The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Jean-Dominique bauby, editor of Elle France, in 1995 at the age of 43 suffered a stroke, which he was completely paralyzed. Winking at remained not paralyzed his left eye when sitting next to a man called necessary letter, Jean-Dominique told all about his inner world, beginning with the psychological torture due to the fact that you're locked inside your own body, and finishing imagined stories about the worlds which he visited only in his dreams.

  • Julian Schnabel

Release Date: 2008-02-01
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: FR, US
  • Language: French
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $19,780,116
Angelica Dryden
25 March 2011 | 11:27

"I Have another 2 on the left except the eyes, which do not paralyzed. Imagination and memories".

I would like to start with that I had not seen such a shocking and thought-provoking films in the genre of drama and biography, also with a good cast and excellent camera work.

So the film tells us about Jean-Dominique bauby, the chief editor of Elle magazine, on the fate which had had become paralyzed with head to ankle-length with only one operated eye for to somehow communicate with the world, but still infinitely wide imagination and memories, bringing only sadness to main character in connection with a very unfortunate position.

And here should we from the first second to open his eyes at Jean-do, how we begin to immerse yourself in another world, completely forgetting about who we are, who we were, and fully penetrating the body and soul to this man, fully becoming them ourselves. Thanks to this wonderful course with the part of the Directors\operators\producers, for the original idea which to a standing ovation, I can say, having stayed in  the"skin" of another person could look at the world through the eyes of strangers and think well as Jean-Dominique.

Before (!) most of the time when not will be something bad, never think about how you were previously a man that you did good and what bad, but here to lose the ability to live a normal life like comes... understanding. Understanding of that you many do not had never make like this happened the main character, but it doesn't regret no , not year of his bright memorable of the past, on my opinion. After all, with a paralysis in he was struck with "inspiration" in the form of such thoughts about children: "I father, but can't hold your hand on their hair, pinch them fluffy head, hard to press to afford them smooth, warm body...". However, he couldn't do not rejoice in, despite the that he was a prisoner of the close of the suit because his kids live and enjoy life.

Remember the very moment of his past, Jean-do: it all so cheerful and purposeful I decided to shave my father, who was out from a razor, but still, which was nice, this change from the part of the son, telling him that he's going to rewrite the Dumas, and in the end, working on five hours in day across the girl writes a book about yourself and his inner world. "I do not supposed to even think about to Dumas. With a masterpiece not just kidding; this fate is a lesson, you know?".

I still not enough words to describe my admiration and a stupor after viewing. On the mind just a couple of thoughts, and all about how the film is elegant and unique in their own way. One supply with side carrier group is worth.

I can say that "the diving bell and the Butterfly" exclusively for people, not afraid to show compassion or to show their tears. And it is a long time to fall you soul, and then you can drastically change their Outlook on the world... and for the better.

"I still get if me a bottom of the ocean, because you my butterfly".

No of issues 10 10.

Jo Ann Ebert
28 April 2010 | 01:33

Amazing movie. The film — inspiration.

For all the history of modern cinema was filmed a lot of movies about people fate is heavy with different kinds of disabilities, traumatized physically and mentally (do not want to use the word "invalid" in my opinion, it anyway, that to put a stamp on the person). Most of these stories are based on real events and because films of this kind become more valuable. However, among an impressive number of paintings, tells about the lives of such people, rare to find that, after watching which I do not want to cry from the injustice that fell on them and on the contrary, to smile, albeit not the most cheerful smile. "the diving bell and the butterfly" will cause exactly such a smile on your face. And during long time you will undoubtedly be returning to this amazing story.

From the very first frame you are the mind of Jean-Dominique bauby, the man who is in a coma, but continuing the communication with the world in one functioning organ — left eye. You hear its thoughts, its silent protests, and it comes with him a loud shout "I'm here! I hear everything. I alive!". Being completely confined to him stores only a clear mind, but and wonderful sense of humor. And he laughs, for the most part, over yourself! The life of Jean To became stay in the suit. He forever locked in it. But he managed to escape and visit amazing places in which he wasn't and the main accomplices in the escape are its memory memories — what little remains of life. Escaped from prison, its soul becomes a butterfly and flies away. Flies forever.

Julian Schnabel in again demonstrates a masterful combination of stylish and life movie. Master biopic on this time made his the most emotionally charged and powerful film.

"the diving bell and the butterfly" out very unusual, almost entirely from first person. A large number of close-UPS creates an amazing sense of presence, and the effect is so intelligently presented that sometimes really lose their sense of reality and think, not on you do bent all these doctors? All it is the fruit of great camera work Janusz Kaminski.

