzhiv adventurism and lightheadedness teenager, and maintaining high ideals of youth, how could not be better formulated in the above quote the main character of the film. And also determines the composition of the work, first denying the benefits of adult life, and then refuting all extended abstracts.

"The Do-Over" belongs to the that fundamentally, qualitatively different, according to than a standard product, rolling the filling slot under the name "North American Comedy," the level of humorous paintings which release exclusively Studio "Happy Madison" and"Apatow Productions". "The Do-Over" continues the strategic line art Sandler, chosen, it seems even in the days of "All over the Board!" — that would not what the critics say, and whatever nor were the forecasts of marketers, the comedian of the Brooklyn all still producing movies with that set of attributes, in the style that he believes correct.

Buying a ticket for showing of the movie, the Director who, for example is Steven Spielberg, the audience is always in absolute confidence regarding the high quality of our product, whether it dystopia "war of the worlds" or drama the basis of real events "Bridge of spies". Same can be said about the pictures, in which the name "Sandler" is present in column "Cust" — formally putting any one film, Adam quite rightly can be called the Director of all of the tapes in which he participated. Goodwill and irony, pouzitelnosti not declarative and policy and delicate and often lyrical, an essential part of any of the composition of the old guard "SNL" and inherent vulgarity, marked not even one, and, conditionally speaking, three letters R, at this, thanks to the presence of a clearly defined author's intention, not perceived something low (like is absurd may sound).

All of the above is present in the "The Do-Over": sketchy with the participation of nick Swardson and built on the canons of sitcom scenes interspersed with action (with all necessary components, such as shootouts, car chases and explosions) and adventurous story about search of a mysterious drug, backstabbing other people's wives, strange types of Puerto Rico other than at least I components. However, this superb kaleidoscope of locations and individuals, sometimes filmed hand-held camera and no artificial light exposed (which is extremely unusual for quite expensive Comedy productions), there is one drawback, not allowing it log in the top of work artists Central roles.

In order to carry out a full exposition of the mix of grotesque Comedy and Thriller with lots of twists, "The Do-Over", not missing about 30 minutes of time. Screen time limited to one hundred minutes, makes the scenario command to sacrifice deploy each of the hands leads to approach is truly extreme density and the pace of events. For example, "The Do-Over" temporally compresses the transformation of the "little man", the layman in the hero of the shootouts to a quarter of an hour, and the entire verbal component that is different from satire humor turns into a prepared quotes, a La "Who did you wanna be? And who did you become?".

In fact, this picture can be formally considered as a colorful, graphic illustration of the speculative maxims "Goofy teenagers having nothing but fun". With one hand, it removes multiple points from the account Director, reducing its status to the craftsman, only filmed material offered, but the storyline of the film is logical and systematic in on-screen development, and improvisation pairs Sandler/Spade so as good as 20 years ago. Although the viewer is not claiming to be fans of the original old-fashioned style, in which the feed will be dissatisfied with the expected humor and gunfights in the format non-stop.

Separately it should be noted that "The Do-Over", among other things, reasonably eliminates all charges of sexism and homophobia, occasionally put forward by critics against Sandler, efforts, contrary to common sense, after the release of "Chuck and Larry" — film about two colleagues of firefighters who have decided to pension benefits, concluding same-sex marriage. In"The Do-Over" hero, Adam simulates oral sex with a man, making it very frankly, fervently and enchanting, in some way, as this can only Sandler, combining all crossed the line, with a simultaneous acquittal of the offense that it is very effective in against ridiculing public prejudice and ignorance about conservatism of individual members of society.

Continuing the conversation on, so for example, the physiological component of "The Do-Over", not tell about that caring very little about their appearance (which is expressed in almost maniacal commitment to XXL size t-shirts, shorts and basketball sneakers as well and screen) Sandler for this painting not only lost weight, resulted in tone to make a fashionable haircut with shaved temples, but and, having donned the role of an FBI agent, has suddenly shown its readiness to act on-screen partner conditional Tom cruise or Mark strong. In other words, in "The Do-Over" Sandler looks cool, brutal and striking masculine appeal of the created image.