Mathieu Amalric, for the most part remaining behind;the scenes, perfectly conveys the image of Jean Before, a successful editor with simple human weaknesses to, and weak in body, but a strong spirit of man after. He not just believe in him trust your mind and with him out of the suit to fly. Because we all butterflies.

Hold your humanity, and you will survive. ©

10 of 10

Gaye Wertz
07 April 2008 | 08:41

"Sometimes I think I hear the pounding of his heart, but I still making it — the wings of a butterfly..."
Jean-Dominique bauby

The film, balancing on the fine line of genius according to the reason for the transmission state of the main character, is closest to objectivity, not use the template attempts to evoke pity, to embellish the story, or to aim to entertain the audience. If you are you ready to feel this movie with every cell of the body, located in him, leaving a desire for to not more than including, you this picture — for you.

Novelty and originality attaches to the fact of how focused the viewer on what is happening: not using dialogues or facial expressions, and using visual, dictated by the film. The first half of the picture shows what is happening through the eyes of the hero, an independent particle throwing the viewer into a deep once successful Jean-Dominique bauby, remaining paralyzed after suffering a stroke.

Take a look at world eyes — to touch. unknown mystery of where his own body, hitherto familiar, docile and familiar, no longer belongs to you, becoming a stranger. Arms, legs, even the face looks absurd, but a mandatory addition real you, which happens to be concentrated somewhere deep inside this scary powerless mechanism of muscles, bones, tendons and blood vessels. We are inconvenienced by the feeling of powerlessness, when barely awake it is impossible to make a fist. Jean-Dominique waking up is not able to feel his body at all — heavy armor, made prisoner alive a beautiful butterfly, with incredible speed beating fragile wings against the its thick walls.

Memories of the work of the main editor of fashion magazine "Elle", the former glamorous life, full of new impressions and ideas, touching meetings with the loving father, wife and children, caring friends, beautiful mistresses, the ancient streets of Lourdes, according to which he, Jean-Dominique, once wandered, reliving the far, if not it happened, not give to forget about the cool wind trepasses hair, the freshness of the night chill, the ocean spray on skin — the whole world. Huge. Colorful. Complex. Now this world — it, it thoughts and feelings. Dreams, dreams, and memories — it all left, Jean-Dominique. And it — unlimited.

Step by step, gently us fail to point-like look in the mirror after a long absence. Seeing the surrounding the eyes of the hero, we have to see it now the from the position of the surrounding as external third party observers. Touching the feelings experience Bobby, it's time to learn the experience of others it people from a loving family to the medical staff, every day the day leading the hard work in the house Jean-Dominique. The walls of the chamber are hung with photos of his life — the echoes of echo music died away. Why should they? It without also remember. They with him. They in it.

And the world such a beautiful, bright, inviting... the Warmth of the sun, entailing unrestrained to visualize a riot of colors, the breeze, stirring the grass — all to make you yearn. According to him in large, unfulfilled. But not being able to touch the surrounding the world, Jean-Dominique no longer need it. The expanse of the ocean, visible from the terrace, where they bring in a wheelchair, Bobby is not the example of the smaller, poorer, nenuzhnye of the inner world. It like a celebration of the Father never observed up to the tragedy, but now have become redundant, irrelevant, fake. At this Bobby is not lose touch with the outside world it, creating a book which is hard to find an analogue. And not that what better proof of love to life, expressed by the dialogue of two huge worlds: inside man and outside him.

Mathieu Almarik, who plays Jean-Dominique bauby, brilliantly coped with a daunting task to play a completely paralyzed person, but full of aspirations, feelings and love life. Here perhaps only two opposite result: either the inexpressiveness of the hero, and so the failure of the task, or acting, by-law worthy of being called a Genius. Mathieu Almarik was done perfectly, showing the old Bobby, and Bobby present, failing with astonishing insight and accuracy to grasp, carrying across the chasm lying between them, the character of the hero, his quality: sarcasm, glamour, cunning, adapting them under the circumstances.

"The diving bell and the butterfly" will long remain with the viewer due to the strong dip in it, a clear projection of sensations on yourself. Amazing reaction when the preview is over, and suddenly you find yourself again in life. My life. After all, it is terrible — in his Prime, on the peak of a career, when did you all conceived as the dream only began to be fulfilled to be thrown out of my life locked in my own body...

Appreciate every day, every look, word, gesture, breath and every beat of his heart. Butterflies to you. Alive, real, free. Which never will become a prisoner.

Great — of 10 10

How much has The Diving Bell and the Butterfly made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $19,780,116.
Who is the director of the movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly?
This tv-show was directed by Julian Schnabel.
What is the genre of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Best Biography Movies.
Who starred in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner, Marie-Josée Croze, Anne Consigny, Patrick Chesnais.
What is The Diving Bell and the Butterfly IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was The Diving Bell and the Butterfly released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-02-01.