Say a good writer the whole life only tells one story. In Adam Sandler, this statement is certainly correct. "The Do-Over" is another "a Comedy with Adam Sandler", which is a continuation of a constructive dialogue between the author and the audience, when both know about the other all that just maybe logically increases the level of passion and process and the result of it. Another one story about how it is important to be not only serious, but and a good man, and such, it seems impossible to criticize.

Anita Geier
05 August 2016 | 07:11

How many times told myself I never going to watch these movie-masterpieces from American horror story with the participation of Sandler. But every time being on a good advertising campaign, it is relatively good reting to the film. And this time led to David spade. Which I thought, well, can act in the obscenities, because he is a decent man. As turned out to be, maybe, Yes how.

Do not expect this Comedy something new. Sandler never true for those works where participates drew Barrymore. It in this time will drop you head the bed with human waste and out of the face of the male sexual organs. It the king of mismanagement of debauchery, it a sex God and jokes it. In other matters, so it seems only to him...

In again it's not a young Sandler appeared in the image of the alpha male, which will open up a world of the depravity of your unlucky friend, from which life was only one woman. Yes, in this film there is another one story line, but Sandler film not in order to bring some morality to the viewer, to entertain. It removes the movies to another time to assert itself. Show everyone your big ego what he is a man. It looks honestly disgusting.

This madhouse I almost finished watching up to the end. I waited for would be funny as were — in vain. All this running through the women, for the women, from the women, were so snug that I could not stand it and just turned off this nonsense. And here once again I give a promise to myself that never, never in my life is not will look it up movies. And even scold our movie! It turns out our shoot just about sex the Alky. I think all the fanatics of American cinema, not seen any one masterpiece with Sandler. And because his films ratings are quite high.

"All new" — this is a film for fans of porn and American horror story. The appropriate people, this movie is not worth watching, but nothing to lose time.

Alyda Gerdi
26 July 2016 | 05:52

A lot of time (to be precise — 13 years) have passed since then, when Adam Sandler was not nominated for a "Razzie", but on a much more prestigious award —  Golden globe (for the film "Love, the bustle of feet"). Now this comic have under 50, it is removed a lot and often (just like Nicolas cage), but quality pictures leaves much to be desired (well, almost like Nicolas cage).

"All new", in General, not different from the majority of comedies with participation of Sandler, speaking on the plot is quite unsophisticated and quite ordinary jokes "below the belt" and the usual similar kind of revelation when someone looking back on their past, think that something could have turned out differently if...

But at this movie has a number of differences. First, Sandler here almost got rid of the image of the eternal gouging-a young boy who in "happy Gilmore" that in the "Classmates" that the "Pixels" appeared as a sort of teen-age, all still dreaming of the careless childhood and adolescence, while all around all grown up and have left the past in the past. Yes, the story he still looking back, in school all also lamenting about the wasted years, but has changed the image of the hero Adam. Now it's pretty brutal-looking man in a leather jacket, master of possession of weapons, with a stern look.

Second, in the film "All new" no long-time partners of Sandler in projects — Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Steve Buscemi and Kevin James that a few accutnae the presence of famous faces in the frame, but also allows a sigh of relief, because where would not worn the leader, everywhere with almost 100% probability will appear and some of that a few accutnae the presence of famous faces in the frame, but also allows a sigh of relief, because where would not worn the leader, everywhere with almost 100% probability will appear and some of them.

The rest — "All the new" typical American movie with goofy humor and a very trivial story. Once you can see it, but no more. By the way, it will be very interesting to see "family History of Mirovic" Noah. Baumbach in which will star Sandler and Ben Stiller. All still not every day, watching a movie, in which are taken along the recognition of the many two best comedian of Hollywood, and two arch rival (if you believe the rumors about that between these two actors is extramural competition for the right to be #1).

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

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Who is the director of the movie The Do-Over?
This tv-show was directed by Steven Brill.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Comedy.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Adam Sandler, David Spade, Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson.
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At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-05-27.